gum high heels

Things I associate with the signs
  • Aries: autumn leaves, dark lipstick, puppies, sunshine
  • Taurus: skater skirts, Lord of the Rings, patterned umbrellas, Dr Martens
  • Gemini: chocolate chip cookies, colorful headphones, the smell of cigarettes
  • Cancer: vanilla scented perfume, classical music, dark red nailpolish, mintflavoured chewing gum
  • Leo: high heels, blue hair, Bollywood movies, sci-fi books
  • Virgo: skateboards, hipster clothes, red bow ties, history books
  • Libra: nose piercings, writing novels and articles, cloudy days, cozy beds
  • Scorpio: Harry Potter, multiple languages, black nailpolish, crop tops
  • Sagittarius: teddybears, movie posters, rainy days, hugs and kisses
  • Capricorn: cigarette lighters, french braided hair, turtles, septum piercings
  • Aquarius: blue guitars, fruity white wine, cute laughter, velvet skirts
  • Pisces: round glasses, tiny rowingboats,good grades, great music taste