Hey I know you're good with the CP fandom so:

How do you deal with shipping hate?
I’ve found a lot of people saying anyone who makes characters gay should kill themselves or that everybody else’s shipping is pure awful.

Also OC hate?
I’ve not had this myself, I’m very cautious with my OCs and all of them have flaws and are realistic but just in case, how would one deal with it?

How to deal with shipping hate: Ignore people and block them. They’re just stupid, believe me. You just don’t pay attention and draw your ship having hardcore explicit sex just so they see it and they get angry while you enjoy the picture.

No, seriously. Don’t pay attention to them they’re not worth your time.

And for the OC hate then I don’t know, you can create the character you want and you don’t have to make it so people will like it… you’re the one who has to like it. If they hate it? Well then, maybe you could listen to the opinions of the ones that don’t go “ur character sux lololol” but actually have something interesting to say. Who knows, maybe they have a cool idea. But still, you don’t have to change your character if you don’t want to. It’s yours!

I would love to be a voice actor or actor in general because I’d get so into character. I’d be that one girl who acts like their character even when they’re not recording lines or shooting a scene. Whenever fans would talk to me I’d be in characters and if they asked me to say lines I’d say them plus say a bunch of random stuff in the voice. So the fans get a moment where they are interacting with the character and it’s such a magical moment for them. Because I want that moment, I want it a lot.