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How cell 13 would react to being told their S/O is pregnant


- When you first tell him he is just floored. He never expected this would happen.

- At first it would seem like he was upset, but in reality he is just scared he will mess this up. He thinks that being a father will just be another thing he can’t do.

- Approaches Hajime for advice. When Hajime asks why Jyugo states that he is the closest thing to a father figure he has ever had. Hajime tells him to stop overthinking this and go be the best father he can for the child. After Jyugo leaves he sits down at his desk, wondering when did he get so attached to these inmates.

- Ends up being a really good dad. A gullible, clueless dad. Still a good one.


- This boy is going to start crying. Nonstop. He was just so happy.

- He would be there for every appointment. 

- Start crying again when he found out he was going to have a daughter.

- Panics so much that the doctors almost kick him out of the delivery room.

- Uno loves his little girl. Ends up being the protective dad that terrifies boys by saying he learned how to fight in prison.


- You decide to do that thing where you put a bun in the oven and get him to go find it, thinking it would be cute.

- You tell him there is a surprise for him hidden in the kitchen.

- He ends up finding the bun. He looks at you. You can feel the excitement building.

- “Thanks for the bun, babe”

- Have to explain it to him.

- Once he gets it you are getting spun around the room. You have to tell him to put you down since you don’t want to get sick.

- Best part of being pregnant while living with Rock? He knows exactly the weird combos of food would be best for your cravings. Has no problem going out and getting you pickles and ice cream.

- Ends up having a girl as well. Rock does not need t be worried about his daughter, She is as buff as he is and knows how to handle herself.


- So excited, he just starts jumping up and down in excitement.

- Grabs you by the hand and drags you around to tell everyone you are pregnant. 

- Go overboard and buys unnecessary things. 

- “Nico the baby doesnt need shoes. Babies can’t walk.”

- That baby is destined to be an otaku. Nico dresses them up in cosplay as soon as he can. 

- He also tries to learn how to read better so he can read to his child. He would end up skipping the fairy tales and go straight to reading them stories from his manga collection.

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Miss can I please have a "being Wanda's and Thor's child would include"?

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Being Wanda’s and Thor’s child would include…

-          It was actually surprising when they got together, so a child was even more shocking. But everyone’s happy for them.

-          You’re half royalty, half Sokovian, so you definitely have a mix of cultures in your life.

-          Your parents will always make sure you visit Asguard at least once a month to see your future kingdom, your grandparents, and even your uncle Loki.

-          There’s also a chance you’ll be enhanced like your mother, and if so, she’ll help you learn to control these powers.

-          Also you might be able to lift the Mjolnir, and Thor can’t wait for you to be old enough to try to lift it.

-          If you can’t, oh well.

-          But if you can? “YEEESSSS!” Thor would yell and then start teaching you how to use it.

-          Your mother isn’t impressed at your dad teaching you how to summon lightning when your like 3.

-          You’re loving it though.

-          Clint and Steve are trusted as your babysitters.

-          Uncle Tony is not. Not since the incident with the hammer and thrusters.

-          You weren’t old enough to remember this accident, but your Uncle Bruce said he’d show you the tape when you’re old enough.

-          If someone picks on you at school, Thor and Wanda would be called in. Thor would high five you before wanting to see the ‘fool who messed with his princess’ in which your mother would have to step in, reminding him he can’t beat up a six year old… especially since you’ve probably already done so.

-          You have some of both of them in you. You’re stubborn and gullible like your dad, but smart and reserved like your mother.

-          Either way, they love you, and you love them.

Hope you like it!

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I saw you answered a question talking a bit about shinachiku's personality and I was wondering if you can talk more about his and hanami's personality and things relating to them. I see the ns fandom all or at least most agree that shinachiku and hanami are the main ns children and they're very well accepted. But I only ever see fanart not details about what they're like. It'd be great to have some sort of common canon on which ns writers and artists can base their depictions off of.

Most people do have a pretty general idea of what Shinachiku and Hanami are like, but it does vary from time to time. I’ll describe my views on Shinachiku. Strangely, it’s actually easier to “draw his personality” than describe it.

I’ll describe a few possible scenarios and how Shinachiku and Hanami would react to them.

Situation A: Some kid walks up to them and calls them a spoiled brat and gives them a shove

Shinachiku: Deny being spoiled and stands his ground, but doesn’t try to push back or attack. Brushes off the insult for the most part, but subconsciously tries to distance himself from his parents shadow the older he gets

Hanami: Almost immediately pushes back and starts a fight. She’s a natural brawler where Shinachiku is a lot more patient. When all is said and done, possibly cries about it at home in frustration, but eventually blows it off.

Situation B: Someone flirts with them/Romantic situations/confessions

Shinachiku: Is pretty dense about it and politely returns the chatter. Is generally dense about other’s romantic relationships too and would likely react in shock when people announce they are together or even if someone confesses to him. He is very aware of the people he likes though and has had various crushes growing up.

Hanami: While I”m not sure how she would react to her own romantic situation, Hanami, unlike Shinachiku, is very aware of the romances others are in. When girls flirt with Shinachiku or try to take advantage of his dense politeness, she chases them off

Situation C: Something has made them very upset

Shinachiku: Shinachiku is not a loud kind of person, nor is his temper easy to bring out, but he certainly has a very cold rage. If I had to compare it to someone, I would compare it to Minato’s kind of angry attitude

Hanami: Hanami is most like her parents here and will certainly voice her rage

Situation D: They are in the head of battle

Shinachiku: Shinachiku uses twin tantos and wind, he moves swiftly and is great at evasion. Big jutsus aren’t really his thing, but he is capable of using the rasengan and eventually, activating the yin seal his mother taught him to use

Hanami: Some people headcanon Hanami learning Minato’s Thunder God technique. Unlike her grandfather, she boasts about her speed (possibly to an annoying level? who can say XD)

Situation E: They have a conflict with Naruto

Shinachiku: One shared canon for Shinachiku is that when Shinachiku reaches about 13-15ish years old, he decides he doesn’t want to be Hokage. When he was younger, he wanted to be just like Naruto, but his talents and his opinions shifted away from that.

When Shinachiku first told this to Naruto, he wasn’t quite eloquent with his words and gave Naruto the impression that Shinachiku didn’t care for the village/respect his father. I’m not sure how this conflict plays out other than hurt feelings and misunderstandings, but eventually Shinachiku explains his position better and Naruto understands and even agrees. 

Naruto and Shinachiku have a supportive relationship and while at first he was sad his son didn’t want to be more like him, he still loved that his son turned out to be more like his mother

Hanami: Since Hanami and Naruto have similar personalities, I imagine they butt heads frequently and make up even quicker. Hanami is a huge papa’s girl (and likes taking advantage of him because dads are gullible)

When Hanami later decides she does want to be Hokage to continue Naruto’s mission of spreading peace throughout the worlds, Naruto couldn’t have been happier and is probably her biggest supporter. (I don’t think Hanami would be Hokage right after her dad)

Situation F: They have a conflict with Sakura

Shinachiku: Most of the conflicts Shinachiku had with his mother probably happened while he was in school. Despite Shinachiku’s agreeable personality and tendency to stay out of trouble, he is easily distracted by trivial things (slugs) and makes pretty average grades due to his disinterest in most subjects. I can imagine a situation or two where he’s gotten a grade too low and all his slug books are confiscated.

As they get older, Sakura becomes Shinachiku’s part time mentor on medicine and medical jutsu. During their training session Sakura probably becomes much more teacher mode than mom mode and occasionally says harsh things about Shinachiku’s lack of motivation to improve on topics he claims to enjoy.

A lot of cloudy days for Shina ahead, but thanks to her efforts, Shina becomes a fine medic ninja even if it’s not his specialty. She’s really proud of him and Shinachiku appreciates that Sakura can be stern where Naruto can’t really. (cause he’s a squishy softy)

Hanami: Hanami’s relationship with Sakura is probably similar to Shinachiku’s, but Sakura’s occasional harsh words/punishments comes from Hanami taking pranks way too far from time to time. I’m not exactly sure if her grades are top notch either. Pfft. But at times when she can’t ask Naruto for advice, her mother is the top guidance giver

Situation G: They have the perfect opportunity to pull a prank on someone

Shinachiku: Shinachiku will think up a million ways to prank said person, but won’t do it unless said person has done him wrong in the past or is clearly a butthole.

Hanami: Will pull the prank no matter what and will sometimes drag Shinachiku into her schemes

Situation H: One of them is about to get into a fight and one of them has the opportunity to hold them back

Shinachiku: Will hold Hanami back unless he agrees that the beating is deserved. He will then let Hanami go and pretend it was an accident

Hanami; Might hold back in some situations, but if Shinachiku is getting in a fight, she doesn’t tend to question why and will join him

Situation I: Someone is clearly annoying them, but not causing any harm

Shinachiku: Will smile and laugh awkwardly (but an anger tick slowly forms on his face until he can’t take it anymore and will find an excuse to disappear)

Hanami: Will tell the person to shut up or go away or else

Situation J: Someone gives them flowers

Both would happily accept with a smile, though Hanami would question why and Shinachiku not so much

Situation K: Something has made them sad

Shinachiku: Will keep it to himself as he tries to think through his problem, but will talk about it hesitantly if asked

Hanami: Will immediately go to her brother or parents to talk about her feelings

Andddddd, that’s all I can think about on the top of my head. If you have any specific scenarios you’d like to be written out, I can do it. I stress that these are mostly how I imagine the kids and everyone has their small variations


Yes, because as we all know the most trustworthy merchants to buy from are the ones with glowing red eyes who say they come from the Dark World. Truly this is an excellent decision that would never, ever come back to bite you or someone else in your family in the ass at any point in time. Ever.

Also I lol’d when I saw the stats on that card. Wow. Just… wow.