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Could you tell us about Kahu and Gukko and Kewa?


Gukko are avian Rahi that come in three surprisingly different varieties.

The “Common” Gukko has four wings, and boasts the highest maneuverability of the varieties. They are an extremely common sights around Le-Metru, but are threatened by Silver Chute Spiders and Phase Dragons; the former of which preys on them, and the latter that kills them only accidentally, when trying to provoke them into a race. 

Kewa are the smallest of the varieties, and are slightly less common than the… “Common” Gukko. These also fall prey to Spiders, but due to their lower top speed, are never the targets of Phase Dragons.

Kahu are the largest, and have the highest top speed of the three, but take longer to accelerate, and have lower maneuverability. These are the most accident-prone of the Gukko, and as a result, are rarely seen flying at top speed. They have few natural predators, and despite their size, are herbivorous like their cousins.

Le-Matoran have been attempting to tame these Rahi since time immemorial, but have yet to show any concrete results.

Although peaceful, these Rahi are very defensive of their nests, and will successfully fight off larger Rahi invaders that threaten their eggs and young, so stay off of high-rise buildings, and if you absolutely must go up to one, watch out for nests!