gukyu edits

To our one and only gaemgyu: you’ve been the baby of the group, your evil personality was so special everyone appreciates who you are. it was really difficult in your part striving the best you could be. you’ve worked so hard and we know you’re deserving for all your accomplishments up to now. you’ve been selected as d'artagnan in the play. your voice gave us chills whenever you perform. your adorable face everyone loves, your adam’s apple to die for, your intelligence was not a joke either. you are one of the best guys everyone adores. you and your ability to make us, your fans love you even more. Whenever you cry, it was hard for us to cope up. We would like to comfort you, to feel your pain and of course tell you that you’re one of the persons to be thanked for. Because you, Cho Kyuhyun, never failed to amuse us. You never gave up on us, and forever we are going to love you, as a man and as a person. Happy Birthday!♥