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I honestly didnt hear anything about this Yunho-like voice before I saw the video, but when I saw it I got a bit of a fright. I thought I was probably crazy in thinking it was him. But people CAN sound like each other however, I know one actor that sounds very similar to yunho at times. I would like it to be him but I dont think we can say so surely that it is. I wouldn't put it passed Jaejoong to have a friend with a voice like Yunho's.

I totally agree
people can sound like each other
but what leaves me perplexed is that that person did the three of the following things in that video:
and there’s a very special feature in every one of these things that Yunho has
and this person had it
Can a person really have the same talking voice, singing voice and laugh as another
but very unlikely
but yes if this happens to be a friend of Jaejoong’s who has all of these exact same things as Yunho then congrats on his life
because dat voice

140808 - 'Ssul Jeon' likens SM to Lord Voldemort in their discussion about JYJ

The August 7 installment of JTBC’s ‘Ssul Jeon’ discussed JYJ’s troubled relationship with SM Entertainment after leaving the label considering they are still unable to appear on a lot of music programs, variety shows, and more. 

The show’s production crew did an interview with C-JeS Entertainment who revealed, “Currently, we have no schedule on the major broadcasting networks, and the future is unclear, as well. We composed the album to make it suitable for concerts more than TV. Once in a while, a worker who does not know anything about this (the situation) would say, 'There’s no problem with us. We can have you on the show,’ and adds them to the lineup. However, a few days later they’ll get back to us and say, 'Sorry. I really did not know. I’m getting pressure from the higher ups.’”

Heo Jiwoong then joked by saying, “In JYJ’s case, is SM Enterainment 'Voldemort’? Is that a name we cannot say?’

Kim Gura pointed out that it was an obvious choice for the broadcasters because common sense says they would prefer the entire SM family, composed of many different groups such as EXO and Girls’ Generation, to the three members of JYJ if they needed to choose sides. 

Park Jiyoon then wondered why JYJ members were able to appear on dramas. Kim Gura pointed out that the drama industry was bigger and more widespread and Park Jiyoon also pointed out that for dramas, since JYJ has a large fanbase all over Asia, it could be more profitable for them.

Heo Jiwoong also added that he understood SM’s side as well, as this was more now a symbolic battle for them. He said, "If they let this [JYJ] issue go, then this can become a broken symbolic model. If something similar happens in the future, it can become a disadvantage for them.”

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