gumdropreaper  asked:

omg pls start recapping htgawm, its my fave show rn and its just bonkers man, youd totally do it justice, its basically pll grown up and with better writers.

basically! it’s probably the best show on tv rn in my opinion, so i really wanna start recapping, i’m gonna try!

gumdropreaper  asked:

As if you dont get this enough, but youre brilliant! I totally got into you with your Carmilla stuff, but recently discovered your Quinn analysis/fics, and YES. Quinn is such a fascinating character, she went through so much shit, and I devoured all of that. Like a previous person said, I beg that you get to analyze and share the other fandoms I love, cuz your brilliance is needed everywhere. Btw, congrats on being spot on with the Carmilla predictions. Your blog will help me during the hiatus.

well we still have to see if I’m spot on with carmilla lol but I generally trust general show logic & also narrative study & advanced calc so. I hope they all hold up.

& thanks :) fandom love will most likely continue for the foreseeable future