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He has the sweetest smile. Who else wants to wake up to this? Just imagine, you open your eyes and this is the first thing you see (faints just thinking about it…)

Yeah, I’m still affected by his video on V app. It was just so unexpected and cute and lkjhflkjashfliuwh. So I’ve spent these last few days thinking about doing some kind of fanart, and this is what came out! Hope you guys like it ^w^

kept {one}

What: BTS Fic
Genre: Angst + Implied Smut
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader 
Words: 2.2k

Jeongguk and you grew up together and has had a huge crush on you since childhood. One night together changes the equation. The question is, is it a good change?

Suggested Listening: My Love - Majid Jordan

A/N: There is implied smut in this fic simply because I’m THE worst at writing smut but after much encouragement (and multiple draft checks) by the actual angel @taecup I decided to post this. I owe you a lot bb, thank you so much for always always encouraging me! Ily :3

“I’ve waited so long for this, I can’t believe it’s actually happening.” he said in a breathy tone, sitting patiently with his hands crossed and clasped tightly behind him, in the gold ornate chair of your hotel room.

“Did our little Gukkie really think of me that way? I’m flattered.” you twittered pleasantly from the bathroom. It wasn’t a lie, you were genuinely pleased that he wanted you this way, you had never known. 

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“Hyuuung” Jeongguk whined, reaching over to grab the iron man action figure in Taehyung’s hand.

“No gukkie, Jinnie hyung said you can’t play with it until you finish your veggies” Taehyung stated firmly, making sure to keep the toy out of arm distance.

Tears started to pool at the younger’s eyes, he just wanted to play. But he didn’t like the veggies, they tasted bad.

Good Morning, Good Night

Keeping in contact with Yongguk after going away for college- requested by @hannibal-moncannibal 😄
Oh lordie, 1400 words?

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Day One

You let out a victorious cry as you collapsed on your bed. You had spent all day unpacking, and it was roughly eleven pm at the moment. You rolled over to grab your phone off the edge of your bed. Not a single message since you landed, but you knew if was only because of the time difference. You laid on your stomach and opened up your video call app, pressing the contact you’d been dying to see all day. It rang for a concerning amount of time before your boyfriend appeared, a sleepy gummy grin on his face.

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Astray -Part 26-

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There’s two types of people, the ones that run towards danger and the ones who run away.

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He couldn’t give up on you. He couldn’t let you be whisked away by that squid inked bastard while he moped about losing you in the first place. He knew he needed you. You were her sun, moon and stars, no matter how cliché it sounded. He could remember when he first saw you, how you were chatting with him and stared at him. He was sneaking peeks at you before, you never noticing his glances but he noticed yours. You were in awe of him, almost distracted by the mere sight of him and he didn’t think of you than a girl he could only pass by.

He didn’t expect you; the cute girl in a sundress that rambled to him was going to be the same girl that held his heart in her hands. You almost crushed him.


“Seulgi, it’s cold out. Come back inside.”

“I’m not done talking to Y/N.”

Please.” His voice was nothing more than a broken whisper and the wind blew again, his tears being carried away and he wiped them away. Be strong, Jeongguk. This isn’t you.

‘Gukkie? Come here, baby.’ His mother cooed at him and he tripped his way over to her, her kissing his head as she scooped him up in her arms. Her embrace was warm. So warm.


‘You know, mama loves you so much. So much, Gukkie.’

‘I love you too, mama’

‘My sweet little boy, one day there will a girl that will come into your life and love you a lot.’

‘I don’t like girls! Girls have cooties, mama.’

‘This girl won’t, Gukkie. I bet you’ll like her more than me.’

‘Never, I will love mama forever!’

‘Don’t forget to love her too, Gukkie. Promise?’ She stuck out her pinky and he happily hooked it with his own.

“I didn’t mean to… Jeongguk.” He walked past you, grabbing his little sister and going back to his apartment. He wanted to scream, rip everything in his sight to shreds, but he simply laid down on the floor. He stayed still and Mira stepped over him to sit on the sofa. She didn’t say anything, reaching over to grab the remote and flipping through the channels.

“Why is it him?”

“It’s not.”

“Then, why the hell is she going back to him? Why is she going to sleep in his arms? Why is she letting him stay? Why the fuck isn’t me, Mira?”

“You blockhead. You do know what you’ve been doing?”

“Talking to my insolent baby sister that I’m tempted to drag back home. Enlighten me, sis.”

“Running. You’ve been running from her this whole time.”

‘Jeongguk?’ His mother never called him by his name, even though he was her little boy.

‘Yes, mom?’

‘Do you remember when I told you another girl will come into your life and love you a lot?’

‘Mom, you’re the only one that can love me. All of me.’

‘Open your heart a little, Guk. Let her in and don’t let her go.’

‘Why are you telling me this? Mom, I’m a freak of nature. I have cat ears and tail; I’m cursed mother. This is no girl that will ever like a freak like me.’

‘You’re not a freak, Jeongguk, you’re special.’

‘No, I’m not!’ He yelled; he’s never raised his voice at his mother. He hasn’t been angry with his mother, his angry resolve disappearing at the frightened look in her eyes. She wrapped her arm around him, bringing his head into her chest and he just broke down.

‘You don’t have to run anymore.’

He closed his eyes, feeling his eyelashes wet by the hot tears that streamed on either side of his face. His ear became wet and he sniffled. He didn’t cry in front of Mira, hiding himself in a bathroom or locking his bedroom with his hand over his mouth.




“Did you seriously called me ‘Blockhead’?” He hit her thigh, causing her to whine in pain and hit his chest. He pretended to be in pain, clenching his chest and sat up on the couch.

“I knew it would psych you out of your daze, oppa.”

“Do we really have to do the plan?”

“All we have to do is remind Y/N of why she fell for you now, not Mr. Handsome.”

“Mr. Handsome?”

“Oppa, you have eyes, right? Jimin is hot.”

“It’s not like you’re going to date him. You’re only 18.”

“And you’re only 20.”

“This girl. How do I get her to like me again?”

“Talk to her.”

“She won’t let me near her. Plus, she has her little squid-inked attack dog.”

“I’ll distract Jimin oppa.”

“Don’t call him oppa.”

“He’s the same age as you, is he not?”

“Why aren’t you calling Y/N unnie?”

“Technically, we’re the same age.”

“Fake ids doesn’t make you the same age.” He nipped at her ears and she pinched his chest, he immediately placed his hand on his chest to protect his nipples.

“You almost purpled my nurple, you psycho.”

“Are you sure you’re older than me? What are you, 12?”

“Just keep your hands off my chest.”

“I’m praying for unnie, she has to deal with you.” He rolled his eyes, flipping the channel and rising the remote over his head as Mira tried to grab the remote from him. She wrangled with him, tried to act cute so he could give in but eventually gave up. He snuck his tongue at her, her returning the gesture before resting her head in his lap. Her head rested on his thighs, telling him not to move his legs and let her sleep. He watched the TV attentively, hoping it would distract him from listening to the conversation you were having with Jimin.

“What did she want?”

“She didn’t get to speak; I just said what was on my mind.”

“What did you say, then?”

“Something I wish I could take back. Jeongguk… he heard it all and I regret it, I just want to explain myself to him.”

“He doesn’t deserve it.”


“I’m sick of this, Y/N. This constant back and forth, sometimes it feels like you like me, other times you just shrug me off and push me away. I’ve been devoted to you this whole time, rejecting girls that ask me out and hoping you even glance my way. Don’t you see that I’m breaking too? I wake up every morning, wondering if you’ll wake up and say you never wanted me. Say that you made a mistake and you were still in love with him. Say that you’re sorry that you dragged me into this and you just thought you need someone to comfort you.”

“Jimin, I…”

“I didn’t want to leave these words unsaid and Y/N, I don’t know if I could do this anymore.”

“Jimin, please. Don’t do this.”

“I’ll go to sleep at the dorms for a while, Y/N. Don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Jimin–” He figured that bastard had kissed you to interrupt your sentence, being the cliché bastard that he as and he could hear the door to your apartment open before closing. He wanted to get up and talk to Jimin but with Mira resting his lap, he didn’t want to disturb her slumber. He sighed, looking at his sleeping sister and stroked her hair. He wouldn’t feed into her ego, but he missed her. He missed having someone keeping him grounded.

One of us had to feel peaceful, at least.

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