gum madness

today i was attacked by two giants, a great bear and a bronto simultaneously. today was a bad day.


Tousute Extra: Okonomiyaki (May 18,2016)

Shokudaikiri decided to add some unconventional ingredients to his dish that day. I don’t think the others were very pleased about it though. ^^;

I found an old pack of 2016 Dead Meat bubblegum cards.  Only three survived, featuring the puppet protagonists.  I’ll put up Heck tomorrow and Dead Meat on Friday!

MACMURRAY is a member of the Mutant Hunter’s Guild, often sticks his foot in his mouth, and considers himself to be Heck’s sidekick.  Heck, on the other hand, doesn’t consider him at all.

My Thursdays with Oakley 6 - Seven minutes in heaven

Next Thursday – Party at Owen´s, 9 p.m. Pick you up at 8.45. Positive to find a challenge there. Still blue balls – fyi.

I was surprised by how quickly Oakley contacted me after I had him thrown out of my apartment.

Just the next day, Friday noon, he texted me, as if nothing had happened.

Well, obviously Oakley could handle a bit of frustration. What I had planned for the week after, otherwise, would test his tolerance a lot more. So for the coming Thursday, the day of the party, I would let him consider himself safe, falsely of course, believing I had already taken out my anger on him with that funny little episode in my bedroom. Poor guy. I almost pitied him now. Not really. Fucker had to pay. Period.


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