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Star Trek The Next Generation: “The Wounded”

In 2367, Gul Macet and Glinns Telle and Daro board the USS Enterprise-D to cooperate in tracking down the rogue USS Phoenix.

Macet and his Glinns wear what could loosely be termed as “Cardassian Ground Troop Armour”. It sometimes translates to “contact suit”, sometimes to something florid along the lines of “When Fire Approaches”. The meaning of such a phrase is still not widely known, but this armour is associated with a particular kind of fear. It is rarely seen only because it is intended for physical combat, and is much more heavily armoured than the black military suit more commonly seen.

Elements of the design date back to before Cardassia Prime experienced unity. It was originally developed by the Cardassians who lived in volcanic mountainous regions, with scales as red as the rocks they lived on. It is distinctly different to the armours developed by other Cardassian races of the time, in that their armour was the first to weaponise their venom beyond their natural method of dispensing it (more on this in future). 


Marc has an extremely long neck. I was asked to come up with a concept for the Cardassians at a time when nobody really had any ideas what they should look like. I knew what Marc Alaimo looked like, and I already had a cast of him. The producers told me they didn’t want a full head appliance for the Cardassian, but, following Gene’s rules, the Cardassian had to be humanoid looking and interact with Starfleet personnel. I had to look for features that could define the Cardassian.

With Marc’s long neck, it screamed at me to do something with it. That’s where I began. I extended his look, which was a natural feature, almost into the look of a king cobra. This is how I combined an actor’s appearance with my file of recognizable animal shapes. The point of recognition was a deadly snake, which, by the way, ultimately defined the essence of menace of the Cardassians.
 – Michael Westmore

 Photo: Robbie Robinson
Source: Star Trek Aliens & Artifacts [Michael Westmore et al.] 2000

I have about ten thousand sketches to do something with and post here (okay it’s probably ten max) and yet I keep just starting new ones instead.

Possibly a new sketch of Gul Macet and his Glinns coming up tonight as a result.

itsgoodtobeming replied to your photo “Star Trek The Next Generation: “The Wounded” In 2367, Gul Macet and…”

So much better than the original Cardassian armor, which looked like the sort of “armor” that kids make by spraypainting a bunch of cardboard boxes.

It certainly isn’t the best lmao!

My “favourite” part is the… indent on the chest. I know they won’t be fighting with melee weapons much but honestly it looks like a “stab me here” target.

Redesigns have the sharp cluster of hard scales in that area, so I figure it isn’t so bad on them. It’d have more chance of deflecting blows than the original at least.

But I do also like the helmets headbands glued together. I took a bit more liberty with them, because I’m not really clear on what the original is intended to do at all. XD