gummicola  asked:

I honestly didnt hear anything about this Yunho-like voice before I saw the video, but when I saw it I got a bit of a fright. I thought I was probably crazy in thinking it was him. But people CAN sound like each other however, I know one actor that sounds very similar to yunho at times. I would like it to be him but I dont think we can say so surely that it is. I wouldn't put it passed Jaejoong to have a friend with a voice like Yunho's.

I totally agree
people can sound like each other
but what leaves me perplexed is that that person did the three of the following things in that video:
and there’s a very special feature in every one of these things that Yunho has
and this person had it
Can a person really have the same talking voice, singing voice and laugh as another
but very unlikely
but yes if this happens to be a friend of Jaejoong’s who has all of these exact same things as Yunho then congrats on his life
because dat voice