Gummy Bears Aren’t a Real Meal

Mod Weird: This started off as writing practice based off a prompt I saw, but it quickly became its own thing!

Summary: Nanu buys Guzma some actual food.

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“…kid, what are you eating.”

Guzma glanced at the bag he was in the midst of digging into, then back to Nanu. “Dinner. Whassup?”

The cop dragged a hand down his face. This runt was already enough of a nuisance, moving into Po Town out of the blue…he was still half convinced that he’d wake up one day to find Tapu Bulu physically tossing the kid out of the abandoned settlement. That hadn’t happened yet, though, which meant Nanu had to deal with him instead. “When I told you to eat something today, I meant an actual meal.”

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