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Our group had just set up camp in a haunted graveyard, huddled together around a small fire. While food cooked and people began to settle down, our Tiefling bard (me) decided to play on the atmosphere and tell a scary story.

Bard (me) OOC: Can I tell “man door hand hook car door”?

DM: Make it period-appropriate and you’re good.

Bard: One night, a man and his wench go out for a carriage ride under the moonlight. They stop at on the side of the road, and he turns to his wench and says: 

“Darling, I love you very much.”

“What is it, honey?”

“Our horse has stopped moving. I think its leg is broken. I’ll walk to get it some food.”

“Okay, I’ll stay here and look after our guitar. There has been word in the town of guitars being stolen.”

“Good idea. Keep the carriage doors locked no matter what. I love you sweaty.”

So the man left to get oats for the horse. After two hours the wench says, “Where is my gentleman? He was supposed to be back by now.”

Then, the wench hears a scratching sound, and a voice saying “LET ME IN.”

The wench doesn’t do it, and after awhile goes to sleep. The next morning she wakes up and finds her man still not there. She gets out to check and man door hand hook carriage door. 

As far back as you can remember, you could do anything. It took a long time before you realized you couldn’t. Of all the things you couldn’t do, music hurt the most. You got a shitty black strat when you were fifteen and you have never known anything more beautiful. On the good days, you couldn’t remember yourself when you played. On the good days, people said you sang with your hands. Whenever you looked at her, you knew why you were here. You were lazy, though. You always have been. Practice was boring, and your fingers never listened. So you played what you played and never learned anything new. Your guitar gets stolen one day and a little piece of your heart goes with it. You get a new one that looks just like her, but she doesn’t have your fingerprints and she’s missing a little bit of your soul. Twenty years go by and you still sound like you’re fifteen. You still sing, but there’s a sour taste on your tongue and your fingers shake a little. You find other artistic outlets so you don’t go mad. You take pictures of things and you write some words just so you can sing a little. People like them. You wonder if they know you’re a fraud. There’s a voice in your head every day that tells you time is running out and your friends look at your face and ask you why you look so damn sad all the time and you choke out a bitter smile and tell them you’ve got a lot on your mind. And every day you come home and look at an aging cliche in the mirror, run your aching hands gently over your guitar and tell her tomorrow. She looks at you, but she doesn’t say anything anymore. Some days your fingers shake, some days they lock. They always hurt. You don’t go to the doctor because you know what they’ll say. You still play sometimes and the thirst is still strong, but every day you die a little more. A girl you see sometimes casually mentions she’s never seen you smile. You grin at her and she smiles back hard like she doesn’t even know you’re a fake. You sit in the back of smoky bars sometimes and watch the music makers sing with their hands and you wonder if they can see your tears in the dark. Years go by. Your hands hurt bad now. They say you have a thing with too many syllables to pronounce. They say you can’t sing anymore. You smile like a man who just lost everything. You stumble home and stare at your middle aged face and you’re not quite sure how you spent fifty two years not doing the only thing you were made for, and that’s the only thing that hurts more than your hands. You pick her up, blow off a river of dust and play a little. It still feels like you’re singing. You put her down. “Tomorrow, we’ll play, ” you say quietly. “Tomorrow. ”
who’s who in kanjani8 ?

yokoyama you ( yokocho, kimi-kun ) :

- pale skin, bubble lips, sleepy eyes
- kinda resembles an alcapa 
- cant sing, smashes bongos, recently learned how to play the trumpet!
- either laughing a lot of crying a lot
- is that yunho….??

shibutani subaru ( shibuyan, subaru-kun )

- pointy nose, cute eyelashes, unkept eyebrows
- mushroom head, bald, or long haired
- intense vibrato and holds long notes
- usually wearing a hat ( he’s short )
- likes to suffocate himself with mic cord

murakami shingo ( hina, shin-chan ) :

- cute droopy eyes, acne scars, TEETH!
- don’t worry guys, harambe is alive! 
- cant sing, shaky fingers when on keyboard
- probably getting roasted by matsuko 
- is hitting everyone in every show

maruyama ryuhei ( maru, maru-chan ) :

- dimples, mole under lip, fluffy hair
- growls at everyone and dances for food
- muscular and soft at the same time
- mouth turns into a heart when he laughs
- only serious when playing the bass

yasuda shota ( yasu, sho-chan ) :

- wrinkles around eyes, bunny teeth, broad shoulders
- always either judging or smiling at everyone
- chimpanzee guitar GOD and high voice ( usually chorus ) 
- disturbing fashion sense that makes me wanna cry 
- cries towards anything

nishikido ryo ( ryo-chan, dokkun ) :

- droopy eyes w/ long lashes, tan, moles near eye and mouth
- probably the one that caught your attention in the first place
- thinks he’s american, speaks english every chance he gets 
- cant eat anything except for yakisoba and karaage 
- voice comes from nose when singing, guitar spotlight stolen by yasu

okura tadayoshi ( tacchon, tatsu ) :

- huge mouth, lower lip is squared, tiny moles everywhere
- really loud laugh… goes “ AH- HEAUH HUH HAH HAH “ 
- tallest member although he is also the youngest
- eats anything, sleeps anywhere, laughs at everything 
- murders the drums onstage, usually low chorus

This is a letter written by George Harrison, concerning his guitar “Lucy” (a Gibson Les Paul) being stolen in 1973. The letter was sold by Bonhams for £1.440 on 27 April 2005.

It reads:

May 3, 1973


On April 13, 1973 a guitar was stolen from my home at 1129 Miradero Road, Beverly Hills, California and was subsequently reported to the police. It has since come to my attention that the guitar was sold to a company called Whalin Sound City here in Los Angeles. They in turn sold it to an individual named:

Miguel Ochoa
1896 Ave Ninos Heroes
Guadalajara, Jalisco

The following information is to identify the guitar:

Make: Gibson Les Paul Custom
Serial #: 7-8789
Color: Cherry Red

This letter authorizes bearer to accept the guitar on my behalf if it can be recovered.

Very truly yours,

George Harrison

The backstory:

“The guitar was stolen while [George] Harrison was in L.A. [in 1973]. Through a complex of phone calls and contacts, it was found that the instrument had been hocked and re-sold to a fellow of Mexican descent. ‘I called him up,’ Harrison says, smiling wryly. ‘I said, “That’s my guitar. I want it back, and I’ll give you your money back.” He said, “How do I know it’s really you?” I said, “Okay, I’ll meet you.” A meeting was arranged, but the guy just took off, jumped in a car, and drove to Guadalajara and kidnapped my guitar! Ravi Shankar was in Guadalajara doing tv or something - it was just after the Bangladesh concerts - and Ravi went on tv saying, “He’s very upset because his guitar’s been stolen and it’s in Guadalajara!” Then he read the guy’s name on tv! 'In the end it became a bit of a ripoff. I had to pay this guy to keep flying to Guadalajara doing deals with the other guy, and I ended up having to go out and find a Les Paul of the same period and swap it for mine. I finally got it back, but it was a really good guitar, and also it had that personal thing, because it was the “[While My] Guitar Gently Weeps” guitar that Eric played, and I used it on the white album and Abbey Road.’” - Guitar World, April 1988 [x]


The Beatles dress rehearsal for The Beatles Christmas Show at the Finsbury Park Astoria in Seven Sisters Road, London, December 1963. 

“That was the start of Beatlemania. The shows were from Christmas Eve 1963 until January 11, but sold out instantly.

“The audience screamed when they walked out, and didn’t stop screaming. George Harrison said they were the best shows they ever did, and said Finsbury Park Astoria had the best audience.[…]

“John Lennon also had his guitar stolen on the first night. Someone broke in, but that place was always being broken into. The security was lax, to say the least.

“It wasn’t just stealing instruments, either. I had people come to me, years after it closed, saying how easy it was to sneak in and that they never even paid for a ticket!”

[Rick Burton, historian and previous employee of the Finsbury Park Astoria, now the Rainbow Theatre, Islington Gazette, 23rd December 2016]

The guitar stolen from John was his 1962 Gibson J-160E jumbo acoustic, purchased from Rushworths in Liverpool at the same time as an identical one was purchased for George. The story goes that Mal Evan’s left the guitar behind by accident (it was then presumably stolen that night). Mal always noted “When I lost John’s guitar” as the lowest point of his Beatle career - and John would always tease him, “You can have your job back, Mal, when you find my guitar!”

The two guitars got confused at some point so George was playing John’s and John was playing George’s, so actually it was George’s Gibson that was pinched.

The stolen guitar turned up again in 1967 in a music shop in San Diego, where it was sold and purchased without anyone knowing who it’s prior owner was. It was sold at auction a couple of years ago, selling for $2.4 million. 

John and George buying the Gibson guitars at Rushworth’s, in September 1962 and the guitar photographed when it was last auctioned. 

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Posting this for a friend:

“IRON CHIC MISSING GUITAR: 2006 les paul junior
iron chic were playing in san pedro, CA on 3/17 @ a bar called the spot when the guitar went missing. it’s actually MY guitar that i loaned to chic for the tour.
its a 2006 les paul junior in tobacco burst and its in a black gibson case with the dust cover cut out. the junior doesn’t have the raw finish, but instead, the full glossy nitro finish. it has a pigtail adjustable solid aluminum bridge, a bareknuckle stockholm pickup, and the straplocks are countersunk (drilled into the body flush). also, the tuners have been replaced with round white tip klusons. unfortunately i don’t know the serial number.

basically, i just want it back. if you have it or your friend has it, or maybe just someone you know, shoot me a message. please.
if you stole the damn thing, whatever. lie and say you found it, i’ll pay for the shipping and i’ll even buy you a pizza for being a stand up individual with a change of heart.

thank you!

please repost this. facebook, reddit, whatever. anything helps!”

Michael Nesmith and his 12 String Blonde Gretsch.

“Remember the blonde Gretsch 12 string I played on the Monkees ? The original was made for me and I left it at Red Rhodes shop to be repaired. One awful night it and a dozen other guitars were stolen.” - Michael Nesmith


On Oct, 29th, 2015, my band Right Lane Ends had about $10,000 worth of musical equipment stolen out of the back of my truck. The thieves were apparently able to pick the lock of my camper shell, and closed it again leaving no sign of forced entry- thus my insurance company can’t do anything. To anyone out there reading this, please keep an eye on Portland, Oregon (or anywhere near) craigslist, eBay and anywhere else you can think of for:

Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-80 combo tube amp (pic 2)

Drums from the Tama Swingstar Kit (black with clear tops and red badges) (pic 3)

Boss pedal board with DigiTech Whammy Gen 5, Morley Bad Horsie II Wah, Boss Flanger, and Boss DD-7 Delay (pic 3)

Boss ME-50B Bass multi effects unit, blue (not pictured)

Ampeg BA-115 bass amp (not pictured, missing a knob, power cable is damaged at the input)

PRS Custom 24 SE guitar with a chip in the paint on the headstock (pic 4)

Fender Stratocaster guitar- Japanese make with a single humbucker pickup and silver locking tuning pegs covered in stickers (pic 5)

Thank you everyone currently helping us and those kind Samaritans who want to help some stranger’s indie prog rock band out. We wish we could offer more in return, but all we have right now is our old ep at, which is free to download. The police told me that anyone trying to sell our gear at a local pawn shop would be refused for 30 days while the shop determines whether it’s been stolen or not, so we have at least that long to catch them in town. Thank you. Please reblog this like crazy until then.