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MI8k / June 19, 2016

Finished chibi commission of gumi~

If anyone is interested in a commission, prices can be found in my previous post or #nauticawilliamsjawscommissions . DM me or email me at for further info~

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LANGUAGES I SPEAK: Finnish, English, French, Swedish and so little Japanese it doesn’t count lol

FAVOURITE FILM OF 2015: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2

LAST ARTICLE I READ: Some article about Facebook taking user’s information from Whatsapp

Trashy Innocence by Gumi
Ah Yeah!! by Sukima Switch [Haikyuu!! OP 2]
Tenchi Gaeshi by Nico Touches The Walls [Haikyuu!! ED 1]

… I like hq!! very much okay

LAST THING I BOUGHT ONLINE: Probably ticket to animecon like 3 months ago, I don’t buy much things online

PHOBIAS/FEARS: I fear failure, some social situations, public speaking and that someday I’d end up being alone, that everyone had abandoned me. + I think I have trypophobia

HOW WOULD MY FRIENDS DESCRIBE ME: funny, kind, good listener, creative, trustworthy, weird in a good way, hard-working, caring

HOW WOULD MY ENEMIES DESCRIBE ME: very quiet, annoying, cold, crybaby / over-sensitive, unsocial, cynical, scared, quick-tempered

WHO WOULD I TAKE A BULLET FOR: I don’t honestly know. Probably for my family and certain friends.

IF I HAD MONEY TO SPARE, WHAT WOULD I BUY FIRST?: a new phone, I feel like my current one will break at any moment

I tag everyone who wants to do this! ^^

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Favorite fandom: Pretty strong deadlock between Fire Emblem, Hetalia, Asagao Academy, and Marvel, seems Marvel and Asagao are edging out

Favorite films of 2016: Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia, Star Trek Beyond I’m boring but I really loved those okay

Put your music on shuffle and see the first three songs that come up: Follow you Down (Zedd), Invisible (Pandora Voxx, Rin & Gumi), The Synesthesia Ghost (Nekobolo, Hatsune Miku) (wow these are actually really good ones)

Last thing you bought online: Tsum Tsums, specifically Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man

Any phobias or fears: Dogs, Aquariums. I swear I am not kidding

How would your friends describe you: That one writer memelord 

How would your enemies describe you: That one girl with the resting bitch face who hates me probably

Who would you take a bullet for?: My mom

If you had money to spare, what would you buy?: The rest of the MCU on DVD, a Winter Solider Tsum, possibly Hetalia plushies because I like plushies dammit

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Horror sztorik három szóban.

Elfogott a csokoládé.
Nem sokára szeptember.
Kihúztam a vasalót?
Tizenegyre érj haza.
Merül a telefonom.
Elfogyott az alkohol.
Nincs nálam gumi.
Ki van rúgva.
Kicsim, terhes vagyok.
Az iskola közeleg.
Rokon látogatás lesz.
Nem fog fájni.
Ki akar felelni?
Nincs túlóra pénz.
Ott egy pók.
Túl sokat ittam.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Werewolf McCree and how well he would pair with Okami Hanzo. It works well to have the Shimada-gumi be descendants of  Amaterasu-ōmikami, and control spirit wolves instead of dragons.

Hanzo, after murdering his brother, casting away his family’s empire, and becoming a lone wolf, encounters McCree in the mountains. The werewolf is used to his form being a hidden curse, and has been trapped since his mental instability following the fall of Overwatch. Now, a mysterious archer with indiscernible motives won’t leave his scruffy hide alone.