Climate change is threatening the seabirds of St Kilda
Puffins and kittiwakes on Unesco world heritage site are at risk from warming seas, National Trust for Scotland findings show
By Severin Carrell

‘Naturalists have discovered that the kittiwake, a small migratory gull with ink-black wing tips, is on the brink of disappearing from St Kilda. The remote cluster of Scottish islands in the eastern Atlantic is the UK’s only place with two Unesco world heritage site listings – for its culture and natural history – and one of only 24 sites with a dual listing worldwide.

The kittiwake did not breed in St Kilda this season, with just one chick born there this year after a 99% decrease in occupied nests since the 1990s. Its adult population has since halved. The number of fulmar chicks has plunged by 33% since 2005, while St Kilda’s puffin population is in persistent decline.’

The Wings of Mercedes Benz … Or Vents

Ever wonder why early 300SLs have their doors open at very low speed?
The cockpit gets really hot because air from the engine compartment passed through the drive line enclosure under the car’s floor.

Would you rather have a toaster or roadster?

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL | W198 | Sport Leicht | Sport Light | Benz SL-Klasse Grand Tourer Coupe | Gullwing | 3.0L Straight 6 212 hp | Top Speed 260 kph 161 mph | Benz produced the Gull-wings from 1954 – 1957

i like how because of the name of the butterfly effect people associate that shit with butterflies, even though the point is that it could be anything. And it USED to be given other metaphors like a grain of sand, and sea gull wings, until someone said “butterfly” and nerds lost their fucking minds. Like imagine if all the video games and movies that use butterflies as symbolism instead used turtle farts.

A tousle-haired scientist like:

“Mr. President, have you ever heard of…the Turtle Fart Effect?”

Two lovers laying under the stars:

“Hey babe…it’s so crazy that we met, right? It’s like The Turtle Fart Effect…”

Another scientist:

“The aliens…they’re using the Turtle Fart Effect…”

California (2016)

The sky was that ugly blue color
The kind where you see the gulls
Flapping their wings along
Palm tree lined streets

The people, they smiled
Like lies through their teeth
I’ve always had a strong disdain
For “beauty”

As a kid I was always one for sentiment
I held my sentiments close
Like your ring on a necklace
I let my sentiments go
To make room for my demons
but My demons just grew
Allowing little room for mistakes

She had a heart shaped tattoo
Just on her hip
She came over every night
When she got off her shift
She was a good girl,
For all means and intents
but She had bad luck
and Shitty taste in women

I loved her with all the fire
My little heart could give
Until the fire burnt out
and I just let it bleed

There comes a time
When a person has to decide
What they’re going to be
In this life
and There comes a time
When a person has to accept
What they are today
and How that’s not always
What they were

and Amidst all the hard stuff
We’ll do our best
To leave ‘em how we found 'em
or At least
Do no harm

- Natalie Fern Bell (2016)


Gull Wings Over Heavy Surf by Russell Tomlin