callioprecious-blog  asked:

I really love your Cerulean blood Feferi do you mind if I cosplayed her?

Sure! I can draw a costume reference if you want.

Az/tumblr user Mediarama has also cosplayed her! With Chai as her acompanying Eridan. I THOUGHT THIS WAS ON MY BLOG BUT I COULDN’T FIND IT……… I HAD TO FISH THROUGH MONTHS OF POSTS TO FIND IT ON HERS?? Where did it goooooo. (They’re the reason Feferi has a rapier, in any case.) I don’t know how she managed to do it with such poor references? Some kind of miracle worker.

There has also been a Nepeta and a mysterious Sollux that I have been told exists, but I have never seen pictures of him nor know who he is exactly. (Fitting I guess? I: )