Bricktop Vader (Snatch Vs Star Wars)

“Warning don’t watch this if you think Vader is already evil enough” 


☁☾ Dream Journal Entry #3

visited @uchidiva‘s stunning town of Gumdrop. this town felt so incredibly huge and each section felt new and exciting, with lovely presents to open around every corner.  it was tropical, bright, and felt like such a beautiful little oasis that calmed my soul, truly. be sure to visit this beauty for yourself and let uchidiva know what a remarkable job she did, ‘cause it looks like so much love was pristinely poured into this town ♡

da: 4B00-0039-AB80 🌴🍋

Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!

External image
External image
@icarusflyinghigh i’m not an artist but i got bored and wanted to draw gumdrop! afterwards i used the picture as a background in and messed around with the line tool (cause i don’t have a tablet) to redraw it

i know its not amazing but it was fun to do :3

aaaaaaa tysm for drawing him, i love how it turned out!! the digital ver turned out great esp bc you didnt have a tablet to work with. keep up the great work !