guitar in half

ruki is checking the sound and he is making the most distracting noises i have ever heard in my life 

Ruki: “Ho Ho Ho Ho He He He He He He He”
“He He He HEHE he he he HO He He”

Some more headcanons about Peter growing up on Yondu’s ship

part 1

  • Yondu not having any idea what Terrans eat so he tries to give Peter like, raw meat and stuff, and Peter is disgusted and Yondu is confused (“What’s wrong, boy? It’s fresh! Eat it!”). Though Peter is even more bummed out when he finds out there’s no McDonalds in space.
  • Peter wanting video games but Yondu telling him flying an M-ship is way more exciting than any video game (“All right, if it is, let me fly one!” “You’re too young to fly, you’ll crash.” “No, I won’t! If I can’t play games, at least let me try!” “I said no!” “But Yonduuuuu!” “You’re an annoying little bugger, you know that?” *grumbling and muttering* “All right, follow me, you can give Tulk’s old ship a try, but you put one mark on it- one mark, one spill on the dash- and you don’t get to give it another shot til you’re fourteen.” “KRAGLIN! YONDU’S GONNA LET ME FLY!”)
  • Peter trying to tell the Ravagers about Halloween, but they just don’t get it, and when he scavenges the materials to dress up as a pirate, they don’t notice anything different (except Kraglin, who says, “Nice hat, Pete,” when a rather deflated Peter walks by in full costume).
  • Members of other factions sometimes thinking Kraglin is Peter’s dad, and Yondu getting lowkey pissed off about it (“Course that’s not his dad, ya moron! Quill, get back on the ship and stop causing trouble.”)
  • Kraglin losing his blaster and freaking out cause he can’t find his spare and Peter says, “Just go ask Yondu for one!” and Kraglin is like, “He’ll get mad!” and Peter is confused because apparently, “I do it all the time whenever I lose something, he doesn’t care,” which is weird, because last time Kraglin lost something and went to Yondu to see if he knew where it was, Yondu snapped at him, “If you don’t keep an eye on your stuff, it’s not my problem when you can’t find it.”
  • The crew getting new communication devices and Peter texting with Kraglin all the time so Yondu gets suspicious and is always nosing on Peter’s end (“Who you writing to all the time, boy? You planning a mutiny?”)
  • Peter going through puberty and everyone on the whole ship making fun of his voice cracking up to the point where he ends up getting in a fight with someone because he’s so sick of it and Yondu has to drag them apart and scold them both for being immature, but as he’s walking away, he imitates Peter too.
  • Peter getting his hands on an electric guitar and keeping half the crew from sleeping with his late-night shredding until Yondu finally starts locking Peter’s guitar in his cabin every night at 11:00 (“Kraglin, Yondu said I’m not allowed to practice sick riffs past 11:00…” *Kraglin internally fist-pumps* “Aww, sorry Pete.”)
  • Peter going on his first solo mission and Yondu being on edge the whole time, which means he’s extraordinarily irritable toward the crew, so they all come to dread Peter’s missions because Yondu’s so unpleasant while he’s gone.
  • Peter getting arrested on some planet and Yondu bailing him out the next morning. Peter’s mad at Yondu for not doing it the night he got in, but according to Yondu, every Ravager should spend at least a couple nights of their life in jail, and though he doesn’t say it, he’s pretty proud of Peter for having done something that could get him time.
Day6: best friend Brian

• meeting each other at uni bc you were both the two odd ones out
• you’d notice how he had lots of friends here and there, but never really hung out w/ them outside his schedule
• he’d usually be walking around with a guitar slung around his shoulder every weekend
• one time you ran into his back and almost broke the guitar in half, and if looks can kill……………
• but he’s really chill tho, bc he realized you didn’t do it on purpose so he’s like “it’s all good, I think it was my bad actually”
• but yall exchanged smiles every now and then during your shared classes
• and not really talking to each other until he finds you struggling with this English paper, and he’s like “bruh me too………you wanna help me w/ this paper and I can help you out w/ math???”
• you wouldn’t figure out how tf he knew you were struggling at math, but you wouldn’t be complaining tbfh
• so yall would tutor each other for weeks on end, eating nothing but *healthy* junk food, Ramen, and coffee
• but one day it’s like he disappeared from the face of the earth when he was gone for almost 6 months
• you didn’t really ask anyone bc it’s not like you knew him like that anyway ??? But it was still weird
• when he finally returned, you’d be all “???” And he’s all “….???? I was recording w/ the boys :’)”
• aaaaaand, fast forward to today……….where you’re basically his biggest fan / hype man / bestie / the person who saves his butt every time he didn’t do his hw
• he’d actually introduce you to the guys really quickly, one day when they flew in to visit him at campus
• “ahh, so THESE are the dorks that you hang out with when you’re not here……..I thought I was missing out lmao” *jae chokes* “wow I like her”
• lots of days spent in the dorms doing nothing but playing video games and binge eating ice cream
• he really is a life savior when it comes to difficult subjects that you’re struggling with
• he’s just really lazy to do his work sometimes so he’d always ask you to help wow
• you encouraging him to perform during events at the campus, and when he does it’s like dang!!!!!! I’m his biggest fan that’s my boi!!!!!!!!!!!
• you embarrassing each other so often that people start avoiding yall
• literally everyone thinking that you’re dating, bc the amount of skinship is bordering on cringy relationship levels
• piggyback rides are your preferred transportation methods
• him coming up with dumb af nicknames to call you when your crushes are around ffs
• him laughing like crazy bc you’re blushing like crazy
• having a cute handshake that only 10 year olds would dream of having aww
• both of yall trolling jae on his twitter and him getting yall back w/ some shady ass tweets
• feat. Jae dragging poor Dowoon into it as well
• knowing how to get on his nerves “hey, young k!!!!!!! wassup youngin”
• one time he didn’t speak to you for a month bc you told the waiter it was Brian’s birthday, so the whole restaurant sang and made a fuss over him
• “is2g we’ll never speak if you do that again ;(((((”
• being really happy to see him after months of him recording and touring
• and him probably bringing back lots of presents bc no matter how embarrassing and teasing he is, Brian would still spoil his bestie 💜

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mxrksgf​ said to luminescenct: hey hey hey it’s ya fave person, can i request a neighbour mark?♡♡ty ily♡♡

jai i miss u!! i hope u enjoy this once u get back and get wifi again❣️

  • so u’ve been living next door to mark’s family for a while but u haven’t talked to him properly before but u may have a teeny tiny crush on him whenever u see pick up the mail in the morning at the same time as u with his tired doe eyes and ruffled bed hair :))
  • until one day when u get a package at ur door but it wasn’t yours,,, it was a certain cute neighbour’s,,,, time for interaction
  • so u go knock on his door when his dad opens the door so you’re like oh um this is mark’s so he takes it and is like “thanks he’ll appreciate it”
  • ur lowkey (highkey) disappointed bc u wanted to have a proper convo with him :(
  • until half an hour later u hear a knock on ur door and ur like ??? and open the door and tHERE HE IS!!
  • he’s kinda like shy and says “hey i just wanted to say thanks bc this package was kinda important so,,,,,, ye thanks” and he abt to walk away until ur like “hey wait!!” bc umm take that opportunity to talk to ur v cute neighbour ok
  • he turns back like ?? and u ask abt what it was if it’s ok for u to know and suddenly his eyes start to light up and he’s like “oh it’s this new speaker that jaehyun got me!! wait u don’t kno jaehyun ahh he’s like my brother!!!” and he starts to talk abt music and he loves playing guitar and rapping etc
  • and u talk abt how much u like music too!! and u end up having a rlly long convo like at ur door just abt how much u both like music and which artists u both really like until mark’s like “oh shit what’s the time??? i have to go to dance practice today uhhh bye!! see u soon!!!!” and runs off
  • so after a week ur kinda like :(( bc u two haven’t talked since but then u see each other again when ur talking to ur friend jeno (!!!) in class and he’s like “sorry i have to meet up with some of my friends in my dance class so im skipping study group after school today” and ur like ….dance..class…..mark…??? so u kinda ask and jeno’s like o u kno him??? i’m meeting up with him yeah
  • so things happen and jeno offers to take u with him and ur like o no,,, that woudl be intruding tho but jeno’s like no it’s cool!! there’s like 6 other ppl too it won’t be awkward i promise
  • u go and then mark’s like !!!! bc u are cute and he likes u ok and u meet the other dream members and it’s v fun!! u get to kno everyone and it’s lit
  • ok after a while by this point ur like best friends with mark ok. you are truly bffls and one fateful day he’s like ‘hey i have dance prac tomorrow u wanna come and hang out’ and u havent seen mark dance yet so,,, ur like ofc!!
  • so the next day u dress nicely bc u still like mark,, like u like-like him :)) but when u get there no one’s there but u see a chair with a post-it on it (sorry for johnnys bday memories but ull see where im going with this) and it says “go take a seat in the middle of the front row in the auditorium” and ur like still shook but u go
  • the lights are v dim but u take a seat and after liek 4 secs the curtains open and mark has his guitar and begins to play half moon by dean and he sings too and you’re honestly mesmerised ok
  • at the end of it he’s like “will u be mine?” and u can see he’s like blushing and abt to die on the spot bc this was CHEESY but u love it and ur like get down here so i can hug u and he SMILES SO BRIGHT and then u live happily ever after :)
  • extras: the rest of nct dream filmed everything and started screaming when u kissed mark on the cheek and jaehyun probably planned the whole thing for him lmao

We used to have this sub in middle school who everyone called Jesus teacher, because he was Greek and had long hair and an epic beard and wore sandals every day. At the end of eighth grade talent show he sang the songs he wrote and played his guitar for the last half of the show. No one calls him Jesus teacher anymore tho because he shaved and got a haircut and wears fashionable sweaters

Harry Thoughts #7: Sweet Creature

This song is bringing up so many feelings and just warms my heart, so I put together some concepts that I think of when I listen to Sweet Creature, so here you gooooo…


•Long car journey, while the sun is slowly setting down 

•Lounging outside, cuddled up in one big chair with the cold summer breeze bringing you two closer together 

 •Intimidate moments in public, where you both forget about everyone around you 

 •Late Night Skype calls 

 •Him taking candids of you during a little get-away at the beach 

 •Make-out sessions in the parking lot of a car cinema 

 •Mindlessly playing the guitar with you half asleep next to him, after having a bit too much wine 

•Being tangled together in bed while the smell of summer rain fills your bedroom 

 •Scratching his head on your lap 

 •Gentle tiny kisses, rubs and low whispers to your bump 

 •The first night in your own house together, between boxes that still need to be unpacked and on a huge mattress with a exhausted half-asleep Harry beside you 

 •Drunk foolishly singing along to your favourite songs 

 •Pulling you into a hug, when everything gets a bit too much for you 

 •You being the first person he searches for when he gets off stage 

 •Finding a quiet moment for you two during your wedding and realizing for the first moment that you really are Mrs & Mr Styles now

Rebound - Snowbound Part 004

These parts WILL be getting shorter at some point (some of them won’t even be proper “parts”), but for now…. 

Thanks so much to those who are enjoying him. He’s one of my treasures (I’m not even sorry about how lame that sounds), so it’s good to know he’s enjoyed by so many. x. 

Part 001

Part 002

Part 002.5 

Part 003

“Mummy, can we go to the park today?”

You shake your head. “I’m not sure yet, bug,” you try to answer as casually as you can while checking your phone. The cup of tea you’d brewed for yourself has all but gone cold in your attempts to nurse it in order to beat back the advances of the eager, energetic child hopping around your tiny kitchen. It’s already 11:00 am, though, and you don’t know how much longer you can drag your feet.


“Why what?”

“Why aren’t you sure?”

“Because I’m not.”

“But why?”

You look to your phone again, waiting and waiting for a message that has yet to come.

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iliveinagoat  asked:

What are all the Creepypasta's favorite memories?

Jeff: When he was younger, he would go out with Liu and their pet dog to destroy ant hills and throw ants at kids…

BEN: For his birthday one year, his mom (when she was alive) brought him to a movie theater and they snuck into about three movies

Toby: His sister and him would play card games a lot so one time they played UNO and she was raging so hard. Toby thought it was hilarious.

Masky and Hoodie: When Masky and Hoodie were younger (before they were proxies) they went to a gas station and stole a pack of gum. They had the cashier chase them but when he found out that it was only a pack of gum, he literally cried because of what a waste of time they were. They made a grown man cry over gum.

EJ: When he was a senior in high school, he learned how to play the guitar and had half of the girls swooning over him the entire year. He was a big heart breaker ;)

Jane: For her Sweet 16, her mom brought her to a spa and they had an absolute blast! Facials, massages, and Mani-Pedis!

Clockwork: Her and her best friend at the time were asked to bake a cake for their school’s bake sell. The cake ended up being burnt and terrible but they had so much fun ruining that cake.

“I can fix this” (Happy Lowman)

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Happy is a little (a lot) out of character.

{Curse words, implied smut just a one liner}


Ask Anything: {Here}

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“Doll I need your help” Happy said “With what Hun” I responded we were at the clubhouse alone surprisingly usually everyone is here even the croweaters but there was no one in sight. “I might have broken Tigs guitar” He said I whipped my head around to see him with a sheepish smile.

 “You what” I spoke deadly calm just like he taught me. Even he looked worried of what’s going to happen Tig was very protective of this guitar he won’t even let his brothers touch it.

“Well shit” I said he nodded “How bad did you break it” I asked “Like a lot” He stated while shrugging his shoulders “I’ll go get it” I nodded my head. I sat back down on the bar stool reaching over to get a bottle of vodka “Whatever the fuck is out there please fucking help us with the shit” I whispered before taking a swing at the bottle.

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Take Me to Church - Hozier. this is my first time ever ever ever attempting to play this song after a kind friend suggested it today. i recorded it to see where i’d eventually get to from my first take but decided hey. this is real life. this is my first take with mistakes up the wazoo. and why not share that while also asking y'all what songs you’d want me to cover !!??

PS as many are aware, i’m surfing on couches and beds and dog sitting gigs all summer before i move into an apartment with some guys i adore in September. so no - my guitar didn’t get chopped in half - this is my new @martinguitar backpack guitar! still naming her… so open to any name suggestions ;) my big mama guitar y'all know is named after my grandma Betty Lou. part of me thinks this lil one should be named after my mum aka Betty Lou’s child but Stephanie Gay is a mouthful and YES MY MOMS MIDDLE NAME IS GAY I LOVE IT OKAY BUT STILL.

anywho. i love you all! suggest me names and also songs to learn and i’ll try my best this summer ❤️❤️ #hozier #takemetochurch #martinguitar #backpackguitar #mybaby #trans #transandhappy #music #queer #lgbtq #transgender

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Power Rangers + Band Headcanons

(Inspired by a whole bunch of other band posts for the rangers)

~Billy’s the first one to initiate it. Sure Kim wrote the note but after Tomi joins the squad, he finds it on Kim’s desk when he and the rest of the team are over for her little brother’s birthday. He takes the forgotten memory and then goes home to come up with a plan.

~He figures it’s a good cover for them during the summer and the ‘study group’ excuse is no longer valid. He’s heard Kim singing lowly a couple of times during training breaks and after the car wreck, Jason’s grandfather bought him an electric guitar to cheer him up. He’s not terrible when he plays it. Zach just seems like the drummer type and Trini played the bass in her old school’s band. Hard to believe but it happened. Tomi is the songwriter type whose been playing the acoustic guitar since she was fourteen. And that just leaves him, and he’s taken seven years of piano. He’s pretty sure he could get the hang of the keyboard pretty fast.

~At first, no one takes him seriously. No one. Kim doesn’t sing in public, Jason only plays it when he’s bored, it’s just a hobby to him. Zach has never touched a drum kit in his entire life, which was incredibly surprising to Billy. Trini would like to bury her bass playing years deep in the past and Tomi is strictly a solo artist.

~It takes him weeks to convince them to try just one practice. Just one. (Jason was the first to give in and he managed to convince everyone else)

~It went horribly. Zach broke the drum set Billy bought for him, Trini choked when it came time for her to play, Kim had a breakdown and Tomi got so frustrated that she snapped her guitar in half. Practice hadn’t even been going on for an hour and four out of the six members of ‘RANGER’ had already quit.

~Jason would’ve left to if he hadn’t noticed how upset Billy was. He ended up staying and both he and Billy managed to. Jason was a pretty good singer, he had a blonde Ed Sheeran vibe about him, and the two managed to record a few decent songs.

~It soon became a regular thing from them. After school and training, the met up and rehearsed in Billy’s garage. The rest of the team soon took notice to their behavior and kind of just assumed the two were dating.

~Jason found out about their suspicions when he saw a picture of him and Billy on Kim’s Instagram feed laughing about something he didn’t remember at his locker. The caption read ‘cutest couple at Angle Grove High and anyone of you can fight me on this. You will not win.’

~He confronted her about it the next morning and she laughed saying  "There’s no reason to hide it anymore, we all know you guys are a thing. The rest of the team and I think it’s cute". Jason ignored the flutter in his stomach and rubbed his hands over his face at her comment. “We’re not together okay, we’re in a band.” Kim’s smile dropped and she apologized, promising to delete the picture immediately. Jason ignored the pang in his heart but went along with it anyway.

~Later that day, Kim and the rangers stopped by Billy's to see them rehearse. To say Billy was excited was an understatement. He somehow played better than usual and somehow Jason’s voice seemed to be more precise when it came to hitting the notes. Their fellow rangers were impressed, beyond impressed.

~Over the course of a couple months RANGER slowly but surely started to fall in place. After a long talk with Trini, Kim somehow overcame her fear of singing in front of crowds and took over as lead. Zach studied thousands of YouTube videos on drumming and even got a few lessons from the band director at school. It took Trini only a couple of days to get familiar with the base again and she found herself missing the instrument more than she care to admit. And after Billy scraped some gold off his Zord he bought Tomi a new guitar. RANGER had officially been formed.

~Their first performance was at a benefit concert in Angel Grove that was put together in order to thank the rangers for saving them and to raise money to fix the town up. The crowd loved it.

~By the time the teams graduated they were internet sensations. They signed a deal with Columbia Records the next year and quickly rose to fame.

~They managed to keep their private lives and superhero identities a secret for the entirety of their careers and live happily ever after.

Nobody stopped me and I did the thing:

Montparnasse has made an error of judgement. He thought this would be harder sober. He was wrong. This would have been easier sober. Because right now his slightly muddled mind can’t sort the thoughts that he wants to have from the ones he doesn’t. He’s put his head down on his arms to stop himself from looking at Jehan. Jehan who’s wearing white tonight. White with lace edges. And not a single mismatched colour to spoil it. But still with that braided leather bracelet with little bells tied around their right ankle. Jehan…

There’s a gentle sound of hollow wood and suddenly there’s music. Montparnasse raises his head. Grantaire has a guitar. He blinks. Where did Grantaire get a guitar? Does Bahorel play the guitar?

“Yeah…play something R,” Bahorel drawls, stretching out even longer on the floor.

Grantaire plucks the strings idly, his eyes half closed. “I don’t entertain on my own,” he says. “I lack the exhibitionist soul.”

“Jehan,” Bahorel pipes up again. “Sing something so Grantaire’s fucking shy soul will play us a damn song.”

Montparnasse forgets to breathe. Jehan sings?

“You sing,” Jehan smiles, pushing at Bahorel’s knee with their bare foot.

“If Bahorel sings I leave,” Grantaire announces.

Montparnasse exhales and lowers his head onto his arms again. He’s wishes Éponine would hurry up with Wonder Boy and I’m-No-Longer-Allow-To-Call-Her-Wonder-Gal. She texted him they were twenty minutes away half an hour ago.

Grantaire keeps plucking the strings, but there seems a little more method to the rhythm this time. Suddenly there’s chords and Montparnasse’s stupid foggy head is still trying to figure out how notes became chords when-

“If you’ll be my star
I’ll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night…”

Jehan’s voice is sweet and lovely because of course it is. Montparnasse has heard them recite poetry before, but this is not the same. This is so so much worse.

“When I turn jet black
And you show off your light
I live to let you shine
I live to let you shine…”

The words are all wrong. Jehan has never worn a scrap of black. Half of Montparnasse wants to argue and the other half wants to shut up and listen and all of him raises his head and opens his eyes and he should not have done that.

Jehan is swaying, almost dancing, next to Grantaire who sits hunched over the guitar, eyes still half closed. Bahorel is now stretched out on the floor like a starfish, grinning at the ceiling. Jehan’s feet are moving and the bells on their ankle are making the softest possible sounds as they catch the light and Montparnasse is staring.

“But you can skyrocket away from me
And never come back if you find another galaxy
Far from here with more room to fly
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…”

Something is burning at the back of Montparnasse’s throat. He can’t… Why should the black sky be satisfied with stardust? It didn’t even touch the star. The least the star can do is stay…

Jehan’s words start to blur together until he can only hear the sound, the warmth, the lovely rise and fall of their voice. Every now and again a sentence bleeds through the melody and they are so sweet and so painful.

“I live to make you free…
I live to make you free…”

Those are words describing someone selfless and generous. Someone capable of seeing something beautiful and not wanting it with their whole soul to never ever let it go again. Someone utterly unlike Montparnasse. Those are awful, mocking words and it is unfair that they are the most beautiful thing he has ever hear. So terribly, horribly unfair.

“Just leave me your stardust to remember you by…
Stardust… to remember you by…”

Jehan’s voice lingers even longer than the last note of the guitar. They stop swaying and turning and Montparnasse is still staring. Suddenly their hazel eyes look straight into his and they smile. Montparnasse can feel the starlight searing straight through him. He smiles back. It’s an empty excuse for a smile, but at least he means it. Because…he’s not going to let the star get away. But he’s not going to let it break apart into stardust either.