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 If you don’t know him take the time, he is very much worthwhile!

even though my Twist & Shout design is marked as “chosen” I’m actually working on designing a custom guitar for Moen.  Instead of allowing it to be auctioned off after the public art show this summer, the company plans on purchasing my guitar to be installed at their world headquarters.  I feel so honored to have been chosen to create this for such a renowned company!

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Here’s an interview with the great Mike Stern from Guitarmania!

you can learn a lot about yourself through painting…

one of my biggest weaknesses (not just in painting) is that i tend to get so focused on details that i sometimes lose sight of the big picture. 

i faced a big challenge tonight with my current project.  i got so carried away playing with textural elements and painting detailed little pieces that i totally strayed away from my ultimate goal - to convey the sense of water/liquid.  it was not easy to paint over a lot of the work i did earlier this week… but i knew i had to.  i cried.  (anyone who stepped into my garage tonight would probably think i’m crazy).  but i am SO happy now with the end result, i can’t stop looking at it.  i finally achieved the shape i was aiming for with the water splash.  (and there are still remnants of the textural work underneath… subtle is usually better, but i always have to get there the hard way!)

overall, this was a VERY successful night! :)


Check out this video announcing my collaboration with @GuitarManiaEU Some of my lessons will be published by them in 205