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So I FINALLY got a gel light and ordered some gummy jelly and the no wipe top coat from enailcouture. I freaking love it. There are probably better products to use to do these built up gel droplets but I was just messing around with it as I don’t have any gems yet. 

I put Sinful Colors Orange cream as a base color and the rest is acrylic paints and the little gem looking things are just a holographic glitter piece with built up gel. I also built up the gummy jelly on top of the lady bugs to make them more 3D. 

Creepypasta #1143: I Hated My Little Brother

Length: Long

I really did, I swear. Not a day went by when I didn’t want to punch his stupid face in, throw him into a truck’s path, send him off on a weather balloon to space. I really despised him.

A bit of backstory:

I lived with my father, my mother, and my little brother, George, or “Georgie” as a nickname. George was 11. He had sandy brown hair, and George was my parents’ little angel. He could do no wrong in their eyes. In everyone else’s, though, Georgie was a tiny demon sent from the depths of the Underworld. He harassed smaller children, stole lunch money, and did worse things I don’t even want to say. Almost once a week, our neighbors or George’s teacher would show up at our door, forced smiles frozen on our faces.

“I’ve come to have a chat about George,” they would say.

My parents would gasp at each “false” relevation. Someone killed the class hamster and wrote GT (George’s initials) in blood on the tabletop? No way. Our angel couldn’t do that! They would proclaim. Someone stole Samantha’s lunch, stuffed it in the girls’ toilet, and forced her to eat it during recess? How dare you accuse Georgie of that! It must have been some other child, though Samantha had to go to a mental hospital for a while because of the trauma. Our George burned someone’s homework? Lies. Our George kicked a kitten? False. Our George stole $78 worth of candy from a store? Of course not. He told us he bought that candy.

The list goes on.

My parents never got worn down. They never stopped to consider these claims, even when obvious evidence was presented. Ever. George was a sweet little honeycake. But as George’s sister, by God, it was 1,000x worse.

He would take my homework and hide it, burn it, or stuff it in the toilet. I came to school empty handed those days, and the teachers nodded and gave me 100s. They knew George.

I came home from school one day and all of my stuffed animals were hanging by their necks from nooses on the ceiling of my room. I screamed, ran downstairs for my parents, and when they came up they yelled at me because if I “wanted to make a statement”, then I could have just asked them to repaint my room black or dark blue or whatever.

The torture was endless.

So this brings me to about 2 weeks ago, when our house was being repainted in George’s room. One of my friends, Titi (her real name was Tatiana, but she hated it) had enough.

“You know,” she said to me, mischeviously, “we could get him back.”

“How?” I asked.

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Daddy Yoongi


Anonymous said: Continuation of the pregnantcy reactions, daddy Yoongi written like a list type of thung?

Daddy Yoongi:

- nervous Yoongi throughout the entire pregnancy

- money spender on everything baby

- that dad that likes to build all the furniture and paint the nursery himself

- “A father’s love was put into this sweetheart.”

- keeping the gender a secret from him

- getting asked about the gender every night before bed

- panicked!Yoongi when you go into labor

- cursing

- “Holy shit, what the fuck do I do? What do we do?”

- “Yoongi a hospital might be nice.”

- “Fuck right.”

- holding his shaking hand while you’re delivering

- lotta lip chewing, nail biting

- gummy smile when he holds his daughter for the first time

- “Fuck she’s perfect.”

- “She’s got your eyes Yoongi.”

- shy daddy

- “No she doesn’t… Do you think?”

- more panic

- “Fuck, she's squirming what do I do? Y/n help she’s going to cry omfg”

- “Yoongi shut the fuck up.”

- finally getting to take her home

- “Babe, how does this car seat work?”

- “Yoongi, please, it’s not rocket science.”

- “It- hOW- What the fuck baby please, help

- “Jesus Christ.”

- going a million miles under the speed limit on the way home

- apologizing a thousand times whenever he hits a speed bump

- “I’m sorry baby girl, daddy will be more careful.”

- getting honked at because he’s going so slow but he dgaf

- learning how to feed her and change her diaper

- “Don’t you do that with  your… you know.”

- finally getting the hang of feeding her a bottle but getting mad when you sarcastically congratulate him

- “Babe, go fuck yourself.”

- ears perking up like a dogs whenever she barely whines in her sleep

- thinking she’s sick 24/7

- “Babe, she needs to go to the hospital,”

- “Yoongi, she’s fine.”

- “She’s fucking burning up.”

- “Babe please, there’s something wron”

- “Istg Yoongi, I’m going to fucking strangle you.”

anonymous asked:

How can I grow my nails faster without any biotin?

-Hair, skin, and nails gummies which do include biotin but also other essential vitamins that aid nail growth (they cost like $7-8 in case you want to look into it)

-Cuticle oil 

-Coconut or Olive oil: rub some on your nails or soak your hands in some for 15-20 mins 

-Garlic if you rub a clove cut in half on your nails or mince it and put it in a bottle of clear nail polish, then apply some everyday

-Avoid over exposure to water and harsh chemicals

-Don’t pick at your nails when they break or flake. File them in one direction to avoid them getting any shorter 

-Also strengthening your nails with a nail hardener may help 


the “how else do you want me to spend a Post-shroom recovery Saturday” haul

- sp/irited away shirt - $24
- over/watch shirt - $24
- t/otoro keychain - $12
- haku bomber - $70
- melanie martin/ez necklace - $10

- red velvet panty - $12

- fiber gummies - $15
- insta dry nail polish x3 - $4 x 3 = $12
- sally’s nail polish - $5
- 5 oaks merlot - $12
- roc 5-1 eye cream - $25
- roc eye serum - $25

- skull pipe - $40
- twisty one-hitter - $10
- yellow tentacle pipe - $20
- star pipe - $10
- dotted pipe - $6
- naked lady pipe - $35
- phat ass pipe - $25
- brown sparkle pipe - $25

TOTAL - $417