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Rush did not have any scenes with Taylor Swift, but she has nonetheless joined the ranks of Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, and Lorde as a Swift BFF. “I didn’t work with her,” Rush told VF Hollywood. “But I got to know her when she came, and now she’s one of my best friends. She’s an amazing friend.”
Oh, and during downtime on the set, Swift played music for her co-stars. “She sang, and played the guitar, and played the piano,” Rush said. “She was there for a week. One of the weekends, she played the piano, and she was singing, and we were all singing, and it was so much fun.”
“I have to say, I knew Taylor Swift was a great musician, but I saw [firsthand] that she is an absolute superstar,” said Brenton Thwaites, who stars as Jonas in The Giver. “She would pick up a guitar, play a random tune, sing a random line, and, you know, you’d just feel it. It would inspire something in you.”
—  Odeya Rush and Brenton Thwaites (leads in movie “The Giver”) talk about Taylor Swift for Vanity Fair (x)

Sketch request from last week’s livestream. There were some great requests and we all had a lot of fun, but by far the best suggestion was for a heavy metal troll that soon spiraled out of control. Some brainstorming later we determined he’s a badass necromancer, raising the dead with his magical (three-stringed, because troll) guitar and some SICK SHREDDING!!

This one will definitely be modified, cleaned up, and made available as a T-shirt or print in my RB store in the future. I may even clean it up on a stream.

World of Warcraft © Blizzard
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Modern Day Greek Gods

The restless boy in the back of class, furiously writing something down or sketching on every clean piece of paper. The boy who never goes anywhere without at least one earbud in, who buys a new album every week and obsesses over it. The tired boy who sets his alarm for five a.m. just so that he can watch the sunrise, though he rarely leaves the comfort of his bed until much later. The boy you see playing a guitar one week, a flute the next week, a lap harp the next. The boy who always has something interesting to talk about, gesturing wildly about this new medicine being developed, an idea for a story that “I swear literally just came into my head,” demonstrating the chorus for a song he’s writing. The boy who has so much creativity that he never gets anything finished, but it’s alright because he enjoys the process more than the product.

  • me: i wanna be in a band!!
  • me: *struggles with communication*
  • me: *is intimidated by other musicians*
  • me: *struggles with writing music even though i used to be good at it*
  • me: *only plays guitar like once a week*
  • me: *doesnt work well with other people because i struggle with perfectionism*
  • me: who will be in a band with me

it makes me angry that people don’t like lq pics as much a hq pics, like at least you HAVE a pic