The Amazing World of Gumball - The Sale (full episode)

Here’s the third Gumbomb episode!

Download link’s in the description. Enjoy!


There was already a scene where gumball attempts to go Super Saiyan, but now he finally achieved it 


Last month, Ciaran Duffy ( ancientspirals on tumblr) tweeted a link to this video, saying “It’s really worth taking the time to appreciate how brilliant and unusual the backgrounds/comp for Gumball are.”

I completely agree with him - it is definitely, definitely worth a watch. I ADORE this show, and it has always been amazing (ha) to me how all the different characters, styles and mediums used in the show (2D Flash, 3D, photos, live action, stop-motion, etc) are made so cohesive! Boulder Media, the Irish company who worked on a few Seasons of Gumball (with whom I am proud to now be employed by!) gave a talk at the Fingal Film Festival last year and it was amazing to see how it all comes together. The compositing was just…wow *_* SO TAKE A LOOK AND APPRECIATE SOME OF THE MAGIC! 


This is a collection of gifs that the fine folks at Cartoon Network commissioned me to make recently. It was so much fun playing with the world of Gumball. Ben Bocquelet and Mic Graves have created something really special there. Oh and Jacob Escobedo deserves a shout out too. He’s always pushing for fun stuff at CN HQ.

The first 3 were animated by me and had some clean up help from my buddy Jarrod Prince. The fourth piece was an anim colab with Ben Ommundson (I set up the gag and the design and and he delivered the punchline and finished everything off. It was a fun way to work!)