The original inspiration for this dress is from a painting called Joanna of Aragon by Raphael and Gulio Romano that I saw in person at the Louvre in August. But I ended up pulling different design elements I loved from the Tudor, Renaissance, and Elizabethan era, so it’s a bit of a mishmash.

I used Simplicity 3782 as a starting point for the pattern since this was my first time making a corset. Using heavy duty hvac cable ties as boning, the corset actually cinched me in quite effectively for a true conical shape and it was comfortable to boot. But because of the boning getting in the way of my sewing machine, I ended up having to hand stitch most everything including the sleeves and all the finishes.

And yes, everything you see here other than the gold lace and the brooch can be found in Joann Fabrics. The gold and the burgundy is the same fabric but reversed. I love the subtle gold slubs on the burgundy side.