gumby costume

Ok so during my junior year some dipshit thought it’d be fun to plan a food fight. The problem was that the teachers caught wind of it and the admins had more teachers than usual guard the cafeteria. Like they thought that would make a difference. Anyway, so the food fight gets started, idk who started it, I hear it was some sophomore, but everyone eating in the gym heard about it and stood outside of the cafeteria watching all of the chaos ensue.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. That same day the seniors decided to do their senior prank, which wasn’t creative at all. They were gonna go through the halls and have a party or something (memory is failing me), but there was this one kid and let’s call him Kevin because I don’t remember his name…it may have been Kevin. So Kevin comes in with the crowd on a bike dressed up in a Gumby costume (that weird green claymation character). Our principal is so pissed at the prank and food fight that he fucking checks Kevin into the lockers and off his bike. 

So Kevin was forbidden from walking at graduation, but our school started a “Free Gumby” campaign to have him walk. Like there were t-shirts and a facebook page and shit. And y'know what? IT FUCKING WORKED. When they called Kevin’s name at graduation everyone shouted “GUMBY!” And the weird thing is that my school had more weird shit that happened…


Cats the Musical - Broadway Revival

First look at makeup and wigs!  All photos from instagram, apart from Jellylorum wig and Tugger makeup, from “What’s Up, Pussycat!” Vlog by Tyler Hanes. 

  1. Bombalurina - Christine Cornish
  2. Alonzo - Callan Bergmann
  3. Electra - Lili Froehlich (First Broadway Electra, I believe)
  4. Mungojerrie - Aaron Albano
  5. Sillabub - Arianna Rosario
  6. Jennyanydots - Eloise Kropp
  7. Close-up on Gumbie costume WIP
  8. Rum Tum Tugger - Tyler Hanes
  9. Grizabella - Jessica Hendy
  10. Jellylorum wig - Sara Jean Ford

The pictures of the wig room behind Sara Jean Ford show some interesting details - immediately apparent is the glossy new-style Grizabella wig. Also the un-trimmed Bustopher Jones shows tied ears not rolled ears, yet Gus’s wig appears to be the pre-Palladium style.

Bombalurina’s wig seems to have had a complete redesign, I wonder if it is the brown and black wig with a white triangle visible behind the Jellylorum wig being held.

Overall so far we have a curious mix of UK styling, old-school US Tour Tugger makeup, and a whole new concept for Bombalurina.  Obviously, as these photos are all the cast’s first attempts at the makeup, we can expect refined brush strokes, more details and smoother application to come. But as a look at the designs being used, this is a very interesting point in the development of the production!