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Zhang Yixing

He is cute.

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He is sexy.

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He is a dork.

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He can dance. 

He can sing.

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He can rap.

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He’s a meme.

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He can play guitar.

And piano.

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And the hulusi (cucurbit flute.)

And the violin ????

He can compose.

Examples: promise, monodrama (co-composed)

And write songs.

He wrote a book.



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His smile.

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His eyes.

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His hands.

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There are many more things to be mentioned but I’ll be here forever. He’s such a genuinely nice person and I can’t understand how anyone could ever dislike him.

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Part Two

Since people liked the DR1 bloops/backstage happenings, let’s go 2 for 2 for SDR2/DR 3!

-Kazuichi taking Gundham’s scarf and running around with it, laughing when Gumdham starts chasing him

-After Peko’s trial, Kazuichi sings ‘Lonely’, replacing 'Nobody’ with 'No Peko’ until Fuyuhiko leaves

-Ibuki and 'Byakuya’ prank-calling the first cast when they film their cameos
-Bonus points if one of the OG’s calls back and pranks with the fury or 1000 suns

-Ibuki hanging onto random cast members like a koala
-Bonus points if it’s almost always 'Byakuya’ or Chiaki

-Hajime and Chiaki both crying during Chiaki’s monologue about the Neo World

-When Chiaki dies in DR3, everyone actually crying and Hajime’s in the back like 'My waifu, no!’

-Nagito making BDSM jokes when he’s being tied down for his death scene and Hajime blushing bc Nagito’s looking at him while he says it

-Akane doing sit-ups backstage with her motivation being chicken wings and Nekomaru’s kisses while Peko films

-Junko hitting on Mikan backstage

-Ibuki scaring people with her hanging 'body. She mostly gets controlled reactions, but she almost a few times (Hiyoko slapped her, Nekomaru and Akane both almost kicked her in the face, Fuyuhiko actually punched her, Genocide Jack tried shanking, and Peko almost hit her in the face with her bamboo sword)

-Both Byakuyas fighting over who has the cuter partner, with Makoto and Ibuki recording it in the background

-Yamaceles and Kazuson fighting over whose the cuter peasant/royal couple
-Bonus points if Naegami gets dragged into it just bc they’re a similar relationship

-When Seiko dies in Future Arc, Kyouko just goes 'Aww, I liked her!’

-Kizakura running around the set shipping everyone in the three arcs (Which includes pinting at random couples while screaming 'YOU TWO ARE MARRIED NOW!’)
-Bonus points if he even points at himself and Jin and says 'We’re married now’ with Chisa and young Kyouko dying in the background

-Chisa basically doing the same thing except instead of screaming about her OTPs, she basically just watches them like a hawk

-Teruteru actually being really shy irl, and him at first blushing and refusing to say some of the more perverted lines (irl Nagito and Chiaki are more perverted tbh)

-Hiyoko hugging everyone she makes fun of in the show backstage bc she’s not that mean irl

-The DR1 cast (Excluding Junko) watch the episodes and decide who they ship

-On Valentine’s Day, the cast recorded Fuyuhiko hugging Peko and screaming at the camera 'I lOVE HER MOTHER FUCKER!’

And that’s all I got (Sheesh this was long!) Hope you like dis dank!


INTP: *Bursts through the doors and make a B-line towards ENTP*

INTP: You.


ENTP: INTP! You’re approaching me?

INTP: I have to vent to you about something.

ENTP: Oh no.

INTP: *Long gasp*

INTP: my trigonometry teacher is really interesting and i wanted to see if i was right about her personality type so i asked her if she’d heard of mbti and she said she did and asked me what my type was if i wanted to share and i said i was an intp and i asked her what she was and she said that those didn’t care to reveal that informaTION AND I’M SO MAD.

ENTP: Whoa.

INTP: *Is seething*

INTP: And I know this is really misleading because I still have a huge smile on my face but believe me I will reign terror if literally anything nudges me any further I swear to you.

ENTP: I’ve never seen you this way, oh my god.

ENTP: I’ve seen you get pissy and beg for attention because you’re sick or something, but this is like… anger. Like, INTP, I did not know you were capable of anger.

ENTP: I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen you not smiling, either. Even when your face is neutral, you still look like you’re grinning, slightly.

INTP: Wait, really? Huh. That’s weird, I never knew that.

INTP: Anyway… that did not go according to my plan, and that made me upset.

ENTP: I know, I was there for your outburst just now.

INTP: I’m pretty sure I know her type anyway, so I guess it’s not a huge deal.

INTP: Anyway… that was really all, I’m pretty okay with things, overall. I’m just going to go… brood over this, now.

ENTP: OH, hey, by the way, I don’t know what you’re doing but, if you want dinner, I can make something for you. INFJ isn’t here, so I really don’t have anyone to bother for the next few days.

INTP: Oh. That sucks, sorry she’s gone. But, no thanks, I’ve got to… uh, I’m… not, interested.

ENTP: WOW. Way to be subtle, INTP.

INTP: That was really blunt oh my god, haha, sorry!

INTP: I’ve just got a lot of stuff to do tonight.

ENTP: Hah, It’s cool. See you around.

INTP: *Waves*