Cheek to cheek by National Historical Museum, Sweden on Flickr.

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Body to body, cheek to cheek. They have been embracing each other in an eternal kiss over one 1000 years on a thin gold foil. Tiny and brittle, and never intended for practical use, the foil is as small as a finger nail. It is one of thousands of impressed gold foils that have been found in Scandinavian long houses from the 5th century to the late Viking Age.

The gold foils are interpreted as a kind of temple coins or lucky charms, maybe thrown in the ground of a new built house to make it prosperous. The woman is dressed in a diamond-patterned long garment and has an elaborated hair style. The man wears a tunic. His hair reaches his shoulders. Some believe they represent the god Frey and his wife Gerd, the giantess. The gold foil is found together with 25 others at the important Iron Age settlement Helgö at Lake Mälaren in Uppland.

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Text: Inga Ullén, Photo by Gunnel Jansson/SHMM

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All Your Favourite Norse Deities are Queer: Some Resources

Since I’m so fond of saying “all ur fave Norse deities are queer” I thought I’d put together a short list of links to sources written by people who actually know what they are talking about. Most of these are from the Grumpy Lokean Elder’s tumblr because they often have links to other resources:

Queerness in Heathenry

The Viking Answer Lady’s article on homosexuality in Viking Age Scandinavia.

 “What do you think the gods would think of homosexuality?”

Addendum to the homosexuality in Heathenry post (contains links to articles about guldgubber, same-sex guldgubber exist)

Deities associated with queer people (and lesbians in particular)

Which deities would be good to petition for help coming out as nonbinary?

Specific Deities

(Besides Odin and Loki because everyone knows they’re queer as fuck.)

Heimdall and the World Tree

Lokavinr talks about Loki as the Other in Lokasenna

I’m trying to hunt down that one article by that one guy that speculates that Thor and Loki had sex in Thrymskvida (which I don’t really take that seriously but thought I’d include for reasons).

For Frigga, Fulla, Lofn, see links above.

For Odin, see everything Odin does. Everything.