gum moth

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I’m not sure what kind of caterpillars they are but I’m finding out. I initially thought I was looking at a colony of ants until I walked closer and found a colony of caterpillars that have made these large “houses”. There were two groups and they were curling leaves and sticking it together with their silk and old skins. Inside, a colony of caterpillars reside.

One thing I found interesting is that all the old skins are facing the same direction: Down.

I’d never seen anything like it, and I am fascinated. They didn’t even seem too fussed when I was taking photographs of them, they seemed to be working very hard. They all had black and yellow tufts down the length of their back and a black head with a yellow spot at the front.

Found in a young spotted gum tree on the Far South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Name: Satumon

Level: Rookie/Child

Attribute: Data

Type: Insect

Field: Jungle Troopers


-Pixie Spark: Shoots a bolt of electricity

-Dream Dust: Sends a gust of dust that puts opponents to sleep

-Red Eye: Hypnotizes the opponent

Evolution Line: Antemon ->Mademon  -> Satumon ->Modramon -> unavailable -> unavailable

Gender: Feminine/Androgynous

About:  Satumon is a small, moth-like Digimon that has been partnered with Ayame Yoshida since early childhood. Kind and gentle, Satumon holds Ayame in high regard and adores the woman, and the strength of their bond has made them a capable fighting pair, with Satumon able to reach her Adult/Champion form. However, Satumon is currently unable to reach a higher level of evolution, despite her adoration of Ayame. Not much is known about their partnership, though rumor has it Ayame began to grow emotionally distant from the Digimon after reaching the Champion level, and this distance only grew following the human’s divorce from her former husband. Regardless, Satumon remains loyal to Ayame and Eos, and tries to support her partner as best she can. To compensate for her inability to evolve beyond Champion, Satumon has been known to train very hard to assure that she will be capable of doing her job and upholding her responsibilities.


The Satumon species are small insect Digimon that have the appearance of small moths, very similar to that of an Emperor Gum moth in terms of their colors and markings. The bodies of these Digimon are covered in soft, thick fur and they have two small wings, though they’re unable to fly. Satumon have several spots on their bodies that produce bioluminescent light at night and in dark places - it is what these friendly and sociable Digimon use to communicate with each other during nighttime, since it’s when they’re most active. Satumon can see in the dark, and they also seem to have a strong liking for sweet food and fruits - something that Ayame’s Satumon always denies as their colleagues often try to jokingly bribe her with sweets.