“Sauron was become now a sorcerer of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves; his dominion was torment.”


Several people asked me to draw Sauron.. they wanted just a sketch, but I’ve decided to paint full artwork. c: Hope you like it!


‘When the fortress was surrounded, Galadriel slowly walked to the fortified gate of the fortress. Orcish arrows flew about her, yet her Elven Ring protected her. With a gentle push from her ladyship, the gates swung forward and Galadriel with her ring cast down the walls, foul pits, crevices, caused grasses, and fruit trees to grow. The evil realm of Dol Guldur was finally destroyed. Galadriel caused an Elanor flower to grow in the middle of the old fortress. The forest was cleansed.’


Atop Naked Hill stood Greenwood the Great’s capital, Amon Lanc. A splendid place it was, full of light and peace and majesty. Founded by Oropher in the second age, the inheritance of Thranduil; it was the jewel of The Woodland Realm.

…Then Sauron the deceiver came with a darkness so thick it drove even the mighty woodland elves north. 

And where Amon Lanc failed, Dol Guldur was born. 

This is my favorite gif of all time. She is my favorite character in all the Lord of the Rings and probably favorite female character of all time. Galadriel is awesome…She was the only woman who stood with the males and rebelled against the Valar. Not only that, but she was one of the Elves who crossed the Helcraxë and became the one of the greatest Noldor in Middle Earth. During the War of the Ring, she and Thranduil’s Elven army tore down and destroyed Dol Guldur. She could have claimed the high kingship of the Elves in Middle Earth but she did not claim that title instead going by Lady Galadriel. She not only had magical powers that kept Lothlórien from harm and could perceive the future and others’ minds, but she also was beautiful and wise beyond almost all others.

[…] and she grew to be tall beyond the measure even of the women of the Noldor; she was strong of body, mind, and will […] Even among the Eldar she was accounted beautiful, and her hair was held a marvel unmatched. It was golden like the hair of her father and of her foremother Indis, but richer and more radiant, for its gold was touched by some memory of the starlike silver of her mother; and the Eldar said that the light of the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion, had been snared in her tresses.

Cate Blanchett became one of my favorite people because of how well she portrayed Galadriel. 

On Tauriel and Her Purpose in the Narrative (And Why She isn’t a Mary-Sue)

(as a preface, I should note that this meta is entirely based on the movies— especially since those are what Tauriel is exclusive to them.)

So. We’ve all seen those “Tauriel only ditched her kingdom because of a dwarf” posts, which end more often than not with someone pulling shit out of their ass and passing it off like it’s canonical. 

Tauriel’s existence in the Hobbit trilogy was not for sake of romance. It was never for the sake of romance. Tauriel’s existence was for the sake of rebellion. The whole “Tauriel only left because she thought Kili was hot” train of thought is flawed because it ultimately shows a failure to comprehend the narrative, and thus, the character.

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The Hobbit - The Good and Bad

The Bad:

- Tauriel

- “These are Rhosgebel rabbits!”

- Bilbo wasn’t a trained warrior; he can’t realistically fight a single orc and survive.

- In order to compensate for this, the enemies are so incompetent they can’t use a sword like a normal person and have to take seven years to finish a single swing.

- “We stuck ‘im with a Mordor shaft.” This isn’t important. No one cares but Tauriel.

- Fucking Tauriel

- Legolas “Notice Me, Tauriel; I’m an Edgelord” Greenleaf

- CGI_Orc_1 and CGI_Orc_2 Azog the Defiler and That One Guy No One Remembers Bolg

- Honestly, what the hell are “Rhosgebel rabbits?”

- That chase scene in the goblin tunnels that might as well been an amusement park ride

- Paddle-shaped dwarven weapons

- The Rhosgebel rabbits weren’t funny or charming. Go away.

- Smaug taunting Bard, a human he doesn’t know and should be absolutely beneath him

- Tauriel “I’m Better Than Everyone Else and Am Surprised When Everyone’s Annoyed by My Mary-Sue Behavior” Last-Name

- Thorin: Huh, I’m going to follow Azog’s (alleged) corpse along the frozen river and not assume this is a bad idea the moment I do it.

- That romance

- Don’t even act like you don’t know what romance I’m talking about

The Good:

- Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

- G A N D A L F

- “What do you mean ‘good morning?’ Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

- That lil’ Frodo cameo

- Bilbo’s nose wiggle

- Any scene involving the Ringwraiths

- Gandalf at Dol Guldur

- The spider scene in Mirkwood

- Bilbo stabbing the shit of that baby spider and scaring the piss out of everyone in the theater.


- M i r k w o o d

“I have the only right.”

- The entire Gollum scene

- Bilbo’s progression into his obsession of the Ring

- That epic fight between the Ringwraiths and Elrond, Saruman, and Lady Galadriel

- Sauron appearing.

- That one booming white flash when Galadriel blew that orc to smithereens just by waving her hand.

- “It never ceases to amaze me. The courage of Hobbits.”

- “Farewell, Master Baggins.”

- The fucking whimper

- Bilbo entering into his home again.

- “And what about very old friends?”


Sir Ian McKellen: We get on very well together, and there’s an emotional connection based on mutual trust and admiration for each other.

Cate Blanchett: It’s not hard to be flirtatious with Ian.

Peter Jackson: Like, yes, you can call it a special chemistry, other people will call it snogging. They seem to fall in love with each other almost instantaneously.


Summary: Female Istari were not well known. In fact, none of them existed, except for you of course. Your uniqueness earns you a spot in the company and in a certain elf’s heart.

Pairing: Legolas x Reader

Word Count: 2226

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

Next Chapter: Chapter 2

Requested by:

     Anon: Reader is an istari who is with the dwarves when Smaug attacks and dies helping the dwarves escape.

     Anon: The company comes across a mysterious traveler whom they think to be human ( looks like a human) but is actually immortal or something. Has all these stories of their great adventures. She comes across legolas and he finds her intriguing.

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