guitar playin

(19)95 reason to love about Hong Jisoo

he has such a honey and calming voice you wouldn’t get tired of hearing

a talented man who’s great at playin a guitar and arrange acoustic version of a song

he has such pretty face with such a soft features and do you see how perfectly his lips are shaped and eyes?? very ethereal

seventeen’s gentleman but is actually the funniest one and also got voted as the troublemaker of the group

probs bc of the story jeonghan keeps on exposing where after all this 3 years, this man always forget to bring towel every.single.time.

a chocoholic person and 11/10 would die for chocolates

“yeah man” “lez go lez go” “whaddup” “WOW” “its over, its over” “ YEES”

all the iconic quotes he’s said, yes, yk what i mean the chicken one and the water one

his proud nods everytime he finished talking like “ yeah, i did a good job ”


when he laugh’s and he covers his mouth shyly and you could see his eye smile ;;

he’s the type of person who’s quiet and will suddenly burst out a joke that everyone finds funny

his level of extraness sometimes is no joke

seventeen’s biggest weeb but his favorite ‘anime’ is spongebob

those many times in 17tv where he would non stop ask “how do you aegyo *buing buing* ” and now he’s the cheesiest in the group w all his heart fingers

KING OF FREESTYLE RAP. HONG JISOO. *inserts sc’s embarassed face after jisoo’s fs rap for his birthday* (but atleast he tried)

A GENUINELY NICE PERSON who cares about his members and has the longest patience, how could you not love him

he lives so many miles away from sk but had to leave the people he love dearly, especially his mom, behind to pursue his dreams

a person constantly working hard to improve himself at every aspect and so passionate with music and whatever he does


boyfriends playin eachothers guitars as always #5sos #5secondsofsummer #mukeclemmings #muke #rowyso #michaelclifford #lukehemmings

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“I freaked out! I didn’t have anyone to call so I called the operator and said, ‘Look, it’s me on TV! I’m playin’ guitar on TV right now!’ The operator referred me to the psychiatric ward of the nearest hospital.” (James Iha on the first time he saw himself on MTV.)