Loki’s Magik Shawl - Complete
Okay, so this is the super sekret project I’ve been working on for three days! I redesigned a pattern that just wasn’t working … and came up with this. Longer than it is wide, it would compliment any taller wearer, and has marvelous drape and movement. (I would classify this is somewhere between gull or scarab wing shaped) However, I am as short as short can be and it looks lovely on me, too. So! Yes. Sequins are the silver glittering. ^_~

This shawl is for sale. I am asking 100.00USD. Shipping is included if you live within the USA. If for some reason it has sold and you would like another in this color, I would ask you to pay material costs. However~ I have the materials on hand to make a Jotun version of this (Cerulean blue) or a grape purple version. If you would like to make payments, I do allow for this. I simply do not make/ship until the payment in full has been made. Thank you <3 (And I do ship internationally, I just have you add shipping to your total. It is exact amount and based on where you live, not estimated! I’m not a jerk like Amazon~)

The Wings of Mercedes Benz … Or Vents

Ever wonder why early 300SLs have their doors open at very low speed?
The cockpit gets really hot because air from the engine compartment passed through the drive line enclosure under the car’s floor.

Would you rather have a toaster or roadster?

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL | W198 | Sport Leicht | Sport Light | Benz SL-Klasse Grand Tourer Coupe | Gullwing | 3.0L Straight 6 212 hp | Top Speed 260 kph 161 mph | Benz produced the Gull-wings from 1954 – 1957