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Girlfriend Sunny

sunkyu ♡ my first ever snsd bias! i remember watching her in “invincible youth” which is what got me into girls generation in the first place. whoever this woman falls for better know they’re damn lucky to have her!

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  • her fear of loud explosions (from being a baby living in Kuwait during the Gulf War, if I remember correctly) means that halloween isn’t spent seeing her in sexy costumes but instead snuggling on the couch, watching a movie on full volume to drown out the bangers and fireworks
  • new years is much the same
  • and sunkyu feels like such a bad gf, that she’s holding you back from celebrating with your friends and family. she’s tried convincing you to go out without her but “sunkyu, it won’t be any fun without you” and her heart melts so she decides to try conquer her fear
  • for you
  • and while she’s still afraid of the loud, abrassive sound, while explosions still make her cling on to your hand and flinch, she stands strong
  • in the middle of a new years crowd, with hundreds of people counting down to the new year but she sees it as ten seconds until very loud explosion. she’s still scared but she’s strong
  • sunny flinches at the fireworks but then distracts herself with your heated kisses and suddenly, she’s not as scared anymore
  • reassuring her that she’s pretty, even while wearing glasses
  • getting to watch her & taeyeon’s antics as the shorties of the group, teaming up on the other, taller girls
  • it’s hilarious
  • arguments don’t happen often, since she’s an understanding person. also, she’s generally so busy with girls generation that she’s either not around or too tired to argue. but, on the rare occasions there are fights, she furiously sticks her tongue out at you

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  • and that pretty much ends the argument because she’s so smol & kyoot, that who could fight with her?
  • heechul telling you lots of embarrassing stories about her, since they’re good friends. and, like the loving person you are, you tell him some stories too. it’s only fair
  • sunny hates when you two get together
  • “ah, sunny, do you know what a little birdie told me about you,” heechul will say, on some variety show. fear and dread settles on her face because she knows and he’s grinning like a smug little shit
  • whenever you’re down, she cheers you up with aegyo
  • this lady LOVES skinship
  • she holds your hand pretty much 24/7, even while eating. you sit together to eat and if the table is too crowded with all the girls, she’ll pull you aside so you can still be together, eating and holding hands elsewhere or on the floor
  • violently nudging her when she makes puppy sounds in her sleep and keeps you awake
  • a VERY active sex life
  • she’s a sporty lady, so she has a high indurance level. she’s fun and adventurous, so sex can range from sweet quickies before the other girls come back to her giving you a teasing lap dance in various sexy outfits. she looks good in everything istg

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  • eating bungeoppang (type of bread/pastry with red bean in the middle) where she only eats the head and the tail since she hates red bean paste and gives the rest to you
  • her birthdays are always so stressful, since she shares the date with her two older sisters and mother. that’s four birthdays in one
  • to make her feel special, you two do something nice a day or two afterwards, so there’s a day just for her
  • lee sunkyu deserves it

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On ur post about the middle east being at peace, what about the Iraq multicorps offensives they staged against Iran in 1988?

The was before even the Gulf War. I pegged the moment of ME peace as the end of the Yemeni civil war in 1994



Agent Cooper’s message to the “allied forces out there in the Middle East” circa Gulf War I.  

(David Lynch heard off-camera.)