guitar package

  • has 5 different guitars that are just different shades of wood ?? he claims that the guitar he brings depends on his mood or whatever
  • he seems like a really organized, professional person that likes to keeps things visually simplistic but his guitar case is practically packaged in stickers (seokmin and hoshi like to sneak like hello kitty stickers in to see if jihoon notices,,,,,,,,,, and he doesn’t,,,,,)
  • outside of college and busking, he also has a part-time job at a convenience store and when people ask where the ‘extra’ money comes from he’s like “i work at a………grocery….store..too?” (he’s too shy to say that he busks)
  • usually performs at farmers markets and stuff
  • everyone with a stand at the markets always asks jihoon to set up by their stand because people always crowd around when he plays
  • feels guilty when he has to turn someone down bc another person already asked
  • his guitar can be heard from a ways away and it’s not because he’s loud it’s just that everyone else is like !!!!! gotta be quiet and Appreciate This Art !!!!! (he finds it rly embarrassing tbh)
  • people sometimes think that he’s a lil…. rude…. bc he doesn’t really make a lot of conversation and likes to keep things professional (mostly because he thinks his personal life is !!super boring!!)
  • and he doesn’t rly take song requests either but it’s just that he wants to perfect a song before actually showing people 
  • looks up some of the songs ppl request tho and practices with joshua every week and shows him songs but always has to end their hangouts early bc joshua EXTRA hong likes to start freestyle rapping to whatever jihoon is playing and it makes him all grumbly and giggly
  • there’s always lil kids that roam around the markets with their parents and they’re always drawn to woozi bc he looks so friendly !!
  • and tbh jihoon used to be rly hesitant and shy around the kids but now he gives them spare guitar picks and knows most of them by name
  • (one time one of the many lil girls that adore jihoon brought him some crazy spicy tteokbokki and he ate it all because he didn’t want her to feel bad :’))) he has a soft spot for all the kiddos that look up to him)
  • all the stand owners make sure to keep woozi fed and his fridge is always full of leftovers and snacks and he always feels kinda sorry when people just give him free food but it is nice to always have something to eat when he doesn’t feel like cooking
  • it becomes a bit bothersome though when his ,,,,,, culinarily challenged ,,,, friends swoop by to take a side dish or eight……
  • soonyoung: “i’m just helping you clear up some fridge space!!”
  • okay buddy whatever floats ur goat
  • !! but anyways !! you go to the market every tuesday to get this and that and to just look around
  • and coincidentally ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) woozi also performs at that market every tuesday
  • tbh you noticed him the first time he busked there bc 1) his voice and guitar playing are Godly™ and bc 2) he’s rly frickin cute
  • and you don’t really try to make conversation or anything bc you just enjoy his music and besides ?? he probably has better things to do than talk to you right ?? (a: wrong)
  • the only time you get relatively close to him is to toss a couple bills into his guitar case as you pass by each tuesday, just like every other person at the market
  • and you figure that like ?? there’s always tons of people at the market ?? woozi has no reason to notice you ??
  • bUt he does !!!!!!!!!!!
  • the first time jihoon saw you he thought that you were like the cutest person ever like,,,,,,,what a beauty,,,,,,
  • he gets super fuzzy inside when you give him tips tbh
  • not bc it’s money (which he does appreciate ngl) but bc it’s you!!! the prettiest girl at the market!!!
  • and the stand owners see woozi admiring you (it’s rly obvious too like he’s not the smoothest person) and they always gossip about how cute of a couple you would be
  • so one day you’re just minding your own business, talking to one of the stand owners as she’s putting your flowers in a bag and giving you your change when it starts poURING just as the weathermen has predicted
  • so you pull out your umbrella and take your flowers and scurry down the sidewalk
  • but then you spot poor jihoon panicking on the corner bc he had no idea it would rain and now his stuff is getting all wet
  • being the Good Person you are, you ease your way over, hesitant at first bc !!!!!!! this boy is really cute so what if you frick it all up what r u gonna do then butthead !!!!!!!
  • so you just kinda stand there, holding your umbrella out over jihoon as you’re being soaked with rain and he doesn’t even notice bc he’s too distracted with saving his guitar and messy sheet music
  • until he stands up and hits his head on the umbrella and you’re like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you start spewing out apologies bc like you pretty much just whacked him in the head with ur umbrella nice going
  • he’s just kinda in shock bc the situation is registering in his mind and he sees you standing there in drenched clothes and your hair looks like you just got out of the shower and he feels so bAD NOW
  • so he just kinda,,,,grabs the umbrella,,,,,and pushes it back so it’s over your head now instead of his and you go dead silent
  • at this point, you’re full on staring at him and his wet bangs are clinging to his forehead and his face is all dewy and he looks like something from a dream,,,,,,,,,, tl;dr: jihoon looks stunning af
  • but neither of you say anything bc like ?? what r u supposed to say ??
  • and jihoon grabs his guitar case, slinging it onto his back
  • and he’s looking at the ground so that you can’t see how much you’ve made him blush
  • and he goes “you look cold. let me take you to get coffee to make up for this.”

For anon…reader is Gryffindor and muggle born as requested (his eyes though)

Draco snapped his prolonged gaze from you to the book in front of him as you turned your head to glance around. The only reason he was in the library was because he had seen the muggle born Gryffindor he had a massive crush on walk in. He wasn’t even sure what book he had picked up, or even how he managed to get to page twenty-seven. As far as his thoughts were concerned, he was working out a way to approach you. He heard you sigh and begin to pack up your things.

As calmly as he could, Draco stood up closing his book. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you throw your bag over your shoulder. He took the brief moment to see it was just getting dark. Draco heard you stroll from the library, allowing him to turn and watch his, seemingly, final chance to approach you for the night leave the room. He quirked a brow as he noticed a strange contraption on your back. His eyes lit up with an idea. He quickened his own actions.

“Y/N,” he called while strolling over to you.
You turned around and flashed him a smile. “Hello Draco.”
“What’s that on your back?”
“It’s my guitar,” you replied sweetly, “I was just about to go play it.”

You noticed the confusion written all over the Slytherin’s face. You held back a snicker and settled for rolling your eyes. You led him out into the nearly empty corridor and set your things on a ledge that was above a bench. Gingerly, you placed your acoustic guitar on the ledge as well. You quickly began to unzip the package.

“A guitar is a musical instrument,” you explained, “It’s quite popular in the muggle world.”
“And you know how to play it?”

You slung the strap over your shoulder with a nod. You sat down and motioned for Draco to do the same. He gleefully accepted. You twirled the pick in between your fingers.

“This is called a pick. You strum it against the strings to create a sound.”
“So, it only makes one sound?”
You giggled. “No. To change the sound, you situate your fingers along the frets up here and change the finger positions. Like this.”

You arranged your fingers and began to play the intro to one of your favorite songs. Judging by the look on Draco’s face, he hadn’t heard of it either. Despite his confusion, he watched you play it intensely. His eyes flicked up to see you had moved your gaze to the guitar strings. He smirked at your serenity, a hum moving past your lips.

“May I give it a try, Y/N?”
You stopped your playing and grinned. “Sure.”

He scooted closer as you handed him the instrument. You snickered as you helped him situate the instrument. Noticing his fumbling, you placed your hands on his. Draco tensed at the sudden touch.

“This hand holds the pick and lays in front of the guitar’s belly,” you instructed softly while moving his hand, “And this one goes to the upper frets. Got it?”
He gulped. “Yeah.”
“We’ll start with the G chord, make it easy. Place your fingers here, here, and here and push the strings into the neck.”
“Like this?” he asked.
She nodded. “Now, go ahead. Give it a strum.”

Almost sheepishly, Draco strummed the guitar. You beamed as it was nearly perfect. Seeing your grin, the pureblood began to gain confidence and strum some more. It may have been the same chord, but it didn’t matter to him.

“That’s perfect, Draco,” you praised, “You’re a natural.”
Draco leaned in closer to you. “Well, I’ve got quite the mentor.”
You blushed as your breathing turned heavy. “That so?” you whispered.

Draco’s fingers gently traced the strings at random. The two of you connected gazes. You felt his breath hit your chin, causing you to suppress a shiver. Closing your eyes, you brought your lips to his gently. Draco responded just as softly. You rubbed your hand up his chest and around his neck. He deepened the kiss. A few, long moments later, you pulled apart. Draco was grinning madly.

“Regular lessons then?” he teased.
You chuckled before playfully shoving him away.

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