angry-seagull asked:

Seagull refuses to leave the comfortable nest upon your head.

Kazama was careful not to move too much so that the seagull won’t fly away. The blond oni had it in his mind that the seagull was doing errands for him, and that nesting upon his head was a sign of it…well…resting. He wouldn’t want his loyal ally to feel tired, now would he? 

angry-seagull asked:

Gracelessly lands next to you head first and skids along the ground for at least two feet.

Saitou was washing his scarf when he sensed some movement behind him. Then, in an instant, something had landed nearby and was moving along the ground, skidding. He stopped, dropped his scarf, and  looked to where the fallen object had left some marks. Is that–a seagull?

With the shadow of a confused look, he stooped beside it to inspect the bird, though careful not to touch it. He was wondering where it came from and why it had landed here. Did it break its wings? Or was it, perhaps, after some food from them?

i was trying to say “gullgull” but i think i got a little too anxious just thinkin of the emerald videos and i just swallowed air instead… thanks