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Daddy Yoongi


Anonymous said: Continuation of the pregnantcy reactions, daddy Yoongi written like a list type of thung?

Daddy Yoongi:

- nervous Yoongi throughout the entire pregnancy

- money spender on everything baby

- that dad that likes to build all the furniture and paint the nursery himself

- “A father’s love was put into this sweetheart.”

- keeping the gender a secret from him

- getting asked about the gender every night before bed

- panicked!Yoongi when you go into labor

- cursing

- “Holy shit, what the fuck do I do? What do we do?”

- “Yoongi a hospital might be nice.”

- “Fuck right.”

- holding his shaking hand while you’re delivering

- lotta lip chewing, nail biting

- gummy smile when he holds his daughter for the first time

- “Fuck she’s perfect.”

- “She’s got your eyes Yoongi.”

- shy daddy

- “No she doesn’t… Do you think?”

- more panic

- “Fuck, she's squirming what do I do? Y/n help she’s going to cry omfg”

- “Yoongi shut the fuck up.”

- finally getting to take her home

- “Babe, how does this car seat work?”

- “Yoongi, please, it’s not rocket science.”

- “It- hOW- What the fuck baby please, help

- “Jesus Christ.”

- going a million miles under the speed limit on the way home

- apologizing a thousand times whenever he hits a speed bump

- “I’m sorry baby girl, daddy will be more careful.”

- getting honked at because he’s going so slow but he dgaf

- learning how to feed her and change her diaper

- “Don’t you do that with  your… you know.”

- finally getting the hang of feeding her a bottle but getting mad when you sarcastically congratulate him

- “Babe, go fuck yourself.”

- ears perking up like a dogs whenever she barely whines in her sleep

- thinking she’s sick 24/7

- “Babe, she needs to go to the hospital,”

- “Yoongi, she’s fine.”

- “She’s fucking burning up.”

- “Babe please, there’s something wron”

- “Istg Yoongi, I’m going to fucking strangle you.”