Deep Blue Sea

I like the idea of looking out to an infinity of space. I think it plays a bit of havoc with my mind. I can never fully appreciate the size and mass of things like oceans, but then maybe I’m not meant to. (blog)


Lovenberg House (1877) by Mark Carroll - Taking a Break
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Galveston Island, Texas

Venice Pier After Sunset

This evening I debated whether I should venture out on account of the thunderstorms in the area. Optimism won out and I headed down this way. All the way I thought it would be a waste of a drive but I continued nonetheless. When I got out of the car there was thunder,  lightning and light rain. I stuck through it and for about an hour the weather held off.  This is a twenty-five second exposure I took about a half hour after sunset. Tonight the cloud colors were best when the sun was well below the horizon. I shot several of these until the rain started up again then drove home through the pouring rain. Chalk one up for optimism.

NCMEC and Katrina: 10 Years Later

By Barbara Worth

The wind blew, the rain pounded, the levees broke, and there were children who had no idea what was happening, only that it was very bad. Cortez Stewart was three. She remembers that she cried, because she had never seen so much water. When the storm was over, she and her godmother could not find her mother, and Cortez had become one of thousands of children who were separated from their primary caregivers.  No one knew when they would see each other again – if ever.

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