• Me: I ship Malvie
  • Someone: I thought you shipped Bal?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Someone else: I thought you shipped Bevie?
  • Me: Yes
  • Someone else: don't you ship Huma too?
  • Me: Yes
  • Someone else: wait what happened to Garry??
  • Me: ship it.
  • Someone else: what but what about Guma?
  • Me: ship it.
  • Someone else: okay but everyone ships Jaylos.
  • Me: tru
  • Someone else: wait I thought you said Janelos was cute?
  • Me: it is.
  • Someone else: but wait you said you shipped Benlos!
  • Me: I do.
  • Everyone: how can you ship everyone?!?
  • Me: they are all dating each other

Thinking about Uma getting sick on the Isle and how Harry would 110% get himself sick, too, leaving Gil to take care of them.

Uma, Harry and Gil headcanon.

After Mal called Uma “shrimpy” and let her out of her crew Harry and Gil become really overprotective over her and make her the captain of their own tiny pirates crew. Over the years they become closer and stronger and eventually they added new members to the crew but they know that no matter they’re gonna stick together even is Uma doesn’t admit it out loud or Gil making them loose their patience (especially to Uma when he calls her shrimpy even if in Gils mind that nickname is adorable)


there’s a story on AO3 in the jaylos tag and the harry x gil x uma tag rated g and tagged as fluff but it has:

  • graphic language
  • graphic violence
  • vomit
  • spitting
  • and it’s wayyyy OOC

it’s called “Loving is Always True” by rakisrowan

if you are triggered by any of the above PLEASE


stay safe everyone

I so don’t talk enough about Gil x Uma. That’s a cute ass ship right there let me tell y'all like..Gil is too damn pure for his own good. He’s probably the only person that could get away with anything with Uma; he called her Shrimpy multiple times and she didn’t even yell at him. He saw Ben and 2 seconds after his brain registered that King Ben was on the Isle, he got all excited and ran to tell Uma.

If yall want to talk about somebody Uma would never hate it’s Gil, son of Gaston.

I wish Bard and Sona had some kind of special interaction between each other since they both are mute and musical champions. It would be super cool if they shared a melody they played together each time they use “joke” next to each other. One starts and the other joins in into the rhythm and then there is just a big concert at bot lane. ♥

Artwork by @gumae

A lovely commission of Ilirra in a cute outfit done by @gumae. I love everything about it! So happy with how it turned out.

When she’s finally done with the day, Ilirra sheds her armor and retires to a bedroom she keeps everyone else out of. One that has a gigantic, heart-shaped bed and cute clothes that she puts on to help her relax.

Here, someone has snuck in and caught her in the act.

Descendants Gil Harry Uma headcanon

  • Those three are the best of friends but they all see each other as more than friends. They convince Ben to share a room (I liked who ever had that idea) They stay up talking like they do every night and they decide to play truth or dare. Gil goes first and he picks truth and he admits his feelings for both Harry and Uma. He is shy he blushes. He is the most sensitive of the three. He might be Gaston’s son but he is as submissive and sensitive as they come despite his physical appearance. Harry and Uma are shocked by this and are silent for a few moments. Harry smiles and so does Uma they engulf him in a hug. They too admit their feelings for him. Uma smiles and sits in Gil’s lap and does Harry. Gil is the biggest of the three but also the big softy. Harry is a switch meaning he is both dom and sub. They start dating. When they are sad Gil is the person they cuddle with. Harry and Gil love to play with Uma’s hair when it is curly. Infact they help her take out her braids from time to time because that is a long ass process black girls who have done their hair similar to Uma’s will understand. The trio have even pushed their beds together so they could cuddle more. However Gil and Harry want to surprise Uma with a bigger bed. They are out and proud thruple! They have even encouraged other LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 members to come out. They have gained more confidence since living in Aurodon. Well that is pretty much it for head canons please feel free to share them.

HARLEY QUINN fangirl starter pack:

  • flavored lip gloss
  • cartoons
  • loose bullets rolling around the bottom of your purse
  • bubble gum
  • anything that smells like bubble gum
  • a psychology textbook; you do not have to read the entire book
  • red and black fingernail polish
  • carnival ticket stubs that are sticky from cotton candy
  • more cartoons
  • a romance novel; for maximum affect, daydream about yourself as the main character while reading 
  • a teddy bear backpack 
  • sugary breakfast cereal with a children’s character on the box 
  • mascara 
  • doggy chew toys
  • why are you reading this and not watching cartoons

(requested by @aharleyquinnade)