guitar of win

should i fight this guitarist?

angus young

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 20%
  • i assume you will immediately be tempted to fight angus, because well, there’s just something about the overall aesthetic of ac/dc that makes you go ‘let me fight all of them’. but don’t fight angus young man. have you seen that dude on stage? at the very least you’ll tire before he does, and then he can take you down. don’t do it dude.

bb king

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 74%
  • like idk, you could probably take him. but the mere concept of hurting bb king would be like trying to fight the mona lisa, or the entirety of the smithsonian. bb king is a precious national treasure and even if you did win, you’d still lose.

bruce springsteen

  • should i fight?: maybe
  • chance of winning: -2%
  • did you wake up today and go, “i wanna make the biggest mistake of my life”? if you did, i highly suggest fighting bruce springsteen. if you didn’t, then maybe leave the boss alone. like honestly, if the aura of new jersey that radiates off of him wasn’t enough to stop you, have you seen that man’s arms? plus honestly the entire state of new jersey might also fight you, and that’s not a fight uou want. leave springsteen alone.

carlos santana

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 15%
  • you choose to fight santana, you learn immediately that this is a mistake. why? because he lulls you to sleep with a beautiful melody and then leaves you stranded in the middle of the desert, which– somehow– fits perfectly with the song he played to get you there. you want to be angry but it was to beautiful for you to be. you respect him.

david gilmour

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 88%
  • david gilmour stands no chance against you. honestly, he doesn’t. like, if he and roger could get along for a few minutes and tag team against you, maybe he’d have a shot because roger screams in your ear for ten minutes straight and stuns you. but as it were, gilmour is by himself, and fighting him is similar to fighting a magical sprite. you knock him out in the first round.

eddie van halen

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 95%
  • eddie tries to use his fantastic guitar skills to win, but they only go so far. you let him finish eruption because you would never dare interrupt, and then you punch him in the stomach and he goes down. a win-win really.

eric clapton

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 65%
  • if you challenge clapton to a battle of fisticuffs then you are absolutely going to win. however keep a guitar out of his reach at all times. go somewhere without guitars, like waffle house or hell, and make sure he does not have a tiny guitar in any of his pockets. the minute he pulls out layla as his finisher you’re fucking screwed.

frank zappa

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 7%
  • i’m not going to tell you not to fight frank zappa because eventually if you listen to him long enough, you’ll hit your breaking point, get a time machine, and just go back and challenge him. however he never even breaks a sweat because he just confuses the literal shit out of you, and you end up crying.

george harrison

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 102%
  • go back to 1967 and fight sgt. pepper-circa harrison. you’re gonna win. in fact, fight all the beatles. fucking all of them. kick their asses. you’ll feel better and so will we.

jimi hendrix

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 10%
  • you can use your time machine for this too if you’re game. but this man lit his guitar on fire. do you understand? he lit it on fire. jimi hendrix has no time for your nonsense and will destroy you and look stunning doing it.

jimmy page

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 35%
  • much like clapton, get page somewhere where he will not be able to access a guitar, because you’re likelihood of winning will go down 94%. also make sure he is not tag teaming with robert plant who, like waters, will scream in your ear for five minutes straight and stun you. lure page into a trap where you have the advantage and pounce.

keith richards

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 55%
  • you better fucking fight keith richards. if you’re reluctant, watch his interviews until you’re pumped up enough to do it. there’s a pretty even chance you a.) destroy him easily or b.) he is an immortal ethereal being that does not abide by the laws of man and he vaporizes you. what happens? we’ll see.

lindsey buckingham

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 2%-83%
  • yes. fight lindsey buckingham. in fact, he’ll probably start the fight and save you some effort. however, your likelihood of success depends on just what era of buckingham you are fighting here. 2015 buckingham? shouldn’t be a problem. solo buckingham? kick his ass. tusk tour buckingham? ehhhhh. rumours buckingham? you’re gonna die bruh. don’t fight rumours buckingham.


  • should i fight?: absolutely
  • chance of winning: 99%
  • fucking yes. fight slash. kick his ass. literally destroy him for all of us. do this service to your family and your country and to the world and kick slash’s ass to mars.

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I don't know if you've done this one, but could you do how the 104th sings? Like if they're bad singers, good singers, great singers, and what their singing voices sound like?

Eren: Amazing voice. He can sing all genres, and rocks them all. His preferred genre is definitely more acoustic, soft rock jamming, but he is known to belt in the shower. Baritone-Tenor range, and can even hit Alto notes in falsetto. 

Mikasa: Very sweet, soft, soothing voice. No belter, but has ballads down to a science. Prefers to sing slower songs in front of others, but will sing along to any song she like on the radio. Soprano 1 and 2 (can do either; prefers 2.

Armin: A pleasant voice. He can sing, he’s far from bad, but he’s not the greatest either. An important member of a choir/ensemble, but not necessarily a key solo singer, you know? But a good voice nonetheless. Tenor, perhaps even extending into the Alto range a bit. 

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-Okay so back to the op of Jack and Bits having twins. You know that Bad Bob would spend so much money on them??? Like one of the twjns would be like “Gramps :( I broke my toy :(“ and Bob is just immediately at the store, trying to figure out Which toy would make his grandkids happy.

-One day the kids break a vase and one of them is crying and the other is just trying to clean it up and trying to take the blame for it and Bob is like “no no it’s fine please don’t be upset” and Alicia is like “Bob that vase was a wedding present from my mother” and Bob is like “I’ve been trying to break it for years, Alicia” and Alicia rolls her eyes but laughs anyway because damn if Bob wasn’t right.

-The twins getting made fun of for any reason at all and half of the Providence Falconers (still playing and retired), former Stanley cup winners Jack Zimmermann, Alexei Mashkov, and Kent Parson, cook show host Eric Bittle, NHL coach Bad Bob Zimmermann, former model and current judge on America’s Next Top Model Alicia Zimmermann, renowned biologist Justin Oluransi, sitcom actor Adam Birkholtz, a decidedly not chill award winning poet, an angry redhead, the goalie for the San Jose Sharks, famous artist Larissa Duan-Knight and her lawyer husband, Georgia Martin, and an angry southern woman who is honestly is the most terrifying of them all are all at school, dealing with the problem and Bits is like “Jack, honey, half of the team and your parents didn’t have to come.” and Jack is like “Bud, you brought your mom, I needed people to hold her back in case it got messy.”

-The twins are just done with their family, rolling their eyes but ever grateful, while Patater’s kid is in the midst of a fistfight with the kid that messed with them.

-One twin is a cis boy and the other is more fluid in their gender, Patater’s kid is a transgirl, and when Patater’s daughter gets her first partner the twins are happy for her, but a little apprehensive. She’s constantly shaking her head and going on about “her twins”.

-She mellows out as the years go on but still has a fiery temper that helps her in boxing.

-One of the twins plays the violin, she plays piano, and the other twin plays an electric guitar. They win their 10th grade talent show.

-One twin is valedictorian and the other gets his GED, which took a lot of thinking about. School was never his forte and he feels like he’s going to fail in life until he talks to Jack and Bits, who let him know they’ll love him and support him no matter what.

Honestly please talk to me about the twins and Patater’s daughter because I’m bored af and I want to share my ideas and I want to hear yours.

Shinkiba day 1:

-Got a super bad number but I got to pack myself in the front, don’t ask me how, it just happened. Even if I was literally packed and couldn’t barely breathe.

-The concert was rough and wild. And so hot, I was like if I just had a shower after the show. People were moving almost all the concert even in parts were usually they don’t, I got people pushing me.

-the setlist was amazing since the beginning; powerful songs and amazing energy from the audience

-I love kaoru’s facial paint, each show he gets more and it looks like his neck is broken? So weird

-Toshiya was a bit lost and off and at some points I could see his struggling trying to keep it cool. Anyway he is still on fire when ppl sing along with him his vocal parts. Love his performance at conceived sorrow and how he gives us the finger in Grief xD

-I barely could see Die and Shinya. Kyo was good, saw him a few times checking how the crowd was a it was so rough that some people fell. He got his sweater off at the encore. In the end he threw kaoru and die picks lol

-Toshiya caught too kaoru’s pick and threw them to the audience laughing. Kaoru threw his guitar after the last song xD wireless guitar wins.

Now it’s 2:29 am and I can’t sleep so let’s see how tomorrow goes

Him, Not Me// Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by kihqun

Pairing: Kihyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Two of your friends continuously flirt with you, one with heart, and one with a simple objective.

Author’s Note: This is a super cute request! I hope you like it!

xoxo Sara

It hadn’t been long after you had met Jooheon, that he had decided to introduce you to his friends. You had met him in a small shopping center, waiting for your friend to leave the store she was in, when he had bumped into you and asked for directions. You hadn’t realized that your second long interaction, would have blossomed into a beautiful friendship, but you were thankful it did.

Jooheon had introduced you to the other six, claiming he had one boy he knew you would ‘mesh’ well with. You hadn’t specifically known which boy that was, though, because once you had entered their small dorm room, you were practically bombarded with questions.

He had introduced them from oldest to youngest; Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, and Changkyun. All of them seemed to have bright and loud personalities, which were the types of people you found yourself to be hanging around most of the time. You liked the fun, energetic atmosphere those types of people brought, because with them, there was never a dull moment. And with these boys, there sure was never a dull moment.

You had found yourself gravitating towards Kihyun, who’s pink hair and bright smile intrigued you more than intended. He was always so sweet to you, trying to make you laugh even if it was to the extent of embarrassing himself, which was something he often did. Kihyun had been the first boy initially to accept you into their small friend group with no hesitation, because he simply enjoyed your company.

But another boy, Wonho, also seemed to gravitate towards you. Though, he was more direct about his approaches than Kihyun was. Pulling you into tight bear hugs, always having his arm around your shoulders, or pulling you next to him on the couch were things that Wonho simply did, whether it was intentional or not, you weren’t sure.

But regardless, the boys of Monsta X had become a friend group away from your original friends, a place where you felt safe and comfortable and happy, always.

“(Y/N)!” Jooehon cheered as he opened the door to the apartment you had been to many times, his arms immediately flinging around your shoulders to bring you into his chest, “Long time, no see!”

“I saw you two days ago, Jooheon,” you giggled, patting his back softly as you reached into your bag, pulling out a small tin of cookies that you had baked, “Merry Late Christmas.”

“Oh, (Y/N), You shouldn’t have,” Jooheon said in an overly-earnest voice, almost as if he were teasing as he held the small tin to his chest, “They’re only for me, right?”

“I’m sure you can eat them all yourself,” you patted his shoulder softly, “But no. They’re for all of you. There are plenty in there, so you have to share.”

You looked behind him, seeing the doors to the rooms wide open and the small living room they had vacant, “Speaking of which; where is everyone?”

“Most of the Hyungs had to go out and do something,” Jooheon explained, opening the tin and popping a cookie into his mouth, “It’s just me, Wonho-hyung, and Kihyun-hyung. A quiet day in the dorm room.”

“For once,” you chuckled, watching behind him as a boy emerged from his room, his pink hair giving away his identity as a smile spread across his face. “Kihyun!”

Kihyun turned quickly, a matching smile on his face as well as Jooheon moved over to the side slightly, “(Y/N), you’re here!”

Kihyun began walking over to you to give you a hug, but before he could reach you, Wonho had sprung from his room, a grin on his face as he quickly made hie way to you and brought you into his arms, “Wah, (Y/N)! You didn’t tell me you were coming!”

You watched as Kihyuns face dropped slightly as Wonho’s arms made their way comfortably around your shoulders while you gave him a soft pat on the back, “It was a sunrise. I missed you all.”

“We missed you, too,” Wonho swayed you back and forth as Kihyun let out a soft, defeated sigh, walking over to the small kitchen that connected to the living room.

You smiled up at Wonho, leaving his arms slightly as you pointed to the tin of cookies, “Those are for all of you, go nuts.”

“Awesome!” Wonho made his way over to Jooheon, though Jooheon quickly made a run for it into one of the rooms with the tin.

You giggled, making your way to the kitchen where Kihyun was, his frame illuminated by the bright light of the fridge as you made your way over to him.

“I didn’t get a hug,” you said softly, poking his side as he looked over to you, a soft smile rising as it did each time he saw you, “I’m sad.”

He chuckled softly, bringing you into a soft, yet tight hug as he sighed into your hair, “Hi (Y/N). I missed you.”

“Missed you more,” you hummed, leaving his arms only slightly as you rested your head against his side, “What have you all been up to?”

“Nothing much, really. Just cleaning and talking,” Kihyun felt his heart swell at the close proximity you were to him. He thought by now that he would be used to the feeling you gave him whenever you were near, but even now, you never failed to make his heart jump, even with your small actions towards him.

And you had felt the same, although you had neglected to tell anyone. In your heart, you had always hoped that Kihyun was the one that Jooheon spoke about, the one he thought you could ‘mesh’ with very well, and you always thought that it could be a possibility he liked you back. But then, Wonho would come along, and you would have no idea which boy Jooheon meant the first time you met him.

“Well, i’m glad i’m here and I can liven things up!” You smiled softly, watching as he closed the door to the fridge, “We can play guitar hero or something. I can kick your butt again.”

“That was one time,” Kihyun groaned, making you laugh as he rolled his eyes, “And it was because you cheated!”

“I am not a cheater!” you gasped, pushing his shoulder slightly as you turned from him to walk towards the entrance of the kitchen, “I play fair and square.”

“(Y/N),” Wonho hummed as he entered the kitchen, his arm pressing around your waist as he spun you, making you giggle, “Watcha talking about?”

“Kihyun called me a cheater,” You said, sticking your tongue out at Kihyun, “But I always play games fairly.”

‘At least someone does,’ Kihyun thought to himself, watching as Wonho’s arm stayed comfortably around your waist.

Wonho knew that Kihyun had feelings for him, but that didn’t stop him from being touchy with you. Not that you seemed to mind, though. But maybe, you didn’t really notice. Kihyun had always thought about the possible outcomes of most things in life; but with you, he couldn’t find the most logical solution. The way you were with both him and Wonho confused him greatly.

Kihyun didn’t think that he stood a chance against Wonho if there came a time where you had to choose between them. He always thought the older boy was more strong, handsome, a just all around better, and it made his heart hurt, thinking of the fact that you could end up with Wonho and Kihyun would just have to watch at the sidelines.

“Well, Jooheon just started up Guitar Hero as we speak,” Wonho said, plucking Kihyun out of his thoughts as he looked at Wonho, “go join him.”

“Alright,” you smiled, waving at Kihyun, “Meet you out there.”

“Yeah,” Kihyun nodded, a weary smile on his face, “Sure.”

As you left the room, you plopped next to Jooheon on the couch, watching as he calibrated the small plastic guitar, “Hey, Jooheonie,” you said, bringing your knees up to your chest, “There’s tension between those two. Have you noticed?”

“I have,” Jooheon said, hitting the correct colors on the guitar as they went down the fret board on the tv screen, “They’re both very competitive.”

“What are they competing over?”


You widened your eyes, looking at Jooheon as you raised an eyebrow. What did he mean by that? Before you could ask, the other two boys had arrived into the living room, Kihyun with a water bottle in his hand as he plopped next to you.

“Alright, I call first song.”

Throughout the whole time you were all playing, you felt as if the tension in the room became more noticeable. You could see Kihyun becoming more fidgety in each song Wonho seemed to get almost a perfect score on, and vice versa with Wonho. At one point they had both gone to the point wher ethey had completely stopped talking during songs, just to see if they could get a perfect score.

“Alright, let’s just end this,” Jooheon groaned, walking to the side and grabbing a second guitar, “We have two guitars, you know.”

He tossed the other guitar to Wonho as Kihyun paused the song, looking at Wonho with wide eyes.

“Let’s do it, then.”

Kihyun hooked up the multiplayer mode with noticeably shaky hands, as he thought back to the conversation him and wonho had in the kitchen.

“Listen Hyu-“

“You’re sick of me flirting with (Y/N),” Wonho chuckled, almost plucking the words right from Kihyun’s mouth. “Well, how about we make a deal then? If we verse at Guitar Hero and you win, I will back off of her, but you’ll still have to confess sooner or later. If I win, you have to confess right then and there.”

“Isn’t that kind of a lose-lose situation for me anyway?” Kihyun sighed softly, “She would probably want you anyway.”

“Have faith in yourself, you idiot.”

And he played with all of his heart, but at some point due to nerves, Kihyun had made one mistake, causing him to lose the battle almost instantly as Wonho his him with attack after attack.

Once the song had ended,  Wonho got up with a victorious smile, mumbling to Kihyun, “A deal’s a deal,” before grabbing Jooheon’s shoulder.  “Let’s go in the kitchen.”

You looked around as the two others left with confusion written on your face, “Why did they leave? What’s going on?”

Kihyun looked at you with wide, nervous eyes, before looking at the guitar laying in his lap, “(Y/N)….”

“Is something the matter?” You went close to Kihyun, worry taking over your body as you rubbed his back, “It’s just a game…”

“It’s not about the game,” Kihyun mumbled softly, “Well, it is sort of about the game, but…”

A groan left Kihyun’s mouth as he covered his face, “(Y/N), I like you a lot. And I know, you must like Wonho, i mean, who wo-“

After those words, your heart beat completely drowned out the rest as it beat loudly in your ears, a smile spreading across your face almost instantly. He liked you? Why did he wait such a long time to tell you?

“Kihyun,” you smiled, pulling on his arm softly to try and get his attention, “Shut up.”

“W-What?” Kihyun asked, “Wh-“

“I like you too,” You giggled, pushing his arm back slightly, “Of course i like you too, are you stupid? Wasn’t it obvious?”

A sudden voice emerged from the kitchen as you spoke.

“To everyone else it was!”


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Flax: Clemencia?! What on earth are you doing here?

Clem: I know this is your favourite park.. You spend here most of your Sundays.

Flax: What?! How? Are you stalking me?

Clem: Your family is pretty popular in this town. Don’t you think I can easily find informations about you?

Flax: That’s stalking

Clem: Whatever. Listen to me, I really need that job at the opening. My career is in danger because of your refusal.

Flax: Do you think I care?

Clem: You should! I am not a rich kid like you, I need that career at the theater if you won’t hire me they will fire me. So I suggest this, if i win one chess game you are going to hire me, plus help me and give me some tips on my guitar playing. If you win I won’t bother you anymore

Flax: This is not a game

Clem: Are you scared? You shouldn’t be I read you were the best chessplayer at your academy.

Flax: Oh my be…- Okay, forget it. One game. 


Journey towards my world. #smile #positive #love #music #radio #guitar #acoustic #singersongwriter #singer #winning #me #k #b #bestshot #journey (at Fort Benjamin Harrison)

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okay but imagine Harry writing writing sweet creature about you & playing it for you for the first time

He plays it for you before the album is even done and he sees you tear up halfway through, which makes him smile.

When it’s over you barely give him time to put the guitar down before you win his arms. And he’s smiling, rubbing your back. “You like it? It’s about you.”