I Love How

While everyone is intently doing homework or researching on the computers in the library, I’m on tumblr. I have my email pulled up in another tab that I switch too when people are walking by so they don’t judge me .. DON’T JUDGE ME T-T

I ate all of my banana nut muffin ):

E.T by Katy Perry is my guilty pleasure song of the moment. I curse tumblr for not having an underline option so I can emphasize the word guilty. I do not listen to this song usually. Part is because I absolutely detest the usage of auto-tune in the music industry and refuse to support artists that use it extensively.

But the majority of the reason I don’t listen to Katy Perry is because of how hypocritical and homophobic she is. Perry is a pop singer who has gotten to where she is because of heterocentric songs like ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and 'Ur so Gay’ and has made numerous transphobic remarks in both interviews and on her Twitter account. And then she has the nerve to dedicate her video 'Firework’ to LGBT people and declare it a gay anthem? I don’t think so.

And that leads me back to the beginning of my post. I feel incredibly guilty for listening to and enjoying this song. Because by listening to her music I believe that I am promoting her. Small impact as it might be, I am helping this singer stick around just a little bit longer.