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ooo... Any scenarios for the bros (whose gf has been friends with everyone for a really long time) who are shopping for an engagement ring with the other bros for moral support but mostly for shenanigans lol. thank you. ^^

So, uh… Prompto’s came out insanely adorable. I was originally going to put all the boy’s fics into one post.. but… damn. This was too cute. I have to brainstorm some more to make the other’s guys as cute as this one. Feedback is always appreciated!!! Much love! <3

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The Diner

There was never a doubt in your mind that you and Prompto would get married. You and your blonde boyfriend constantly talked about marriage and your future together since the very start of relationship. A lot of people thought your optimism was cute but only just wishful thinking. Everyone told you the odds were against you. You and Prompto proved them wrong.

You relationship stayed strong for several years with hardly no issue. Sure, you had the occasional argument, but your fights always ended in a giggle fit that always ensued lots of hugs and kisses of forgiveness. 

Prompto gave you his word that he’d stay with you until his dying breath. He promised the moment he could afford a ring for you, your engagement would officially begin. 

Of course, nothing is ever that simple. 

Life always threw struggles your way. 

Your parents fell ill, you were laid off, one tragedy came toward you right after another. 

Prompto and you had to spare the money you put aside for your ring to purchase  necessities and keep up with your apartment’s rent. It broke his heart, but you assured him, “I don’t need an expensive ring to know how much you love me.”

He gave you a sad smile. He wanted nothing more than to spoil you. You were the love of his life. You deserve nothing less than perfection.

“Tell you what,” you began. “Tomorrow we will go ring shopping,”  you stated. “I already have a place picked out to start our search.”

“Can… the guys come?” He questioned, uneasily. He hated asking for money… but he felt as if he no other choice. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind his friends would assist in donating to his cause… as long as they got to partake in the festivities.

“Of course, Prom,” you smiled brightly, taking his hands into yours. You pressed a loving kiss onto his freckled cheek.

His heart continued to pound against his rib cage remembering the events of the previous night. He already disclosed his situation to his three friends. As expected, they were more than willing to lend Prompto money. 

“So where are we headed, Y/N?” Gladio questioned, following behind you, surrounded by Ignis, Prompto, and Noctis. You lead them down the sidewalks of Insomnia with a strong confidence. 

“You’ll see,” you turned over your shoulder to shoot a mischievous wink to the group of men that loyally followed your lead.

No further words elicited from the men behind you. Not even when you waltz into your favorite diner in all of all Insomnia. It was the very place you and Prompto first laid eyes on one another. You always returned to the very diner at least once a week. Everyone that worked there knew you and Prompto by name. They all knew of Prompto’s backstory of assisting King Noctis of returning the light to Lucis. They all adored him. They adored you even more.

“Hey! Prompto! Y/N!” The familiar hostess by the nickname, Cherry, greeted you with a smile. “Usual table? I see you brought guests with you,” the young woman bowed her head to Noctis.

“Not just yet, Cher,” you smiled. “Give us a few minutes.”

“Sure! No prob! Make yourself at home,” she winked, picking up several menu’s off the hostess’s podium and taking them off to a table. “I’ll get everything prepared for y’all in the mean time.”

You nodded in thanks before turning back to the set of four confused men. 

“We stopping for lunch first?” Noctis asked curiously. 

“Not exactly,” you held out your hand to Prompto. He gave you an unsure look, but accepted your grasp regardless. You pulled him forward to the wall beside the restroom, where several dispensers laid. A gum ball machine, a sticker dispenser, and a machine with small plastic rings inside tiny canisters. 

Prompto soon caught on to your plan. 

“Do you have some loose change on you?” You questioned, you heart beginning to race as Prompto’s face lit up with understanding.

“Y/N… you want a ring from…” his words trailed off as his blue eyes glanced from the dispenser back to you. 

“Yes,” you nodded frantically. “I told you I don’t need an expensive ring to know how much you love me. If you really want to get me a ring… what a better place to get one than from the very diner we met at?” 

Prompto stared at you blankly, before he let out an exhale. “Gods, I love you so much,” reaching into his pocket urgently checking for change. 

You giggled. 

“Whatcha need?” Gladio approached you to, pulling out his wallet. With ease, he pulled out a coin and passed it to Prompto. 

“Thanks dude,” Prompto took the silver coin into his hand and dropped it into the dispense. “I’ll pay you back.”

“Don’t worry about,” Gladio chuckled lowly. 

Prompto pulled the knob of the dispenser, letting a small canister drop down into the open window just below the machine. 

“Let’s see what we got,” you leaned down and scooped up the canister into your hands. With excited anxiety, you opened up the canister to find a plastic ring with a  black band. On top of the ring, laid a yellow cartoon chocobo. “Perfect.” You felt as tears began to sting at your eyes, showing off your ring to your boyfriend and his friends. 

Prompto quickly took it into his hands, studying it carefully. “Well… since we have the ring,” he exhaled a nervous breath as he lowered himself onto one knee. He held out the plastic ring to you. “Y/N? Will you make me the luckiest man on Eos and marry me?” The amount of sincerity and adoration in his eyes was endless. 

“Of course, Prompto,” a single tear drifted down your cheek. Chuckling softy, Prompto slid the ring onto your finger. It was perfect. 

Cheers elicited from all that stood in the diner, your friends included, of course. 

Things I associate with NCT

Hansol: Clumsy kisses, pine needles, scented candles, calligraphy, sketch books, macaroons, accidental staring, lions, acoustic songs, wind chimes, leather bracelets, earring cuffs, suits, fire places, incense burners, turtle necks, bandages, wavy hair, bulky silver rings, water ripples, hard wood floors, cross hatching, long passionate hugs, cafés.

Johnny: Baseball games, radio static, snap backs, bomber jackets, video games, forests, ripped jeans, tribal patterns, pink flowers, high tops, the sunrise, cloud messages, boom boxes, muscle tees, forehead kisses, goose bumps, totem poles, flannel, baseball bats, beaded bracelets, sweat bands, bullet necklaces, long corridors, aged maps, playing with hair.

Yuta: Flower crowns, fluffy sweaters, receiving presents, soft skin, knee high socks, light blush, large over coats, cat themed objects, cherry blossoms, flower petals, looking down at city lights, riding bikes on the beach, animal paws, good morning texts, dying your hair, empty water bottles, potted plants, gum ball machines, alternative pop music, journals, photo albums.

Kun: Running through sprinklers, putting flowers in your hair, a rainbow after a rainy day, “Did you get home safely?” texts, shy cheek kisses, scenery from on top of a balcony, paisley, walking while holding hands, traveling on the country side, swirling coffee, bath bombs, taking cute pictures of each other, off guard kisses, green houses, water droplets on glass, bus trips, over grown greenery.

WinWin: Sharing scarves, cold feet, sharing coat pockets when holding hands, resting your head on someone’s shoulder, music boxes, collared shirts with sweaters, circular glasses, drinking hot cocoa on a winter day, snow, frosted tree branches, sitting by the fire, white tile floors, fountains, the moon, waist hugs, traveling by train, columns/pillars, led lights.

For llassah, for the tfln prompt

(303): apparently while i was high i thought that putting a dinosaur temporary tattoo on my inner thigh would keep me from taking my pants off and having sex with him…

(303): …it didn’t…

Stiles knows that having sex with Derek is a bad idea. He knows it in his bones.

“Yeah,” Scott says. “It makes both of you all weird and moody.”

“So a normal day for Derek,” Stiles says.

“No,” Scott says. “I can tell the difference. We have a connection. We’re brothers.”

“You hated him like, all first semester,” Stiles scoffs. He steals the joint from Scott’s lax fingertips and sucks it in, exhaling carefully out of Scott’s window, lips mashed up against the screen. They’re a little numb and he gets lost for a second, smushing his face like a pancake.  

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Hip hop unit reaction to your 3 y/o nephew says he wants to marry you

Vernon: he would smile and laugh at the kids cuteness because he is so young. But he would remember that you are his aunt.

Wonwoo: “I can never win can I”

Mingyu: “well let’s go plan the whole wedding come on! Should it be a surprise for y/n or do you want to ask her now?”

S.coups: “well then. Let’s go buy you the ring to propose to her with. *goes to a gum ball machine that has the plastic rings* ah. Ya know, I forgot my wallet. Sorry bud, maybe next time. *tucks wallet into back pocket* if I don’t get to her first”

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Favorite thing that anjelika does?

Everything she does is my favorite. I love the way she gets super competitive in anything she does. I love the way she gets all into any sports whenever she watches them. I love the way she’s grumpy when she just wakes up. I love how she wants every single animal she sees. I love how she’s always smiling and laughing all day everyday. I love how she gets mean when she doesn’t eat, I know that’s weird but I love it. I love this pouty face she does when she sees something she wants. I Iove the way she sings in the car. I love when she says she’s sleepy and she falls asleep in 5 seconds and the way her breathing changes when she falls asleep. I love how she always takes a bite of every piece of food. I love how she always drinks out of mugs instead of cups. I love the way she bites her cheek. I love how she can be a total weirdo with me and make me laugh like crazy! I love the way she loves gum balls and always get them if we go somewhere with a gum ball machine. Anything and everything she does is my favorite.


My five nights at Freddy’s oc, Penny the Gum ball Machine Poodle!

Here’s some other stuff about her:

Her tummy contains gum balls and candy and some small toys. She could also sing a little and talk.
Many parents, especially moms adored Penny because her vending machine stomach resembled a pregnant tummy. But once it got out that the character was supposed to be younger, parents feared it would encourage teen pregnancy, which ended in Penny being retired. After that many matenince workers noticed that fluid could be seen leaking from her eyes.

In game she can be heard crying with her back to the camera, but if the camera stays on her too long, she will let out a high pitched scream and take out the camera. She will roam around after that , stopping occasionally with her hands over her face. She will do the same thing if the camera stays on her too long again.

The Hypocrisy of YouTube - Sam Pepper

Okay, so hot on the heels of my previous post about the messed up psychology of Sam Pepper, I felt the need to add a little more to this.

You know what I was expecting? I was expecting the story to be picked up by various news outlets (which has been happening) and then for YouTube to see that this video breaches several of its own guidelines and for the content to be removed.

(Just to clarify, it definitely does breach several of their own terms regarding depiction of violence and threatening content).

I held out hope that they would also factor in his record of criminality in his videos (sexually assaulting strangers in public) and finally decide he’d had enough chances and just delete his account.

Unfortunately, even though 99.9% of all Twitter mentions of Sam Pepper are condemning his “prank”, even though he’s clearly acted illegally in his video, even though it now has more than 104,000 dislikes and presumably thousands of reports, and even though there’s now a petition to have his account removed (currently with more than 23,000 signatures in less than 5 hours) YouTube has… done absolutely nothing at all.

Worse still, YouTube told BBC Newsbeat that they have no intention of removing this violently disgusting video from their services, in spite of the fact that it is clearly in breach of several of their own terms.

Let’s get this into perspective, shall we?

If I uploaded a video using 10 seconds of a 1D track, my video can be deleted by YouTube for copyright infringement.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Using just seconds of music is grounds for deleting a video, but KIDNAPPING SOMEONE, restraining them inside the trunk of a car, tying them to a chair, and making them terrified for their life while they watch someone they care about being executed in front of them, is PERFECTLY FINE!

According to the best and brightest of YouTube, that is.

You know, I’m reminded of last year when several prominent YouTube personalities were invited to the White House by President Obama to help combat sexual assault on college campuses across America. I remember seeing plenty of those YouTube personalities making videos about their visit and talking about how important the campaign was.

That kind of thing doesn’t sit well with me when that same company is then excusing kidnapping, assault, terrorizing and mock-execution by one of their own users.

The hypocrisy is astounding. YouTube is down with ending sexual assault (and of course every sane person would be!) but perfectly indifferent when it comes to kidnapping and terror.

I wonder if ISIS has a YouTube channel yet? I’m sure they would have no problem with that either.

I’ve often looked at the places these corporations call their offices and been amazed at how laid-back and modern they are, but now I just can’t help but imagine all these companies are ran by 15 year old kids trapped in 40 year old hipster bodies. You know what I mean, people who think common sense and basic Humanity are too “cliche” for them.

I really do wonder if the people at YouTube are too busy building retro Lego models, oiling their beards and trying to buy $200 suspenders from a company no one else in the office has heard of to be in any way fussed about something as insignificant as their professional responsibility.

I’m reminded of Facebook, a site which deemed a beheading video to be acceptable, while banning photos of a same sex couple kissing.

Yeah, these are the kinds of modern corporate morons we’re having to deal with in 2015.

Can you tell this makes me angry?

It’s no longer just about the fact that Sam Pepper is a vile cretin who does vile cretinous things to make money, now it’s also about the corporate hypocrite supporting that vile cretin too.

I used to be totally jealous of the people who get to work at places like YouTube, but now I’m just sad for them. Imagine being those guys or girls in the office who saw that video and agreed that it was disgusting, knowing that the company you work for is happy to let it continue. How soul destroying would that be? No amount of vintage gum ball machines or giant slides from 2nd floor could make up for that.

This is not a divisive or morally complex issue, this has nothing to do with creative freedom, it’s not an issue of freedom of speech. The outrage is pretty much unanimous - Sam Pepper did something so disgusting and so offensive it should not need a team of YouTube PR people to weasel their way through it.

This should be a no-brainer, but the people making decisions at YouTube seem to be lacking a brain.

YouTube, you are so fucking wrong on this. You should not only be deleting that video, you should be banning Sam Pepper, then you should be handing that video over to the LAPD to see if they agree that kidnapping, holding someone captive and making them think they’re about to be murdered for a snuff film is a crime. I think you’ll find it most definitely is.