Room Reference #4 - Quinn

finally back with another room reference!

This is the much used and loved room reference for Quinn’s room. It came in really handy during the making of dish 1. Quinn’s room is a kind of a girly mix between classic and modern, and I actually imagine it to be full of pastels. I don’t know Quinn… why do you have such a girly taste? XD

Quinn hardly ever uses his room, except when he needs to change and/or shower, however, since he’s a big eater there’s allways something edible in his room. Florian usually stocks Quinn’s room with left overs and failed pastries. It’s a miracle the boy is still able to bend the way he does.

anyway, it’s abunai this week so don’t forget to pick up your Petit Four keychains, and next week (I hope) I’ll be back with the last room reference; Michael!

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con la fleshita arriva del enter don gulio :v

gracias eskieno estoie nmi lastop estoi delce lular ynome ubicoen estas co putaciones de losandroid,oki, tekm hahshshshs :3