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What kind of music do you think the kiddos like? Personally I think Izuku listens to like pop punk and rap (stuff like Childish Gambino or Watsky, Beastie Boys mb) Bakugo either listens to what we'd expect, fast rock and metal, or something out of left field, I can see him liking the bubble gum pop/mall music channels, or even vaporwave would be hilarious tbh. Iida listens to smooth jazz,classical, and cheesy 80's workout/inspirational music. (idk how in character these are i mostly hc bc humor)

let me list it out!!

midoriya; i believe he likes pop music or just really hype music that he can jump around to

iida; classical and 80′s workout music pretty much fit him (x

uraraka; bubble gum pop thats it 

todoroki; the naruto soundtrack 

bakugou; i think he likes hip hop (but like not eminem) he also likes contemporary rnb like sza 

kaminari; i think he likes a lot of music but lowkey loves folk music

kirishima; he loves rnb music (a beyonce stan like me), he also loves funk music like childish gambino’s newest album

momo; i think she likes folk music tbh

jirou; rock music and punk pop 

mina; pop music or really any song that’s number one at that time

hagakure; the same as mina

shouji; i think he likes years & years (it’s a band)

tokoyami; nature sounds HAHAH

kouda; also nature sounds

aoyama; french pop music

sato; straight 90′s rap 

ojirou; i think he likes j-rock or something along the lines of that (secretly loves baby metal)

tsuyu; doesn’t really listen to music, occasionally has the radio on and listens to whatever song’s on that

sero; hip-hop and maybe some pop (probably loves nicki minaj)

If I was a normie I could go to a bar after a long day and get excited about football over beers it sucks that our fate is 2 wind down by going around to area malls scraping gum off the bottom of the food court tables to resell as children’s modeling clay so we have money to drink absinthe in construction sites till u pass out