From sports car to mythical monster car, this fantastic vehicle is a BMW Z4 that was extravagantly transformed into a dragon car. We love how the gull-wing doors have been turned into the dragon’s wings.

"Sprayed a gaudy gold, the BMW Z4 has then painstakingly been adorned with the limbs of a dragon, including legs and feet with golden claws, wings on the scissor doors, a tail that sashays behind it and a bonnet that is covered in scales. Each and every scale is made from the bone of China’s indigenous mountain yak, and is designed with a dragon-inspired pattern."

These photos were taken while the spectacular car was on display at the China Import and Export Fair in the southern Guangdong province.


The Wings of Mercedes Benz … Or Vents

Ever wonder why early 300SLs have their doors open at very low speed?
The cockpit gets really hot because air from the engine compartment passed through the drive line enclosure under the car’s floor.

Would you rather have a toaster or roadster?

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL | W198 | Sport Leicht | Sport Light | Benz SL-Klasse Grand Tourer Coupe | Gullwing | 3.0L Straight 6 212 hp | Top Speed 260 kph 161 mph | Benz produced the Gull-wings from 1954 – 1957