Former property of a US soldier, during the 1991 Persian Gulf War this Nintendo Gameboy was badly damaged when the soldier’s barracks came under attack. Despite being severely scorched in a bomb blast and resulting fire, the Gameboy still functioned perfectly. Today it is on display at the Nintendo World Store in New York, and is rigged to  perpetually play Tetris.

On this night, several glows were evident – some near, but some far. The foreground glimmers blue with the light of bioluminescent plankton. Next out, Earth’s atmosphere dims the horizon and provides a few opaque clouds. Farther out, the planet Venus glows bright near the image center. Farthest away, rising diagonally, is the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. Most of the billions of Milky Way stars and dark clouds are thousands of light years away. 

The image was taken last November on the Iranian coast of Gulf of Oman.

Image Credit & Copyright: Taha Ghouchkanlu