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This one time I saw Green Day in Chula Vista and my best friend (band mate) threw our sticker on stage and Beej picked it up and spent like A MINUTE putting it on his guitar and I was standing front row fuckin center screaming my brains out and he pointed at me and asked if that was my band and I fuckin screamed some more and said yes so now our sticker has been on his guitar since like 2009

what anime openings make me want to do
  • "Guren no Yumiya" (SNK): hardcore parkour
  • "Goya no machiawase" (Noragami): air guitar
  • "Again" (FMAB): stand on a hilltop angsting while the wind blows in my hair
  • "Rage On" (Free!): mosh pit or the Olympics
  • "Core Pride" (Blue Exorcist): fight somebody
  • "Moon Pride" (Sailor Moon Crystal): fight the patriarchy
  • "Abnormalize" (Psycho Pass): stick it to the man
  • "Connect" (Madoka Magica): develop trust issues
  • "Imagination" (Haikyuu!!): go win a tournament or something
  • "Sakura Kiss" (OHSHC): actually kiss kiss fall in love
  • "unravel" (Tokyo Ghoul): cry


Welcome to your own private concert. The star of tonight’s show is none other than your adorably goofy, yet talented fiancé, Park Chanyeol. In the midst of all this wedding planning stress, he managed to arrange for this special night just for you. You can sit back in this chair, equipped with champagne in the flute and even some of your favorite snacks, whether or not they go with the bubbly alcohol with which they have been paired. It’s all a bit wonky, one seat for the audience, one piano and a guitar stand nearby, but that only serves to remind you of the amazing, thoughtful, big-eared, handsome giant you’ll be marrying soon. Before he begins the first song, he makes a grand sweeping bow that makes the hood of his jacket fall forward onto his head and causes peals of laughter from his audience. The wide grin on his lips nearly cracks his face in half before he sits at the piano with a flourish and begins the concert.

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Characters: Daddy!JensenxReader, Jessica (OC)

Warnings: Fluff

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It was Saturday Night Special and Jensen was singing away on stage. You were with your 7 year old daughter Jessica standing next stage watching him enjoy himself on stage. Jessica was dancing around to the music as Jensen played his guitar. Jensen would always sing a lullaby to Jessica before tucking her in bed when he was at home.

Jensen looked over to the side of the stage at Jessica and you and played the last note of the song and Jessica waved smiling. Jensen smiled big at his daughter and looked back at the audience waving at them and thanking them for the standing ovation that he just received. Jensen took the guitar off his shoulder and placed the guitar on the stand and walked over to you and Jessica. You greeted him with a kiss and he pulled away smiling.

Jensen grinned and bent down to Jessica’s level and he gripped her arms around Jensen’s neck into a tight hug.

“You did so good daddy!” Jessica held onto his neck and he picked her up wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Thank you baby girl.” Jensen replied.

“You did great Jensen.” You complimented him with a smile.

“Thanks babe.” You took Jensen’s hand and placed it on your growing belly.

“Your son enjoyed it too.” You grinned and Jensen’s eyes lit up as he felt the unborn baby kick against his hand.

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So if I were to try this I would land on my ass and probably break my legs, but somehow Luke makes it look easy af

How to summon Dave Grohl to jam with your band:

  • Put a guitar on a stand, in a circle of coffee beans
  • Hang a bundle of bacon over the doorway like mistletoe
  • Wrap a doll bearing his likeness in a flannel square
  • Bang pots and pans together* shouting, “BOY, IT’D SURE BE GREAT IF DAVE GROHL WOULD SHOW UP RIGHT NOW”
  • Enjoy

* Cymbals would also work here