gummie peaches

1. The green tea mochi wasn’t that great (to me), it’s my first experience of ‘green tea’ and I thought the powder tasted like glossy paint smells, the inside wasn’t too bad but the whole thing was really sticky and was a bad mouth feel (aka sensory hell)

2. The milk candy was really nice and tastes like off-band milk bottles, I liked those a lot even though it’s a bit of a weird taste and I don’t like milk candies usually

3. The peach gummies were really nice and very peachy, they were really soft and I enjoyed those greatly

4. I’ve had strawberry mochi before so we haven’t ‘tried’ those yet, I like strawberry mochi though sdfghjk

5. Riley’s lychee drink was really good

6. He says the seaweed stick cracker ….. things …. were really good, I don’t eat that sort of things bc reasons SO I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THSOE WERE, REALLY

7. Strawberry Ramune marble soda is just flat out heavenly

When you’re an alcoholic but also a child at heart💞 👅

Round Glass: soda gummies and coconut rum 🌴

Red: raspberry gummy bears and gin

Orange: orange gummy bears and orange vodka 🍊

Green: strawberry gummy bears and peach schnapps 🍑 🍓

White: pineapple gummy bears and coconut rum 🍍🌴

All new metal goodies are soon to arrive featuring our fruit gummy sea bunnies! We have Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Grape, and Blue Raspberry in individual charm form, and a necklace with all three!

Who are you looking forward to the most out of these three cuties?

2014 Ameztoi “Rubentis” Rosado

This is an interesting rosé from the Basque region of Spain! Pink grapefruit, pink flowers, gummies, white peach, heavy florals, thyme, and pink peppercorn on the nose. Vinho verde-like effervescence on the palate - in fact, this wine’s made in a similar style! Starts sweet on the palate with peach, grapefruit, and gummy notes but finishes very tart (almost sour) with a lime zest. Tart finish really lingers. Only 20% of their whole production is exported, so if you want to try it, you’d better get on it! I DARE you to drink it by itself - put some fat in your mouth to counteract the tartness! 

3/5 bones


Hondarrabi Beltza, Hondarrabi Zurri

11% abv

Getariako Txakolina (Basque Country), SPAIN

peach gummies
peach gummies

a small demo that i recorded earlier, sorry about my voice cracking in the middle:

climbing trees in fort greene, i catch my my slip dress on the twigs
scratch up my legs real bad, don’t mind the blood

veins pulsing while i go fast, the golden hour’s glowing
my heart swells up when i think of you

drying rocks on beach towels
this place is a goldmine if you’re looking for some strange form of happiness

shotgun maple water, stare down at my shoes
i’d like to rest my head next to you

high anxiety always, longing for the pacific northwest
but my heart’s with blue ridge mountains
i am just a carbon vessel

i’ll plant flowers in a sink, put it on my front porch
it’s a sign that i’m ready to settle down