gum ball machines

99c dreams

The empty shelves sing, ivory tusks
against snow-razed backdrops,
children with hollow-wide smiles /
picture perfect teeth, and, beyond
the prismatic world of the photo
frames / entrails of dust.

the cashier at the 7/11 never meets
anyone’s eyes / wears a jacket
that stopped being cool in the
1980’s, when you ask him
what he wants out of life /
he’ll say he’d quite like to
drink until his heart stops.

we pass the boarded windows /
the broken traffic light round Coward St,
the car park / everything here reminds
you of streets you’ve already been on /
hospital beds in the form of clouds /
graffiti that reads: WE’RE REWRITING
THE BIBLE, a gum ball machine
promising candy that’ll make
you eat-your-dreams.

i keep returning to this forsaken
place / it’s like whenever i try to
get away from it / i only seem to
be growing steadily closer /
as if my body’s destined
to be buried here.

Fake it

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/You

Summary: Hi! Are you all doing prompts from the list you have up? If so,is it possible to have “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” with Dean Ambrose please? I love all y'all’s stories so much,but especially the Dean ones! Thanks! :)

Notes: There you go Anon, i got around to doing things from the prompt list. I dunno what the fuck this is but i hope you enjoy it. - Dani

You’ve been on the road for an hour and for around about 50 minutes of that Seth’s been fidgeting. You know he’s got something he wants to say but you’re leaving him to stew. If it were all that important he’d have spit it out by now.

In typical Seth fashion when he does get around to it he just blurts it out. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake, you know that right ?” He’s looking at you with his big, brown puppy eyes, an apology already on the tip of his tongue. He seems to think you’re going to be angry. You aren’t.

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some shrine basics from what I’ve done! This is the bare minimum usually 💖
If you can’t read it, here’s what it says;
- a plant associated with deity

- devotional jewelry, you don’t need to buy expensive fancy stuff under the deity to make it devotional! Buy a ring from a gum ball machine for all they care, if the love and devotion and respect is there, it will count 💕

- incense tray

- animals associated with deity, this can be stuffed animals to statues or wall paintings!

- books/literature/poems/plays featuring them, Hellenic deities have an advantage with this because they are featured in so many productions.

And some things I forgot!
- a place for offerings! I use cute little saucers but whatever you like!

- and I usually keep my khernips, Hellenic cleansing water on there but that’s up to you

skidspace  asked:

Doc had a really drab and depressing office at first until the other Ipliers started giving him stuff to decorate it with: Bim gives him some little plants, Wilford gives him one of the little Gum Ball machines for his desk, Host gives him some old books. Every once in a while he'll just see cute knick knacks show up anonymously and it will just make him smile

Awwww I love it 💙💙💙

For llassah, for the tfln prompt

(303): apparently while i was high i thought that putting a dinosaur temporary tattoo on my inner thigh would keep me from taking my pants off and having sex with him…

(303): …it didn’t…

Stiles knows that having sex with Derek is a bad idea. He knows it in his bones.

“Yeah,” Scott says. “It makes both of you all weird and moody.”

“So a normal day for Derek,” Stiles says.

“No,” Scott says. “I can tell the difference. We have a connection. We’re brothers.”

“You hated him like, all first semester,” Stiles scoffs. He steals the joint from Scott’s lax fingertips and sucks it in, exhaling carefully out of Scott’s window, lips mashed up against the screen. They’re a little numb and he gets lost for a second, smushing his face like a pancake.  

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Things I associate with NCT

Hansol: Clumsy kisses, pine needles, scented candles, calligraphy, sketch books, macaroons, accidental staring, lions, acoustic songs, wind chimes, leather bracelets, earring cuffs, suits, fire places, incense burners, turtle necks, bandages, wavy hair, bulky silver rings, water ripples, hard wood floors, cross hatching, long passionate hugs, cafés.

Johnny: Baseball games, radio static, snap backs, bomber jackets, video games, forests, ripped jeans, tribal patterns, pink flowers, high tops, the sunrise, cloud messages, boom boxes, muscle tees, forehead kisses, goose bumps, totem poles, flannel, baseball bats, beaded bracelets, sweat bands, bullet necklaces, long corridors, aged maps, playing with hair.

Yuta: Flower crowns, fluffy sweaters, receiving presents, soft skin, knee high socks, light blush, large over coats, cat themed objects, cherry blossoms, flower petals, looking down at city lights, riding bikes on the beach, animal paws, good morning texts, dying your hair, empty water bottles, potted plants, gum ball machines, alternative pop music, journals, photo albums.

Kun: Running through sprinklers, putting flowers in your hair, a rainbow after a rainy day, “Did you get home safely?” texts, shy cheek kisses, scenery from on top of a balcony, paisley, walking while holding hands, traveling on the country side, swirling coffee, bath bombs, taking cute pictures of each other, off guard kisses, green houses, water droplets on glass, bus trips, over grown greenery.

WinWin: Sharing scarves, cold feet, sharing coat pockets when holding hands, resting your head on someone’s shoulder, music boxes, collared shirts with sweaters, circular glasses, drinking hot cocoa on a winter day, snow, frosted tree branches, sitting by the fire, white tile floors, fountains, the moon, waist hugs, traveling by train, columns/pillars, led lights.

Hip hop unit reaction to your 3 y/o nephew says he wants to marry you

Vernon: he would smile and laugh at the kids cuteness because he is so young. But he would remember that you are his aunt.

Wonwoo: “I can never win can I”

Mingyu: “well let’s go plan the whole wedding come on! Should it be a surprise for y/n or do you want to ask her now?”

S.coups: “well then. Let’s go buy you the ring to propose to her with. *goes to a gum ball machine that has the plastic rings* ah. Ya know, I forgot my wallet. Sorry bud, maybe next time. *tucks wallet into back pocket* if I don’t get to her first”

~Admin Lizzie