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So if I were to try this I would land on my ass and probably break my legs, but somehow Luke makes it look easy af

I think I just found the coolest guitar accessories ever…Atlas amp & guitar stands.

I am not sure what they cost (the website does not have a fixed price list…I supposed because each order is a custom build with many different options available), but based on the quality of the materials and workmanship, I would guess they are NOT cheap!

But…the beauty!  They are gorgeous.  

I have often lamented the lack of design aesthetics in guitar accessories and gear.  Like why are the only guitar stands available (in most shops) just cheap sh*tty-looking bunches of metal tubes that look like crap?  (Some) Guitars are works of art…they should displayed in a way that enhances and compliments their beauty…not just on a 15 dollar amalgam of metal tubes and foam rubber!

As soon as I have money again…Atlas will be getting my order.

PS: Once again - I don’t receive any money or other compensation to talk about the products I post here.  HOWEVER, if someone from Atlas Stands is reading this and felt like…you know…sending me, um, I don’t know, a free stand maybe, I would not be against it!  (note: I have a Marshall JTM-1C combo that is SCREAMING out for one of these - with integrated pull out guitar stand of course!  :D


Here it is!  Designed for photographers so the stand doesn’t stick out in front of the guitar body.  Our latest Atlas Stands design is complete!  The first one is a mahogany Atlas “Esse” Guitar Stand.  It folds and can be easily disassembled for storage/travel. It also has 4 adjustment positions for different size guitars.  It weighs practically nothing and it’s very stable and strong.

How To Build Thread: 


So I’ve found another gig from 2004, I know I have some more, I’m having such a lovely time going through all these! Pre smoking ban. Good old days. This was at the Rhythm factory in Whitechapel (one of the many sweaty Libs gigs there).