gulf war i

How it all began part 3

So, here he was in his slippers and gown, fresh out of the shower and as always eager to help, me in my not sexy at all pyjamas. I really didn’t have time to change into anything a little more flattering but i had to make the most of the situation.

Whilst i showed him where the bird was i was busy formulating a battle plan in my head and it was all a bit frantic until we got to the bird… was obviously seriously injured so he wasted no time at all despatching it at which point it was my turn to breakdown……and that wasnt in the plan. It then started raining so he said he would take the bird home and bury it at the bottom of his garden in the morning.

Once he had finished with the bird he turned his attention to me and obviously seeing me distressed it was his turn to comfort me. He held me in his arms for what seemed an age and at the time the last thing on my mind was sex. After a few minutes of kind words and him rubbing and patting me to console me i pulled myself together and asked if he would like a drink. We made our way into the kitchen and i put the kettle on, he asked if he could wash his hands so i suggested he go upstairs and jump in the shower if he wanted as he was drenched due to the time we spent in the rain and obviously wanted to clean up after handling the bloody bird. I said i would sort the drinks out and with that he went up and showered.

After five mins or so i shouted up and asked how he was getting on as i felt i needed a shower to warm myself up, no reply, so i took the two cups of coffee up and got to the bathroom door which was open and quietly peered in only to see him in the shower, covered in body wash, rubbing his hands up and down his legs and torso. He hadnt noticed me as he had his back to the door so i coughed to get his attention……when he turned around to face me he certainly got my attention…his cock was rigid and standing proud but he quickly tried to cover up. I put the cups down and opened the shower door and asked him if he needed any help to which he pulled me into the cubicle without a word…..just a smile….i was still in my unflattering pyjamas which very quickly became soaked so he lifted the top off over my head as i kicked the trousers down my legs… i finished taking my trousers off i bent down to chuck them out of the way and came face to tip with his rigid cock, taking him into my mouth i sucked the head and swirled my tongue around under his foreskin and probed his japseye tasting precum before taking his whole length down my throat….he was loving it judging by the way he was shaking….his legs like jelly…he was kneeding my boobs with one hand with the other hand on the back of my head making sure that i wasnt going to stop, little did he know then that i had no intention of stopping, i wanted his load down my throat….after maybe 5 minutes i could feel his cock getting longer, harder, the way my hubbies gets when he is about to shoot his load, so i started playing with his balls and sucked harder and licked more until what seemed like a pint of cum hit the back of my throat, i took the lot, savouring every last drop….once i had drained his balls i stood up, and still without a word we kissed, cuddled and held each other whilst the shower did its job and his cock returned to normal. I asked him if he now wanted his coffee to which he said yes…..we got out and i led him to our bedroom where we both dried each other before sitting on the bed to drink our coffees. Never after us leaving the shower did he mention what had just happened so to break the ice I asked him how long it had been since he had had sex of any kind as there was so much cum to which he replied two years…..and that was before the passing of his beloved wife. I asked him how he felt, had he enjoyed it, would he like me to suck him again…he said he felt a bit awkward, there was the fact i was married, he was 20 years older than me, he was a friend of the family and my hubby was away on his first tour of iraq during the first gulf war. To which i replied that all of the reasons he gave for not doing it were the reasons i wanted to do it, he looked very confused so i suggested we both dress and go downstairs as we needed to talk.

We sat in the dining room at the table, I asked him if he wanted a proper drink to which he said yes, i poured him a malt whisky which hubby keeps for special occasions and i poured myself a white wine. I started off by telling him how lonely i would get whilst hubby was away and that i needed the company of a man. I told him that i didnt want to go to pubs and clubs etc or hook up with any of the guys from camp…that would of been easy but not what we wanted. I let slip that hubby had first suggested him as my lover to be as he had known him for years, he respected him, he knew i would be in safe hands with him, he was discrete and an all round nice guy….a gentleman in fact. I said i found him very attractive both sexually and mentally and he was a very handsome guy for his age, which at this point was 44……i was 22. He said he was flattered and he had often thought about me sexually but would not of dreampt of crossing the line with me normally. Without trying to sound desperate i asked him how he would feel about being my lover whilst hubby was away, i told him hubby was fine, i knew also that he had had the snip so there was no chance of me getting pregnant so we could fuck bareback (which i adore) and he could cum anywhere he wished, which was very important to hubby and i as we were both clean and disease free…….he demolished his malt and said that he would love to see me again but would have to speak to my hubby as he thought that i was having him on and hubby was oblivious to what i had planned…..

Girlfriend Sunny

sunkyu ♡ my first ever snsd bias! i remember watching her in “invincible youth” which is what got me into girls generation in the first place. whoever this woman falls for better know they’re damn lucky to have her!

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  • her fear of loud explosions (from being a baby living in Kuwait during the Gulf War, if I remember correctly) means that halloween isn’t spent seeing her in sexy costumes but instead snuggling on the couch, watching a movie on full volume to drown out the bangers and fireworks
  • new years is much the same
  • and sunkyu feels like such a bad gf, that she’s holding you back from celebrating with your friends and family. she’s tried convincing you to go out without her but “sunkyu, it won’t be any fun without you” and her heart melts so she decides to try conquer her fear
  • for you
  • and while she’s still afraid of the loud, abrassive sound, while explosions still make her cling on to your hand and flinch, she stands strong
  • in the middle of a new years crowd, with hundreds of people counting down to the new year but she sees it as ten seconds until very loud explosion. she’s still scared but she’s strong
  • sunny flinches at the fireworks but then distracts herself with your heated kisses and suddenly, she’s not as scared anymore
  • reassuring her that she’s pretty, even while wearing glasses
  • getting to watch her & taeyeon’s antics as the shorties of the group, teaming up on the other, taller girls
  • it’s hilarious
  • arguments don’t happen often, since she’s an understanding person. also, she’s generally so busy with girls generation that she’s either not around or too tired to argue. but, on the rare occasions there are fights, she furiously sticks her tongue out at you

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  • and that pretty much ends the argument because she’s so smol & kyoot, that who could fight with her?
  • heechul telling you lots of embarrassing stories about her, since they’re good friends. and, like the loving person you are, you tell him some stories too. it’s only fair
  • sunny hates when you two get together
  • “ah, sunny, do you know what a little birdie told me about you,” heechul will say, on some variety show. fear and dread settles on her face because she knows and he’s grinning like a smug little shit
  • whenever you’re down, she cheers you up with aegyo
  • this lady LOVES skinship
  • she holds your hand pretty much 24/7, even while eating. you sit together to eat and if the table is too crowded with all the girls, she’ll pull you aside so you can still be together, eating and holding hands elsewhere or on the floor
  • violently nudging her when she makes puppy sounds in her sleep and keeps you awake
  • a VERY active sex life
  • she’s a sporty lady, so she has a high indurance level. she’s fun and adventurous, so sex can range from sweet quickies before the other girls come back to her giving you a teasing lap dance in various sexy outfits. she looks good in everything istg

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  • eating bungeoppang (type of bread/pastry with red bean in the middle) where she only eats the head and the tail since she hates red bean paste and gives the rest to you
  • her birthdays are always so stressful, since she shares the date with her two older sisters and mother. that’s four birthdays in one
  • to make her feel special, you two do something nice a day or two afterwards, so there’s a day just for her
  • lee sunkyu deserves it

anonymous asked:

Eltigrechico is wrong. For if everything he says is true, then libertarians should be isolationists not non-interventionists since a state never had a right to fight our conflicts. Even if another nation is committing a genocide against us. However, if a state is justified in doing so in cases of defense, then given your definition of defense, almost every war we got into was justified and hawkish policies should be supported by libertarians

Before you read this, I want everybody to look at what my stance was on this a year ago. My, my, how things have changed.

Anon, why, exactly, do you think libertarians are anti-war? Also, what do you think isolationism entails?

If anyone, anywhere, is a victim of aggression, then anyone, anywhere has the right to defend the victim. That is beyond dispute. That does not, however, create an obligation.

Take Saddam Hussein. Literally anybody on the planet had the right to kill him. He had committed acts of aggression against the Kurdish people, and if even one had cried out for help, then any person or group of people could choose to answer the call. (That’s not even why we started the Second Gulf War, I know, but bear with me.) George Bush himself could have personally taken out Saddam with a well-placed sniper shot, and no crime would have occurred. It would have been an act of defense of the innocent.

But nobody had to answer the call. If they were so inclined, every human being on the planet could have chosen to simply turn a blind eye to Saddam’s numerous crimes against humanity and let the Kurds die. It would certainly not be the first time.

This would not be virtuous. This would created a darker world by signaling to others that genocide could not or would not be punished. There are a million reasons why letting genocide occur is a Bad IdeaTM. But if for some reason the people of the world all did a risk assessment and determined that they did not wish to stick their necks out on the issue, nobody, not even the Kurds, would have the right to force people to help them.

The reason the State wars are immoral is two-fold.

The first is that the citizens of the states fighting the war are forced to support it. If a person does not believe in intervention in the Middle East or Southeast Asia or Latin America or wherever, they are still forced to support it anyway through government extortion. Not only that, but there is a distinct increase in government extortion every time the government chooses to engage in these wars without the consent of any given citizen. Not only that, but the government inevitably harms freedoms in other ways outside of specific tax burdens, through violations of the rights to privacy, free speech, free association, and so on.

A man who loses his son in 9/11 could say that he has seen enough bloodshed and does not want to bring that horror to another father on the other side of the world in a country that didn’t even have anything to do with the attack, nor does he want to give into fear and panic at home.

“No,” says the state, “we must respond with force, and you must support this.”

He must act according to the state’s vision of virtue, no matter how much it tears at his soul. In other times past, the State might have even forced the man to send another of his sons to participate in what this atrocity, but we are just a bit more civilized than that.

And then the state tells the man that if he does not like it, he may leave. But even if the burden was on him (it isn’t), Where is he to go? Any other state to which he moves will likely engage in the same behavior. If he complains there, he will be told that he should have stayed in his own country to fix it, and yet when he tried to fix his own country, he was repeatedly shown the door. And the sicker irony is that the US in particular routinely bombs countries with which it is not even at war in the first place, shrinking his so-called choices even further.

The second is that the state continually obfuscates responsibility for its own crimes in order to commit more of them. The state kidnaps and tortures innocents on word of mouth. The state obliterates families and retroactively designates the males as combatants. The State kills groups of people in their own lands for fitting some sort of pattern. At one point, the US government deliberately murdered 200,000 civilians with a superweapon on the grounds that if they did not, they would have had to kill even more civilians than that.

And through all of this, the buck passes forever.

You cannot blame the troops, even though they all volunteered to serve, for they were just following orders, even other men in the past took it upon themselves to assassinate their superior officers with hand grenades before they would violate their morals.

You cannot blame the executive, because he is simply following the orders given to him by congress, assuming he went to Congress at all.

You cannot blame congress, because they are simply following the mandate of taxpayers and voters. They wanted this, or were at least complicit in it. And you know they wanted this, because they didn’t choose to leave the country when the war started.

And god help you if you lose your family in an American airstrike or find yourself whisked away without trial to a prison site in Cuba indefinitely and choose to take it out on American taxpayers and voters. They are not legitimate targets, only troops are.

But you can’t blame the troops, even the specific troops who trespassed against you. They’re just following orders, after all.

A libertarian does not have to support a war, just because he thinks the target deserves to die. He may very well decide that the agent prosecuting the war is not capable of completing its objectives in anything approaching a timely fashion or at a cost, financial or humanitarian, that he is willing to accept. And yet as of now he has no choice. Even if he does want Saddam dead, it must be done on the state’s terms, and he cannot renegotiate them or seek an alternative provider.The only way for a state war to be legitimate is if it stopped targeting civilians and stopped collecting taxes. That is, if it ceases to become a state at all.

The logical conclusion of @eltigrechico‘s libertarian position is not non-interventionism. It is not isolationism. The logical conclusion of my philosophy is not a war economy. It is not interventionism. It is not an unceasing worldwide anti-communist crusade. (That’s just my consumer preference.)

The logical conclusion to both of our positions is Anarchism, the destruction of the state itself.



Agent Cooper’s message to the “allied forces out there in the Middle East” circa Gulf War I.  

(David Lynch heard off-camera.)

As you were

I remember the Cold War and thinking that every day we could die by fire in the sky. But it never happened. Not to us. Not here in America. No. We grew up and never knew what the Japanese knew about atomic bombs. We grew up without being vaporized where we stood, where we tried to protect our families. When they told us the Cold War was over, I remember gradually feeling like there was no way I could die that would be unnatural.

When the specter of Terrorism became the general threat before and after September 11, 2001 in America, a new generation of children began to grow up feeling like we felt growing up during the Cold War era. If you were born in America after 9/11, you do not know what it feels like to live in country where the only concern is how much more money your neighbor has than you have. That time after the Cold War reportedly ended, America (for some) seemed stable. Our war machine operated mostly under the radar, out of our view as we grew up until the first Gulf War. Looking back, I hardly remember noticing that we were at war during the first Gulf War. Maybe Vietnam was the last time Americans overall truly felt the warring our government was doing. I wasn’t alive then, but that’s how it reads to me. I have relatives who served in the the first Gulf War, but that whole thing was still so not a part of my reality.

Yes, the events on September 11, 2001 made Americans wake up, at least for a while. But aside from mourning, it seems that we quickly went back to sleep. Because although many Americans cheered the invasion of Afghanistan and fewer cheered the invasion of Iraq, only the military families and those who lost their loved ones really felt the effects of what was going on. Americans overall did not have to make sacrifices to support the war effort like Americans did during World War II. We all simply went on with our lives–going to work, playing golf, having babies, going to night clubs, whatever in the hell else people do in this country.

The War on Terror with its amorphous target seems like it will never end. The attacks attributed to ISIS and groups like Boko Haram throughout the world continue; e.g. Lebanon, France, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Turkey, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Indonesia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, the United States, Egypt, Tunisia, Sweden, Niger, Cameroon, Mali, Somalia and others. They are a response to the alternative that is Western. In America, unless we are personally and directly affected, we simply go on with our lives giving a passing glance to the events, feeling more connected to some than to others. Most Americans naturally respond more to the attacks on European cities than to the attacks on African or Middle Eastern locales. In America, the Other is very other no matter how close to immigrants our ancestral blood flows.

In my observation, this feeling of separation is a lonely privilege, an empty prize that no one has earned. Circumstances have protected most Americans from direct attacks by the Other. Instead, many Americans and our elected leaders busy themselves with attacking the others within us. Today, in my state, the legislature held a special session. This session was held not because of the urgent need to protect the needy in my state, not because of the urgent need to educate the children in my state, but because of the urgent need of some legislators to make sure that transgender people in my state will not be allowed to enter the bathroom of the gender with which they identify and to ensure that no municipality will deign to consider allowing such a thing ever again. And while the lawyers before the SCOTUS debated about whether religiously-affiliated agencies should be forced to inform the federal government that they do not wish to provide insurance for women who need birth control, people struggled for their lives in hospitals all over the world, people fought for their own right to exist, the Great Barrier Reef came closer to dying, people went to work when they felt like they could not stand another moment of this life, people helped people they probably would never agree with on any political topic, the ice caps kept melting, people grew organic vegetables because they refused to eat corporate greed, people played their mandolins, people sang about their god and their families and their countries and their sorrows.

It is trite, but true, that we are our own worst enemies. Today, I remembered a man who killed himself. When I knew him, I always thought he was a poet. Every harsh thing cut him deeply. He destroyed himself perhaps because this world beat too loudly. For my part, I wish we could all be a little more quiet and sensitive, a lot less greedy, more observant. Our story could be so much better.

Hegelian dialectic

Ten dollar word but a simple and effective strategy.

An entity, whether a person, vituperation corporation or government body creates a problem.

The public naturally has an outcry.

The entity then presents a solution which is essentially the end goal or part of the end goal in the first place. The solution usually facilitates the concentration of power from the many to the few.

The entity would never have been able to present the solution under normal circumstances so it needs an event that will create an emotional trauma. For example, the Patriot Act and Homeland security act would have never passed in a pre 9/11 world. Iraq war could not happen without it either.

Vietnam could not happen without the gulf of Tonkin, world war I Us involvement could not occur without the sinking of the Lusitania.

The event that occurs is the distraction, what should be asked instead is who benefits, monetarily, politically, etc, etc.

The prestige is an excellent movie on this topic.