gumby and friends

a list of “imagine your otp” prompts/AUs based on bizarrely specific things that have happened to me 

  • i am the lovable animal mascot for a local restaurant, and is this your brat? he’s been following me around trying to kick me between the legs and flick bright red slushy on my white mascot costume and lemme just say, this thing is a $12k costume and i WILL hold you liable for ruining it
  • you and i share a class at college, but you’re from a foreign country and your accent is so thick i can barely understand you on a good day. you’ve just run up to me outside of the library chattering happily to me but you’re talking way too fast and i cannot for the life of me understand you and more importantly why are you dressed like the easter bunny, it’s the middle of february
  • i am a decent but amateur puppeteer and i am performing at the same show as you, a professional puppeteer from television who is also performing and oh my god you brought the giant professional puppets those are so cool how do they work can i hold one maybe oh my god these are fantastic
  • there is a tiny island on this lake that had some pet goats dumped on it several years ago and now there is a thriving tame goat population living on it so get in this boat right now because we are finding that island because i want to feed and pet the baby goats 
  • this hot tub is super reinforced so that it can’t collapse and we are trying to see how many people we can get into this hot tub to break last year’s pool party record of 35 people and we’re at the point of stacking people on top of each other so you’ve been stuck sitting in my lap for the past fifteen minutes i am so sorry about this
  • you are an actor in this local murder mystery dinner theatre and i am just in attendance and you keep hanging around my side of the theatre and flirting with me and winking and smirking at me between scenes and oh fuck do they know i’m gay how did they even figure that out i’m closeted as fuck (bonus: i’m here with my homophobic family who wouldn’t know queer flirting if it bit them but I DON’T WANT TO PUSH IT)
  • i am studying for finals in the school library and you just ran through the library dressed like gumby, pursued by your friend who is dressed like the stay puft marshmallow man and seriously, what the actual fuck are you people doing, it’s like two in the morning
  • you are useless with computers and i am the IT intern for the summer and you keep calling me up to fix extremely minor things and seriously you cannot possibly be this hopeless are you just calling me to have someone visit your office because if it’s that lonely i can just eat lunch in here with you or something but stop paging me up here to turn your monitor on it’s embarrassing

so i sent an anon ask a while back mentioning that i was getting fire belly toads soon!! here they are! they can be found more on @elemental-kiss & they are settling in really nicely. happy new years!!

Hello! 😀 And hello beautiful new friends! 🐸🐸

Gumby is very impressed with your amazing stomachs! He would please like to purchase one orange & black spotty fashionable stomach!

Gumby sends all of you many kissies! 🐸😊🐸

We made a Very Small Friend yesterday while walking in the park! Its our monsoons so all the stickies are out!

Hello Very Small Friend! 😀🐸

Gumby sends you 652 Very Small Kissies! 

He is very impressed with your Very Small Feeties and Very Small Beautiful Brown Jacket! 🐸😊🐸

I didn’t really want to go to Michigan, but i did meet this cute little frog! I think he’s a leopard frog. Once he realized i wasn’t going to hurt him, he let me scoop him up gently multiple times, and would just look at me like “what are you?”

Hello little friend with pointy toesies! 😀🐸😊

The Stickyfrogs are glad you went to Michigan to meet this little friend! 🐸

Gumby and Tiny send you both a big hug! 😄🐸🐸😄


Hello! 😀🐸
No, unfortunately there was not enough room for them to live properly. But they did have so many babies that I’m sure their descendants are living in many homes!
Gumby misses his fish friends, but now he has the Bonkpoles to stare at through his window! 🐸