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Real Estate 9/21/14

The signs as shit the Rammstein guys say in interviews
  • Aries: "We thought we'd name the album 'Herzeleid', but then we realized there is already a 'Herzeleid' album, and unfortunately it's also by us."
  • [Flake being an excellent observer during the Sonne making of]
  • Taurus: "Stay as japanese as you are!" *waves at the camera*
  • [Richard in his thoughtful glory]
  • Gemini: *sighs* "I also want to be this fat"
  • [distressed Flake about not having a fatsuit for Keine Lust]
  • Cancer: "We don't bend for anyone except for women"
  • [drunk Richard is best Richard]
  • Leo: "I'd like to spend my ski holidays like this, just driving or rolling down the ski-run"
  • [Oli discovering the convinience of fatsuits for wintersports]
  • Virgo: "When we saw the Bild newspaper headline, 'Dead Baby on the Rammstein cover, how sick!', we were somehow pretty pleased"
  • [Till being delighted about the german tabloid press]
  • Libra: *endless "Revovovo" cycle*
  • [Schneider during an attempt to communicate in english]
  • Scorpio: "I would have gladly torn Richard's shirt apart, so that the buttons would fly away"
  • [well you should've done it Paul, dammit]
  • Saggitarius: "Hey I'm RICHARD ZK" *keeps talking about idears*
  • [the immortal words of Richard]
  • Capricorn: "Since I've been using Guitar Rig 3, my hair feels so much fuller!"
  • [Paul being himself, the usual dork]
  • Aquarius: "I probably won't do much, I'll just be more...woman."
  • [The birth of Frau Schneider, we all know it]
  • Pieces: "Paul had to be made a bit bigger for that"
  • [Till about Paul'S insufficient height for the Sonne MV]

Dead Meadow 2/5/14