Here’s a great photo I took of Animal Kingdom entering the paddock. He’s really a beautiful horse, just the way he walks you can tell he knew that he was there to boss things up. He ran a terrific race, although Point Of Entry beat him to the wire. But that’s okay because I cashed in a nice trifecta ticket because of that!!

Animal Kingdom was full of vigor running in an op-claimer at Gulfstream Park yesterday, all in preparation for his goal race, the Dubai World Cup (I). He looked like a pitbull dragging its owner by the leash roaring down the backstretch, pulling hard to get at the lead. He won with an added kick at the end, by 2 lengths under a hand ride. He’s back, and the only Derby winner to win his first time out as a 4-year-old since Gato Del Sol in 1984.

Point of Entry won the Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap today over Animal Kingdom.  In my opinion, this horse is VERY good, perhaps the best in the world at his game, heading the top class of American turf horses we’ve had in a very long time.  Even more exciting is his potential to contribute an excellent pedigree and stamina influence to the American breeding industry once he is retired.