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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 7 Full Translation

I’m super late but here it is, it’s going to be another long read (12.5k words) since this part consists of two chapters.

Chapter 5

(page 208)

Soul Society - Kizokugai

“…No matter how many times I come here, I’ll never get used to walking around Kizokugai.”

In the eastern end of the 6th sector, Kizokugai is lined with mansions belonging to noblemen, high class ryōtei*, and establishments catering exclusively to nobles. (*Fancy, traditional Japanese restaurant.)

At the heart of Kizokugai, Hisagi releases a small sigh whilst heading towards the central block where commoners cannot enter unless they obtain formal permission or an invitation from a noble.

Responding to Hisagi, Hanatarō posed a question.

“You’ve come here a few times then?”

“That Ōmaeda guy invited me to dine with him, along with Abarai. After all, it’s impossible for me to come here to a ryōtei street alone on my salary.”

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Captain Swan + lyrics (Modern Lieutenant Duckling/Footloose AU)
(Josh Ritter - Getting Ready to Get Down)

Mama got a look at you and got a little worried
Papa got a look at you and got a little worried
The pastor got a look and said ‘Y'all had better hurry,
Send her off to a little bible college in Missouri’

And now you come back sayin’ you know a little bit about
Every little thing they ever hoped you’d never figure out
Eve ate the apple ‘cause the apple was sweet,
What kinda God would ever keep a girl from getting what she needs