guitar mania

I’m a fucking nerd

so i made a guitar for each FOB album

Take This To Your Grave

From Under The Cork Tree

Infinity On High

Folie à Deux

Save Rock And Roll

Pax Am Days

American Beauty/American Psycho

M A  N   I    A

tl;dr im trash

theyre literally so fucking stupid they both have mania gear and now matching instruments. what about joe and andy..where is joes squiggly guitar and mania shirt..WHERE

anonymous asked:

Okay so recently I've been listening to a lot of fall out boy (well a lot more than usual) and what I've noticed is that every album is different. I mean if you listen in order of release the change is less noticeable but there's still a noticeable difference. But they all still sound like fall out boy. I don't know how they do it but no matter what they do they are always distinctively fall out boy. Young and menace is no different. Different but fall out boy. And I love it.

its true! fall out boy never gets rid of it’s core sound - patrick’s distinctive vocals, basic bass tabs + petes lyrics of melancholy and mania, crunchy guitars and drums with catchy hooks. its all there in every album, including mania.


taylorswift This is an original song I wrote back in 2012! It would be SO amazing to have you see this! I was driving in the car to work one day thinking about all the corny song lyrics people will quote back to each other and it inspired this song! I used to have tons of old receipts in my car with lyrics I thought up while I was driving so I wouldn’t forget them later. This was the product of several receipts with lyrics on them. Let me know what you think! <3