Climate change is threatening the seabirds of St Kilda
Puffins and kittiwakes on Unesco world heritage site are at risk from warming seas, National Trust for Scotland findings show
By Severin Carrell

‘Naturalists have discovered that the kittiwake, a small migratory gull with ink-black wing tips, is on the brink of disappearing from St Kilda. The remote cluster of Scottish islands in the eastern Atlantic is the UK’s only place with two Unesco world heritage site listings – for its culture and natural history – and one of only 24 sites with a dual listing worldwide.

The kittiwake did not breed in St Kilda this season, with just one chick born there this year after a 99% decrease in occupied nests since the 1990s. Its adult population has since halved. The number of fulmar chicks has plunged by 33% since 2005, while St Kilda’s puffin population is in persistent decline.’

Blue Petals, Silver Thorns

When Yuuri Katsuki is eight years old, the worlds of dance and ice collide and call to him, ceaselessly echoing through his thoughts every second of the day. He can see the picture of his life so clearly in his mind- there’s the blue sky above, there’s black-winged gulls cawing in the mornings, there’s katsudon for dinner and there’s ice beneath his feet. All he can imagine in his future is a life of skating.

When Yuuri Katsuki is twenty-two, he is supposed to die.

Blue Petals, Silver Thorns by Grassepi

Gay Birds! (Birds that display homosexual behavior)

Acorn Woodpecker

Adelie Penguin

American Flamingo

American Herring Gull

Anna’s Hummingbird

Australian Shelduck

Aztec Parakeet

Bengalese Finch

Bank Swallow

Barn Owl

Bearded Vulture

Bicolored Antbird

Black-billed Magpie

Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-headed Gull

Black-rumped Flameback

Black Stilt

Black Swan

Black-winged Stilt

Blue-backed Manakin

Blue-bellied Roller

Blue-crowned Conure

Blue Tit

Blue-winged Teal

Brown-headed Cowbird


Buff-breasted Sandpiper


California Gull

Canada Goose

Canary-winged Parakeet

Caspian Tern

Cattle Egret

Common Chaffinch


Chilean Flamingo

Chiloe Wigeon

Chinstrap Penguin

Cliff Swallow

Common Gull

Common Murre

Common Shelduck


Dusky Moorhen

Eastern Bluebird

Egyptian Goose

Elegant Parrot


Eurasian Oystercatcher

European Jay

European Shag


Gentoo Penguin

Golden Bishop Bird

Golden Plover

Gray-breasted Jay

Grey-capped Social Weaver

Grey Heron

Great Cormorant

Greater bird-of-paradise

Greater Flamingo

Greater Reah

Green cheek Conure

Green Sandpiper


Greylag Goose

Griffon Vulture

Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock



Herring Gull

Hoary-headed Grebe

Hooded Warbler

House Sparrow

Humbolt Penguin

Ivory Gull



King Penguin


Laughing Gull

Laysan Albatross

Lesser Flamingo

Lesser Scaup Duck

Little Blue Heron

Little Egret

Long-tailed Hermit Hummingbird



Masked Lovebird

Mealy Amazon Parrot

Mew Gull

Mexican  Jay

Musk Duck

Mute Swan

Ocellated Antbird

Ocher-bellied Flycatcher

Orange Bishop

Orange-fronted Parakeet

Ornate Lorikeet


Peach-faced Lovebird

Pied Flycatcher

Pied Kingfisher


Powerful Owl

Purple Swamphen

Raggiana’s bird-of-paradise



Red-backed Shrike

Red Bishop

Red-faced Lovebird

Common Redshank

Red-shouldered Widowbird

Regent Bowerbird

Ring-billed Gull

Ring Dove

Rock Pigeon

Roseate Tern

Rose-ringed Parakeet


Ruffed Grouse

Sage Grouse

San Blas Jay

Sand Martin

Satin Bowerbird

Scarlet Ibis

Scotttish Crossbill


Senegal Parrot

Sharp-tailed Sparrow

Silver Gull

Silvery Grebe

Snow Goose

Steller’s Sea Eagle


Superb Lyrebird

Swallow-tailed Manakin

Tasmanian Native Hen

Tree Swallow

Trumpeter Swan

Domesticated Turkey

Victoria’s Riflebird

Wattled Starling

Western Gull

White-fronted Amazon Parrot

White Stork

Wood Duck

Yellow-backed Lorikeet

Yellow-rumped Cacique

Zebra Finch(domestic)

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California (2016)

The sky was that ugly blue color
The kind where you see the gulls
Flapping their wings along
Palm tree lined streets

The people, they smiled
Like lies through their teeth
I’ve always had a strong disdain
For “beauty”

As a kid I was always one for sentiment
I held my sentiments close
Like your ring on a necklace
I let my sentiments go
To make room for my demons
but My demons just grew
Allowing little room for mistakes

She had a heart shaped tattoo
Just on her hip
She came over every night
When she got off her shift
She was a good girl,
For all means and intents
but She had bad luck
and Shitty taste in women

I loved her with all the fire
My little heart could give
Until the fire burnt out
and I just let it bleed

There comes a time
When a person has to decide
What they’re going to be
In this life
and There comes a time
When a person has to accept
What they are today
and How that’s not always
What they were

and Amidst all the hard stuff
We’ll do our best
To leave ‘em how we found 'em
or At least
Do no harm

- Natalie Fern Bell (2016)