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Yongguk: Did you tell anyone we’re dating?

Daehyun: Yes, hyung, I have no self control so I told the entire world.

Yongguk: Okay, Dae, no need for the sarcasm.

Daehyun: No, really, I have no self control and I told the entire world.

Yongguk: What?! Jung Daehyun!

Daehyun: Also, I’m not sorry.

Today, is the day that our Handsome, Donation Angel, Gummy Bear Leader Bang Yongguk🌠 is turning 28. Lets make #BBANGDAY trend world wide the whole day. He is an amazing rolemodel for the younger fans and he is an amazing leader, friend and brother.💚

He has come a long way from the days as Jepp Blackman to being one of the Idol Producer with most copyrighted song. I mean I don’t know if I prefer the Red head killer❤️ or the mysterious curly boy from Wake me up🖤

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m listening to his voice or a whale… No I’m kidding😂 but seriously his voice is HEAVEN! And that’s what makes him stand out among rappers, because his voice is so unique and his lyrics have such a deeper meaning than what we think.🎶

I think all BABYz can agree that it was hard for the other members to promote Skydive without their leader, and in my eyes they look so much happier now because Yongguk is back.🌙

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I am so happy to see Yongguk smiling and healthy again.⭐️ 

“Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.”🎹🖤 These words are ones to live by

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So lets make #BBANGDAY trend everywhere, FaceBook Twitter Tumblr anywhere! Lets make this memorable birthday for our leader💚

So Angel Leader Tigger Shishimato Ramen-loving Bang Yongguk Happy birthday, and lets wish for another 1004 years more.

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