guitar stand

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.23.15

sculptural cherry wood guitar stand by martellwoodworks

when does an instrument stand become more than a stand? when it’s handcrafted and carved from solid cherry wood into a gorgeous, smooth, fluid work of art by martellwoodworks, that’s when! also available in walnut and maple.

I think I just found the coolest guitar accessories ever…Atlas amp & guitar stands.

I am not sure what they cost (the website does not have a fixed price list…I supposed because each order is a custom build with many different options available), but based on the quality of the materials and workmanship, I would guess they are NOT cheap!

But…the beauty!  They are gorgeous.  

I have often lamented the lack of design aesthetics in guitar accessories and gear.  Like why are the only guitar stands available (in most shops) just cheap sh*tty-looking bunches of metal tubes that look like crap?  (Some) Guitars are works of art…they should displayed in a way that enhances and compliments their beauty…not just on a 15 dollar amalgam of metal tubes and foam rubber!

As soon as I have money again…Atlas will be getting my order.

PS: Once again - I don’t receive any money or other compensation to talk about the products I post here.  HOWEVER, if someone from Atlas Stands is reading this and felt like…you know…sending me, um, I don’t know, a free stand maybe, I would not be against it!  (note: I have a Marshall JTM-1C combo that is SCREAMING out for one of these - with integrated pull out guitar stand of course!  :D

What up tumblr yearlings

I figured I’d do a special tumblr exclusive song just for yous

Only findable on this website, because you’re all a bunch of nice uns

So there ya go, a tumblr exclusive song, for now ahaha ‘’A Fiendish World’s Hell’’

Hope ya like it

For those who don’t know who I am, I’m Adz, lead singer of a band called One Year Stand, our fans call themselves Yearlings

I’m inspired by Fall Out Boy, Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Oasis  pretty much everybody hahaha

When I first saw this available, my first reaction was “HAWKEYE! HAWKEYE GUITAR! WINTERHAWK GUITAR DUO!”

Then I got it, and the description.
A+ use of Bon Jovi quote, game.
Still angry at you for lots of reasons, but the guitar stand can stay.
(Hopefully I can get Bucky)


I needed somewhere to store my playthings

It occurred to me that my meagre guitar collection would take up a lot less space if it could be spread vertically, rather than on individual stands all over the floor of my front room.  Wall hangers were one option.  Neat, turns your axes into playable wall art, but you can only fit so many along a wall.  And it also means, no room for art & bookcases.  I needs bookcases.  And art.

I had an idea to build a cabinet.  Made to measure, so it could house standard 7 guitar racks.  So that’s up to 14 guitars safely stored in a 900 x 600 area, and they’re all easily accessible.  That’s important, because they should be played, not living their lives in darkness, in a case under a bed or in a closet in a spare room somewhere.

An A-stand has been left out for whatever I’m wailing on in front of my computer of an evening.

I’m pretty happy with how it came out.