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A Totally New Stutter Effects Pedal for Radiohead Fans

Five years ago, I established The King of Gear to create an encyclopedia of Radiohead’s gear, and to give fans a better understanding of how the band crafted the unique and innovative sounds heard throughout their discography. Since then, I’ve answered hundreds of questions about the band’s gear, ranging from Thom’s vintage guitars to Nigel’s mic'ing techniques, but easily the most asked was “how do I recreate Jonny Greenwood’s random stutter Max/MSP patch with guitar effects pedals?”

For a long time, the answer was always that there were no available pedals which duplicated the effect – particularly its randomness – and the best that one could do would be to use loopers or tremolos. The randomized glitch effect is easy enough to program if you purchased expensive software and learned how to use it, but it subsequently required a computer and audio interface to use. For the average gigging musician without a crew to carry their equipment, this simply wasn’t doable for live performance. I’ve played many gigs where I wished I could use this effect during part of the song, but didn’t have that capacity. The ’Feral Glitch’ was conceptualized to fill this niche. It offers that distinctive random stutter effect which has previously only been feasible via complex computer software. It sounds a bit cheesy, but with this pedal I really built the one that I had dreamed of for years.

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