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Im with chris now and we went to his room bc he said i could talk so i did and he let me just cuddle him and lay in silence and it was really nice and he kept trying to make me smile and laugh and now he’s playing the guitar for me which I’ll show u later 💖💖💖
But seriously, he makes me feel so good and he makes smile and oh my gosh I really really reallyyyy like him
But omg i was explaining to him what was wrong and i mentioned “my crush” and he was like “is it me” and I said no way too quickly so i think he’s a bit suspicious but its ok bc I got to spend time with him
And he played young volcanoes by fob on the guitar for me while i sang badly and it made me really really happy
And im really in too deep with him 😅😅

Me: *starts humming along to an old classic rock song*
Mom: wtf how do u know that
Me: haha cmon mom i dont only listen to modern music!!!
Me in my head: guitar hero

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When was the last time you bought a gift for someone? What was it and why did you bought it?

I got someone a small keychain for their guitar case. It was a tiny pinguin kind of an inside joke and I bought it because I wanted them to have something that reminded them of me while away. Sometimes I wonder if they still have it.
USA Today: Musician paints bass with his, wife's blood

From USA Today

Musician paints bass with his, wife’s blood

N.Y. — Yes, it’s real, human blood and, no, it’s not the blood of his vanquished foes.Jason Fresta of Ossining has played guitar and bass in a few bands. He was a bassist for the Days of the New, plays guitar and sings for a band called The Dead Elvi (“Like the plural of Elvis,” he said), and plays bass for the 5th Avenue Vampires dressed in a full-length trench coat, studded-leather hat and frightening face paint.It’s about theatricality, according to Fresta. For example, at a recent gig in Queens, the band put on gas masks and started up the fog machines, “just to make the crowd uncomfortable.”“In both bands that I play in, I am in full makeup. It’s very theatrical,” he said.

quick joanne review

i never did something like that before lol but HEEEEERE WE GOO

1. diamond heart -

can’t decide, whether this one or perfect illusion is my fave. beautiful melody. interesting tension gets built up which literally explodes during the chorus. perfect mix of electronica and rock influenced. her vocals are extremely powerful. a brilliant song, exactly what i wanted and expected from her. i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of this song! 10/10 definitely.

2. A-YO -

super catchy beat, amazing voice and fantastic guitars. makes me super happy and great to dance to. uninspired lyrics though. i can imagine i’ll easily get bored of it. 7/10

3. joanne -

the chorus is heavenly, so beautiful. emotional lyrics as well, you can feel her pain. very emotional and sweet song. i’m not a fan of the rest though. also i dislike acoustic guitars in general. 7/10

4. john wayne -

interesting song. electronic sound as i love it. the song’s addicting, fresh and super catchy. uninspired lyrics though. 7/10

5. dancin’ in circles -

catchy again, i love the chorus. reminds me of no doub/gwen stefani (who i absolutely adore so it’s a good thing.) super uninspired lyrics though. 7/10

6. perfect illusion -

brilliant song, probably the best off the album. insane vocals, again a perfect mix of electronica and rock. they key change is like the best thing ever. the song makes me feel powerful and strong. angry lyrics. great pick as the first single. 10/10

7. million reasons -

the song for me is the brown eyes, speechless, yoü and i and dope off the album. deeply emotional, beautiful harmony, honest lyrics. 9/10

8. sinner’s prayer -

i absolutely adore the acoustic version performed at the first dive bar tour stop. i got disappointed with the studio version. it takes away a lot of the songs deepness, it’s not as emotional. very good song though, beautiful lyrics, amazing guitars. 8/10

9. come to mama -

one of the weakest songs off joanne. exceptional voice of course. i have not much to say about the song, it’s ok. sounds like a demo to me. 6/10

10. hey girl ft. florence welch -

this was a diasppointment. i absolutely adore florence welch and i had very high expectations. their voices are like heaven together, as i expected. it’s not bad ofc but it sounds pretty boring to me. 6/10 unfortunately

11. angel down -

deep, emotional song. i get an almost celestial feeling. reminds me of beyoncé’s heaven. chilling guitars and just hauntingly beautiful. damn her voice! 9/10

12. grigio girls -

i don’t really like this song. it’s dull and pretty silly for me. (i know it’s dedicated to her friend though). probably my least favorite off joanne. 6/10

13. just another day -

reminds me of early stefani germanotta songs. it sounds like a relief, like she’s at peace with her past and herself. i love that! the song grew on me a lot. lovely and sweet sound. and of course i love the guitars and trumpets. 7/10

i can say that it’s a good album overall. a big plus of the slower sound is, that her voice is extremely prominent. although i had way higher expectations. i’ll have to look if joanne grows further on me or not! it’s by far her worst album for me to date. i rate joanne with 7/10 and i wish her next album will be more like the 10/10 records the fame (monster), born this way and ARTPOP. ♥

If you’ve been to one of his shows before you’ll know he likes to invite a couple dozen souls on to the stage to sing with him. This is the 2nd time time I get to go up there to sing as part of the choir. #whenyoureevil #beezulbubharmonicchoir @aureliovoltaire #austinvampireball #elysium #Vampireball #voltaire #goth #guitar #singer #discodracula #antlers #rum #gothic (at Elysium Austin)

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He lied there on the beach, playing his guitar.

“Is this your way of attracting babes or something?” I put my hands on my hips and stood in front of him.

“Well, is it working?” He said, in a cute boyish tone. He scanned my body and then once he reached my face he smiled. “Well, that’s a babe I didn’t expect to see! When did you get back?” He grinned at me and my crush almost instantaneously refreshed itself.

“I got back last night. Still at it here on the shore, huh Ry.”

“You were looking for me, weren’t you, Reynolds.”

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Brian Eno: Another Green World

This is in my all-time top five, and as with all things that I love passionately, I try not to overexpose myself to it. But I was on a long bus commute recently, and it just seemed like the right thing. Incredibly, I had been listening to this semi-regularly for years before it struck me that it’s more than merely excellent and is in fact perfect. I can’t think rationally about this album anymore. Listening to some of these songs I feel like I could walk into traffic and it would pass right through me. Eno is strangely averse to the idea of love songs, but there are several ravishing ones on here, most notably “St. Elmo’s Fire”: the finest song with lyrics that Eno ever made. Without ever using the word “love,” Eno perfectly conjures that feeling of ecstasy that so many songwriters fail to describe. He does it by allowing the music to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, and especially Robert Fripp’s guitar solo which is the most beautiful guitar solo ever recorded. In spite of being fast and technical, it also feels human and brittle — the way it cracks and stammers at the ends of phrases just kills me. And the other ninja move that this album employs is the most ingenious track sequencing maybe ever. Rather than trying to balance out the energy throughout the record, it allows itself to gradually sink into a reverie at the end. The way that “Zawinul/Lava” builds and falls, and ejects us into “Everything Merges With The Night” (more ravishing guitar from Fripp), and then finally into the comparative uncertainty of “Spirits Drifting” is one of the greatest closing sequences on any record ever.

@hattstercat i liked your idea of an object show with broken and defective objects so i made some characters for u :00

PLUSHIE (she/her): An old stuffed toy that was beaten, tossed and discarded. She’s very fragile and doesn’t like being touched. Wants to make friends and talk with others but is too shy and scared to approach anyone.

GLASSES (he/him): Both halves of the glasses can either cooperate perfectly or argue all day. The cracked side is always angry and thinks violence is the only answer, while the other side is smart and helpful, but gets mad when people think he’s wrong.

DS (they/them): A double-screen portable handheld that had its battery burn out and can no longer play anymore games on the system. Both of his screens were cracked after being dropped on the floor. Very frightful of almost everything.

GUITAR (he/him): An electric guitar whose strings snapped apart a long time ago. Super anxious and afraid about anyone asking about his strings and how they snapped. Can be pissed off easily but is also nice and friendly to others.

Get to know your favorite shitposter
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Relationship Status: very single well okay,,,, sort of single

Favorite Colors: black

Pets: i have two dogs!

Last song I listened to: when you were young by the killers

Favorite TV Show: right now it’s stranger things

Hobbies: i mean i play ukulele and some guitar

I tag: @helpimpanictrash @brebdo @dallonyikes and anyone else who wants


Name: Momoko
Full name: Momoko Kojima
Nicknames: Momo, Milk, Red Rose, Red Leon
Band: RainBow
Agency: Star Sound  Entertainment
Position: Vocalist Leader and Principal Dancer.
Horoscope: Leo
Traits: Flirty, Virtuoso, Easily Impressed, Evil, Diva.
Genre Musical Favorite: French
Favorite food: Fruit Parfait
Official Color: Red
Hobbies: Singing; Play guitar; karaoke; cook; pull a prank; Mixology.

Bio: Momoko was the last girl to join the band because Mari and another girl did not get along, making her be missed. Momoko lived in another country and, along with her older sister, had training in the future vivarem great singers. All his dream was destroyed after the death of his father and his mother, which left her devastated because he loved them, especially his mother. After the incident, he went to live with paternal relatives to which humiliate, hurting her, cutting her hair and forced her to work in a restaurant. With this, Momoko fled his country to follow his dream, leaving her older sister and her sister chasuble and promising money. Almost could not take the test because it was late, but when they saw them  overwhelming voice and his talent to dance, decided to turn their bright futureDespite an initial dislike of the girls by newcomer Momoko won them with their friendliness and beauty. She is fun and impressionable personality, but it is a real self-centered diva, having one of the most powerful voices of the group. However, it is a good person, even though his jokes are a little strange.

Adam Levine praises heart surgery patient's cover of Maroon 5 hit

Adam Levine was lost for words after discovering a video of a young heart surgery patient singing the Maroon 5 hit She Will Be Loved.

The frontman took to Twitter on Saturday (22Oct16) to share his delight at the clip of 16-year-old Will Hunt from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who decided to sing the band’s 2002 hit while awaiting surgery at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

In the video, which has gone viral after Will’s brother Mac shared the clip on YouTube and Twitter, the prep school sophomore student performs while his father accompanies him on guitar.

The 16-year-old was recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle, and will eventually require a heart transplant.

Adam discovered the track on Saturday, and shared the clip with his 6.9 million Twitter followers.

“It’s hard to express with words what it feels like to know you’ve helped someone in this way,” the 37-year-old new dad wrote. “So instead, I’ll just share. Nice job kid.”

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Will on Saturday, and the 16-year-old was in shock following recognition from the Maroon 5 frontman.

“The surgery went well, but I’m still in pain,” he said. “But seeing that video made my whole life! Adam Levine has been my favourite singer ever since I can remember. I sang that same song for my sixth grade talent show.”

And if he was ever given the chance to meet his idol, Will said, “I think I would cry first, and then freak out. I would just tell him how much everything about his music has helped me.”

Will later retweeted Adam’s sweet message on Twitter, writing, “I can’t breathe, oh my god. Thank you so much, I am your number 1 fan. This is CRAZY (sic).”

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In what might go down as my favorite moment ever at Bridge School, Roger Waters honoring the newly minted Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan with a stunning rendition of Forever Young, backed up by My Morning Jacket, G.E. Smith on lead guitar, Neil Young and Lucious. So much talent honoring a legend. Very fortunate to witness this piece of musical history. (at Bridge School Benefit)

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