gummi vitamins

my mommy is such an sjw. she tells me that I shouldn’t eat more than two gummy vitamins per day because it’s “bad for me,” but I know vitamins are good for me! mommy just wants to keep all of them for herself so she can eat them slowly like a mouse… that’s why i ate the whole bottle just now. boy is mommy gonna be surprised when she sees that i cucked her whole candy bottle.

Strawberry Pills.

// Jerome x reader.

Requested: Not really.

(Although, the idea did come from an Anon. Thanks Anon!)

Summary: Jerome is snooping through y/n’s drawers one day, and he finds a bottle of what he thinks are pills. He finds her and begins to tell her how perfect her mind is.

Need to know: Y/n and Jerome are a couple.

Rating: Fluff.

Warnings: Mild language.

Title: Strawberry Pills. //


When the bed shifts as y/n gets up, Jerome opens one eye, just enough to peek at her as she shuffles across the room. His eyes open more fully as he sits up.

“Where ya goin’?” He mutters, his voice still rough from sleep. Y/n glances over at him, smiling widely. Jerome’s gaze rakes her body, a smile slipping onto his face. In his sleepy state he can’t comprehend much, so he laughs softly as he tries to gather his thoughts. “Come back here…lay down for a while longer, y/n.” He rolls over onto his back, closing his eyes. “We could snuggle for a whil-” His sentence is cut off by the sound of the door slamming shut. He lets out a long sigh as he rolls over again, staring longingly at the door. The sound of another door opening, and then the showering turning on. He sits up slowly, taking his time as he gets out of bed, walking over to his dresser. Jerome grabs a plain grey T-shirt and throws it on quickly, pulling a pair of black sweatpants on over his boxers. He arches his back, stretching slowly. Jerome stares at the door again, wishing that y/n would be done with her shower already so he could be near her again.

But, he quickly snaps out of his thoughts as his eyes land on a small, white bottle half-hidden on her side of the bed, sitting in the cabinet. He walks over quickly. As he reaches out to grab the cabinet door, his foot catches on the rug. He tips forward, grabbing at the cabinet’s handle. His hand slams into and he closes his eyes briefly as he crashes to the ground, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. His head tilts to the side as his eyes open, and he gets a sideways view of the small white bottle. It lays on its side on the floor, the cap half undone, the small, cylindrical pills peeking out from the darkness of the bottle. Jerome’s gaze widens as he reaches out, grabbing it angrily.

Just then, y/n bursts into the room, her wet hair hanging down and dripping all over, wetting the front of her grey tank top. Her gaze falls down to the scene in her front of her, and she covers her mouth, attempting to hide her laughter. Jerome stands up quickly.

“What the hell are these y/n?!” He shouts, shaking the bottle. Some of the small pills fly out of the bottle and scatter across the carpet. Y/n’s eyes widen slightly.

“Jerome, whatever you’re thinking, it’s not what it looks like.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He growls. He moves forward quickly. “Listen to me kitten; you, you are perfect. But what you’re doing right now, taking these pills…” He shakes his head. “You’re being like them. And they are all prisoners. What everyone else calls sanity, that’s just a prison in their minds. This prison, it stops you from seeing that you’re just tiny little cogs in a giant, absurd machine! Wake up, y/n! Why would you want to be a cog? What happened to you? I thought you wanted to be free like me.” Jerome shakes his head angrily. “To do this to yourself, that’s dumb as hell y/n! You’re perfect the way you are, you’re wonderful. There’s not a damn thing you need to change about yourself.” He moves forward and sets the pills on the bedside table. Jerome puts one hand on y/n’s waist, and the other on her face. He pulls her closer to him and stares down at her, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her face. “You’re wonderful, kitten. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he caresses her face and places a soft kiss on her nose. “Your mind…” Jerome close his eyes and inhales deeply. “Your mind is the most beautiful thing about you. Why would you want to change that? You shouldn’t want to change that, y/n!” He opens his eyes and stares at her. “Promise me, promise me you’ll stop taking them. If you love me y/n, if you love me promise me. Promise me you won’t destroy your mind, promise me you won’t just conform to everyone else.”

“Jerome…” A small laugh escapes y/n’s lips, although she is trying to be as serious as possible.

“You think this is funny?” Jerome snarls, moving over to the bed side table quickly and picking up the bottle. “This isn’t funny, kitten, I swea-”

“Jerome! Those are vitamins,” she interrupts him, covering her mouth to suppress her giggles. Jerome’s mouth falls open as he stares at her in shock.

No.” He breathes.

Yes,” y/n laughs and moves forward, taking one out and popping it in his mouth. A repulsed look crosses Jerome’s face, and then it slowly shifts to confusion. “Jerome…they’re vitamins. Gummy vitamins. I could see how you could mistake them for pills-that is what the look like- but I’m not taking any sort of medicine like that.” Jerome backs away from her, giving her the stink eye as he chews the vitamin. “Oh, come on Jerome, don’t be like that.” She moves forward to hug him and he crosses his arms, lifts his head up, and turns around, all the while still chewing the gummy. Y/n moves to stand in front of him, placing her hand on her shoulder. “Jerome…” He finishes chewing and swallows roughly.

“Who the hell buys vitamins that look like real medicine?”

“They were pink, and smelled like strawberries.”

So?” Jerome scoffs, narrowing his eyes. “I can’t believe you let me get so worked up. You could’ve said something, y/n. You could’ve told me before.”

“I didn’t think it would be a big deal,” she laughs and shakes her head. “I am sorry Jerome, but you have to admit: you overreacted.”

Jerome gasps loudly and places a hand over his heart. “Kitten,” he mumbles, leaning down and kissing her cheek. His facial expression loses all of his anger from before. He pulls y/n to him, kissing her forehead. “I’m sorry, kitten.” He mumbles. “I was worried.” She smiles.

“I know, Jerome. I’m not angry.” He stands up straight, and huffs.

“Well I’m still bitter that you just let me ramble on.” With that, he turns around and bounces out the door.

Protecting Them

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It was, at one point, Sleepover Saturday. Only I forgot to post this.

You let out an annoyed groan and threw your head back onto the couch. “Why don’t you just wrap me up and bubble wrap and super glue my feet to the floor?!” You whined as you looked over at Seungcheol who sat on the opposite side of the couch with an amused expression on his face.

“That’s actually a really good idea.” He laughed, however you were not amused and shot back an angry glare. Lately, your fiancee, Seungcheol had been refusing to let you do anything that would had  the slightest chance of you getting hurt. You understood to a certain extent, sure he could be worried if you decided to go skydiving or bungee jumping. But who insists on coming with you for “safety” when all you want to do is drive to the gas station to pick up some toilet paper at four am.

“I can take care of myself, you big nerd. Now, can I plug in the toaster and make some toast or are you worried I’m going to get an electric shock?” Sure, your words were along the joking side, but it still had enough of a punch to get your point across.

“I know I can sometimes get annoying, babe. But I want to protect you. It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just care about you so much, it’s embarrassing.” You glared at him again, but this time it had more of a playful tone than anything in it.

“What if I told you I wanted to run away with the circus and learn to walk on a tightrope thirty feet in the air?” You tilted your head to the side, even though it was a joke you could see Seungcheol’s eyes widen slightly.

“I would go into cardiac arrest. That is, right after I build the world’s largest net nine feet in the air, so at the most you could fall one foot.” He watched you put wheat bread in the toaster and pull the lever down. There was always something curious about you.

“What if I told you I wanted to start a drug cartel?”

He half fake gasped, half real gasped and clutched his heart. “Why on earth would you do that?”

“I like the adrenaline.” You stated plainly with a shrug.

“The only drug I would let you sell is those gummy vitamins.”

“Do those even count as a drug?” You thought to yourself, you wondered what you had done to deserve Seungcheol. How did you find someone willing to protect you no matter what? It was amazing really, he really would protect you no matter what. “What if I told you, ‘Let’s have a baby.’” You looked over at him with a curious expression.

“Don’t mess with me like that.” He mumbled, he had always talked about having a baby, but had never felt like it was the right time.

“Would you protect them too?” You didn’t need to hear an answer. Of course, of course, of course.

Gladio: You sure you’re fine for the night?

Ignis: I’ve prepared for the odd chance that I come down with a cold, I’ll be fine.

Noctis: I’m here to take care of him too.

Ignis: I’d….rather you not…

Noctis: Why? I took care of you just fine last time!

Ignis: Noct, you force-fed me gummy vitamins while screaming “I just want you to be healthy.” Quite frankly I’ve never been so terrified in all my life.

anonymous asked:

RFA+v+saeran having to take care of a usually calm, shy s/o who caught the cold and is behaving really childish, like wanting to be treated like a baby (can you also make that she has hard time swallowing tablets so she chews it instead) thank you !


  • SOUP
  • High key thinks it’s super cute when she acts like a baby.
  • He hates seeing her so miserable, but he almost looks forward to when she gets sick so that he can baby her.


  • She cries when he goes to the store to get her some chewy/ liquid medicine.
  • It was the first time she’d gotten sick since they moved in together, how the hell was he supposed to know to be prepared with this shit????
  • She refused to be left alone, so she went with him. He pushed her around in a shopping kart as they stocked up on meds and sick food.
  • He’s a baby?? How the hell is he supposed to take care of another person???????
  • It all makes sense to him eventually.


  • She was going to baby MC whether she wanted it or not, so it’s a good thing MC liked being babied..
  • Of course she’s prepared for this. Jaehee can swallow tablets, (her life would be waaaaaaaay harder if she couldn’t, what with the migraines and random body pains from pushing herself too hard) but she doesn’t like to, so she’s stocked tf up.
  • Brings MC blankets, makes sure she takes her meds, watches cartoons w her.
  • Mom wife.


  • ??????? 
  • “MC this is so uncharacteristic what is going on???”
  • Takes off a day or three to take care of MC.
  • He doesn’t trust anyone else to take care of and baby her.
  • He ends up also getting sick, but he may or may not just want to also be babied.


  • “MC, I don’t think Flintstones gummy vitamins are going to get you through this cold.”
  • She’s so stubborn that he’s forced to go to the store and look for chewable tablets.
  • “Since when have these existed????”
  • He uses them when he gets sick now too.
  • He already loves babying her, so he def loves having an excuse and permission to actually do it.


  • Nothing phases this man.
  • He runs to the store to get her some medicine that she can actually take, he makes her food, makes sure she’s comfortable, sits with her literally all day.
  • He loves taking care of and babying MC. It makes him feel needed and he loves helping her feel better.


  • P a NI C K i N G
  • He signed up for a girlfriend,,,,,,, not,,, a child?????
  • After a day or so of it, he’s like “Oh, this makes sense I guess.”
  • Ends up enjoying taking care of her because it’s an excuse to see her more often.

pros of gummy vitamins: i remember and look forward to taking my vitamins

cons of gummy vitamins: sweet siren song of delicious forbidden candy