gum ball machines

I punched Richard Spencer. It was in a Kmart. He fell back and knocked over a gum ball machine and stale gum balls flew out and then he tripped over them again and fell on his face. His nose is flat now.  Thank you for listening to my story pls tell the bounty guys I’m in Russian class in my school basement come get me. 

Clockwork mechanized bellboy scoops penny gumballs, Manikin Vendor Company gumball machine, manufactured in Portland, Oregon, 1929

Hip hop unit reaction to your 3 y/o nephew says he wants to marry you

Vernon: he would smile and laugh at the kids cuteness because he is so young. But he would remember that you are his aunt.

Wonwoo: “I can never win can I”

Mingyu: “well let’s go plan the whole wedding come on! Should it be a surprise for y/n or do you want to ask her now?”

S.coups: “well then. Let’s go buy you the ring to propose to her with. *goes to a gum ball machine that has the plastic rings* ah. Ya know, I forgot my wallet. Sorry bud, maybe next time. *tucks wallet into back pocket* if I don’t get to her first”

~Admin Lizzie