1. Firedrop babysitting Tyson and Firenze. Gumflame returning the favor a few years later, babysitting (left to right) Alazne, Kai, and Isa.
  2. water!Flame Princess and Cordelia stuff. Surprise first concept of my little bubbly dork and her sister. (Also I gave Cordelia’s clothes in the full body one, the color scheme of Flora King whoops. the ship is strong.)
  3. fire!Cordelia and Flame Princess stuff. I don’t like drawing FP with a crown that much man;;; It looks weird to me still. And Blooming Bubbles drama. She’s not the best at controlling her flames. I FORGOT TO GIVE FK NIPPLES;;

anonymous asked:

As somebody who believes that all ships should be treated equally, I like to find out why they have chose their OTP. If their are any reasons like personality, likes and dislikes, or even if you think it just looks cute would be fine. So why have you chosen this ship out of all the ones out there?

((Well, it’s not really my top ship tbh, but I won’t go into that since this is about gumflame. And this ship. It was actually supposed to be a joke between a friend and I, buuuut then as the joke dragged out I just started taking it seriously! hahadang

I mean…

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